Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Like Mine Extra Crispy

Cheryl here. Do you know what I love about our blog here at Highlowaha? We're not constrained by any one idea. We can discuss parties and party decorations one day, baking treats another. We can talk about friendships, parenting and community and so much more. We can zig and we can zag and go wherever the day takes us. Isn't it wonderful? Guess where I'm going to take you today? Bacon!

Bacon, bacon, bacon~ it's a wonderful thing! Pancetta, Canadian and Slab! Bacon is our friend. I'm mean really. It is so completely versatile.

You can put it on your breakfast sandwich or club sandwich, your burger and your classic BLT.

You can crumble bacon and put it on just about anything. Salads, baked potatoes, pizza and soup. Go ahead and add some flavor. Flavor your beans and your broths and even your Vodka- all with bacon. (Okay purchase the Vodka from the store but I hear they make it!)

Eggs and bacon. They were made for each other.

You can wrap it around shrimp, scallops, jalapenos, and steaks. Even asparagus.

Somebody stop me because I'm about to break out into a Bubba Gump Bacon Montage!

Bacon goes with everything!

I have to try these bacon cups! You can try them, too. Just check out the instructions over at Not Martha. They look pretty easy. You throw salad in them, of course!

Bacon is loved by so many people there are whole websites dedicated to bacon. There is the Royal Bacon Society, I Heart Bacon and Bacon Unwrapped.

I thought I was going to be so clever and be the very first to make Pancake and Bacon Cupcakes but you guessed it. I am not so clever because lots of someones have already made them! There are actually so many out there that there are too many to share... just google it and make me a batch.

Just this week, Margaret sent me a link to a new dessert that she knew we would both love. I love cotton candy. She loves bacon. Put them together and what do you get? Bacon Cotton Candy! It was from some where in South Carolina.
I could go on and on about bacon but I'd rather hear from you. Do you love bacon? What do you love it on or around or in? Calling all Bacon Lovers! Give me your favorite recipe!
Signing off until tomorrow...


heather said...

Mmmmmmm bacon...I LOVE BACON!!!

Just kidding. YUCK! I'm a vegetarian and bacon has to be one of the grossest forms of meat on the planet (second to hot dogs of course!)

Although I do see the beauty in the bacon bowl...I just would never eat out of it.

Cheryl said...

Ha Heather!

I TOTALLY forgot you were a vegetarian!

Okay- so what would be your vegetarian version of bacon?

Chaotic said...

I love bacon but it is hard to find one I can eat... I am allergic to preservatives, including the ones in meat (sodium nitrite/nitrate). When I do find UNCURED bacon, I like to eat it for every meal (It wont keep w/o preservatives, my excuse!). A friend of mine covers it in Chocolate! It really is much better than it sounds... Dark chocolate, salty bacon...yum!

cassie p said...

I like the turkey bacon my mom has started to use. it has less fat on it, tastes better (my opinion, though my brother says it doesnt), and is much less greasy.

Cristine said...

Bacon Bacon!! In the Struble house everything is better with bacon. We'll be using tons of it this weekend when we're smoking pork for William's b-day.

Matt likes the bacon wrapped green bean bundles (Paula Dean's recipe) at Thanksgiving.

In all bacon is king in our house (followed closely by sausage and cheese). And now time for me to go to the gym to help my heart.

Robin said...

Bacon isn't kosher. LOL And we're vegetarians too. They do make fake bacon but I haven't tried it. (I do love me some fakeroni!) But did you know that Bacos are kosher? They are made from soy. So if you like bacon but can't eat it:

Kat said...

I like bacon. I wouldn't say I love it though. One time I made bacon-maple cupcakes. They were pretty gross. But I love green bean bundles, BLT's, and my mother-in-law's Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos!

Katie K said...

I like bacon! In the last year I have started eating turkey bacon because a friend of mine can't eat pork bacon. However, now that I eat turkey bacon, I love it so much more and it is a lot better for me! I'm not a bacon lover, but I don't mind a good piece of bacon every once and a while! Especially when my friends and I go to ihop on Wednesday nights for college night, I usually get some bacon with my food!

