Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catch This!

From Monday's ice cream to Tuesday cookies.  Maybe that makes tomorrow Weight Watcher's Wednesday.

Welcome newcomers!  Jump right into our fun.  Returners will recognize today as Part II of our newest favorite monthly ritual - The Fancy Flour Cookie Challenge!

Brief overview.

Each month I (Claudia) suggest a holiday worth celebrating.  Then you (the readers) scour the Fancy Flours web site for one of the 600+ (yes, you got it... over 600) cookie cutters you think I should have to use when baking up some holiday fun.  Then Heather (my nemesis) jumps in and encourages each of you to find the cookie cutter most diametrically opposed to whatever holiday I have identified.  Once all the votes are in, the winning cutter is tallied and I must set to work finding some...any point of connection between my holiday and your cookie cutter!

Sounds like fun, right?

In April we celebrated Earth Day and you challenged me with a porcupine.  I packaged them in non-environmentally friendly cellophane bags (as so aptly pointed out by I-don't-miss-a-beat-Anonymous) while asking, "What Quill You Do to help the Environment?"

In May I announced the celebration of National Backyard Games Week (May 25-31) and you fired back with a Big Mouth Bass Fish!  With a little bit of help from Katie, Cheryl, Heather, and our occasional consultant - Nan Anderson - here's what I've got.  You might not be able to tell, but the colors are a deep green and a rose color (prettier in person).

Here's what they look like once packaged.  I'm using them as invitations to a backyard celebration we are having next weekend.  Cookies were bundled in batches of five and wrapped  in recycled brown grocery bags and, for a final touch, topped off with fish netting and raffia.  The slogan reads, "Reel Friends, Real Fun" with an invitation to join us for an afternoon of outdoor fun.  The red fish hook attached to the raffia reads, "Hook, line, and sinker - the most fun you'll have all summer.

So that's what I've got.  How about you?  Make your suggestion of an occasion and slogan worthy of this Big Mouth Bass.  If it is voted the winning slogan, you will win your very own fish cookie cutter (compliments of Fancy Flours).  Just ask Melanie.  She won last month's porcupine by suggesting cookies for your favorite student, with a tag reading... "You're One Sharp Cookie."

Wanna vote on the cookie cutter to be used in June's challenge?  Be sure to tune in on Tuesday, June 2.

Until then, make a splash and show me what you've got.

Signing off until tomorrow...


Cheryl said...

Those turned out so cute all wrapped up.

I'll have to think about my contribution to what else you can use it for after I get some coffee and kids off to school.

Don't forget everyone! Go Vote over at Taste of USA. Today we're only featuring the Freedom Bracket where Illinois and Kentucky are up.

Kat said...

They turned out great! I am impressed! I am just popping in quickly before a fun day at the amusement park, so I will be back later with a creative slogan.

eknoxuk said...

I am so impressed! I'll try to think of another slogan to go with it today, but I'll be shocked if I can come up with anything close. That was great! Hardly seemed like a challenge for you!

Peggy said...

Way cool!!! I'll be back later ....

Anonymous said...

For an I miss you gift..."I feel like a fish out of water without you."

For a teacher gift,"Our kids will eat for life...thanks for teaching them to fish."

For an I messed up gift "Sorry, I was a reel pain in the bass." (or for the baby sitter...("they can be a reel pain in the bass...thanks")

-Sporadic Spy (could not log in...)

Claudia said...

Sporadic Spy... cute ideas. I especially love the suggestion for teachers about "teaching our kids to fish."

Of course if you win, Sporadic Spy will have to reveal his/her mailing address.

Tera said...

CKB...awesome cookies! I love the packaging and tag line.

Not sure if you all saw last night's last post, but Michelle had her twin boys. Everyone is healthy but the babies will be in the NICU for a few more weeks. Let's be sure to keep her and her family in our thoughts.

I'm not sure what type of tag lines I can come up with...I gotta think then come back later today...

heather said...

Well guys...she managed to pull that one out...we've got a week to get ready for Round 3...surely we can stump her this go round.


Valentine's Day, "You're a reel catch!"

As a congratulations, "You're reel amazing!"

And since they are "Big Mouth Bass"
as an apology to your husband...
"Sorry I have such a big mouth...I know sometimes I'm a pain in the bass"

Claudia said...

It's too bad our husbands wouldn't be inclined to bake. I could think of an instance or two when I might have been deserved a batch of "Pain in the Bass" cookies.

Keep the ideas coming. This is the perfect cookie cutter for Father's Day. Just around the corner.

Here's a little something to keep the ideas going...

catch, lure, bait, bite, splash, school (of fish),fishin' for...,

Cheryl said...

For Valentines Day or Anniversary:
"You caught me at hello."

Cristine said...

For weddings/v-day

"Out of all the fish in the sea, you're my perfect catch"

Cristine said...

Here's another - for a business

What kind of money do fishermen make?
Net profits
Congrats on a profitable quarter.

Anonymous said...

I like big bass and I cannot lie.

Anonymous said...

More from Sporadic Spy:

For a friendly rivalry..."After tonight's game...you'll sleep with the fishes!"

For a troubled friend, "I know you have been swimming up stream lately, hang in there!"

For the stinky roommate, "This place is getting fishy...cleaning night?"

For a pool party, "Don't be a cold fish...join us in the pool."

I think you all must have blocked my comments...I can't log in anymore on this blog. I hope not, I plan to drop in on cookie day for as long as it runs. I like this game.

My fave so far is:

Anonymous said...
I like big bass and I cannot lie.

Katie K said...

I'm hooked on you!

You're the basst fish in the sea!

It needs some work, but I love some of your ideas! I am in orientation right now, but will come back for more later!

heather said...

Oh Sporadic Spy...we DEFINITELY didn't block you!!!!! And I love your slogans!

I wonder if google is just acting up?

Claudia said...

Sporadic Spy thinks there is something "fishy" going on here at Highlowaha! Tell her/him it isn't so.

We'll keep the contest running, Sporadic Spy, as long as it "lures" you in.

Your participation is fun. I'd say that without it, we're "fishes out of water," but I'm not sure you'd take the "bait."

Anonymous said...

Not a bad catch (engagement)

The best way to a fisherman's heart is through his fly.

Gone fishin' be back at dark thirty

What do you call a fish with no eyes?


(remember I work at an eye doctor)

Do a Google search under Fish jokes!

aka Peggy at work @@

Chaotic said...

wow! Those came out great!! I am still on vacation, but spent day waiting on AC repair guy... sigh

melanie said...

For a volunteer or as a thank you

You got caught doing something good.

好文 said...