Cheryl, your post has now made me hungry! Good thing I'm headed to training, where breakfast will be served, in just a few minutes!

heather said...

Hmmmm...I haven't tried the "fakeroni" that Robin mentioned. I like the tofurkey italian sausage.
I'd say we use Ranch dressing in our house the way others use bacon...on everything.

Last night Lily dipped her pork chop in ranch dressing and then asked for some cheese its to dip as well.

eknoxuk said...

Bacon wrapped jalapenos is one of our favorite appetizers to make for parties! You put a little cream cheese inside the jalapenos and they're a big hit! I tend to keep a Sam's size bag of bacon bits in the fridge because they can spruce up many recipes and Mike's always more likely to like something if there's bacon in it!

Margaret Loves The Pig said...

I am so sad the first post was from a vegatarian! Ahh.. but to each their own.

But, I do love Bacon!! Bacon Bacon Bacon! I could eat it at every meal and if I could only have one thing a day for a month? A BLT on toasted wheat, tons of juciy ripe tomatoes and crisp green lettuce! Delish.

And yes, one year my sweet friend Allison made me bacon infused vodka for my birthday.

I know it sounds weird, but put it in a bloody mary and it is just delightful. A hint of saltiness and smokiness. Plus, it was really big with all the boys at the pool. Men love bacon. And booze, so this was a hit.

I also like taking a emptied out jalepeno, stuff it with a little smoky, then wrap it with BACON and secure with a soaked toothpick and bake till crispy. It a little piggy treat.

Wonder what form of Bacon I will have for lunch?

Tera said...

Bacon...yum! We always have bacon in our freezer, but we don't eat it too regularly. I guess I'd say we go through bacon spurts. We only eat it with breakfast though. Bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel is my favorite...or on the side with pancakes.

We re-use the grease for fried rice. It's delish!

Maybe I'll have a BEC bagel for lunch.......

b.k.root said...

Bacon is okay... I'm more of a sausage person myself. I do enjoy turkey bacon.

My mom used to make us BLT sandwiches all the time, and those are pretty darn good!

Cheryl said...

Robin was who I was thinking of when I was typing todays post. :)

I'm at home sick today- hmm, swine flu?

I didn't eat any bacon yesterday so that can't be it.

Don't forget to vote at Taste of USA. The winner will be decided on next Friday!

Cristine said...

I forgot about this stuff this morning but for bacon lovers go to
It's bacon flavored mayo and they sell other stuff.
AND ... it's vegetarian and kosher.
So everyone can now have their bacon flavored lip balm (yes it's true)

Bacon Struble of Struble Suds said...

Cristine told me about the bacon blog so I had to "oink" myself right over. Bacon is da bom'. Seriously, similar to Eknoxuk's comment, I like to hollow out a whole jalapeno, add cheddar and a "little smokey" and wrap the whole think in bacon. Grill until bacon is cooked and BAM that is good.

As for those who sing the health benefits of turkey bacon I hate to burst your bubble. It is actually worse that regular bacon. Normally turkety bacon is not made with turkey breast, so there is higher fat than you think (breast is low fat). Additionally the amount of salt and chemicals to make it taste like bacon makes it worse than regular. Compare packages next time at the store.

I will also be smoking bacon this weekend and it is YUMMY.

M L T P said...

Just to totally gross out the vegetarians... Look at this everyone!! I would never actually make it or eat but would admire the person who did for memorial day and then reports back!!

Cheryl!! I hope you are sleeping and not reading the blog!!

Actually Cheryl ate and made the Bacon Explosion and that is why she is out "sick", ha ha.

Peggy said...

Chicken BLT's are a fav in our house

1 can (8 oz) Pillsbury® Crescent Recipe Creations™ refrigerated flaky dough sheet
1/2 cup Cheddar-Monterey Jack cheese blend, shredded (2 oz)

8 slices bacon, crisply cooked, crumbled (1/2 cup)
2 tablespoons chopped green onions (2 medium)
1/3 cup mayonnaise or salad dressing
1/2 cup shredded lettuce
8 cherry tomatoes, sliced