Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Talk

Announcements at the end...

Today's post is more about the aspiration of a creative idea than it is about the completion of a creative idea.  Thanksgiving is two work days away and my list of things to do is growing.  Iron napkins, steam table cloth, polish silver, straighten house, shop for final grocery items, oh... and crafts.  Thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same if we didn't create some kind of festive craft for the dinner table.  The question is what?

Last year we wove fun Thanksgiving place mats.  Over, under, over, under, over, using fall colored construction paper and then laminated.  I'd love to show the place mats to you, but I lost them.  It's o.k. though. Remember, we try never to use the same idea twice.

We also used paint, feathers, foam, construction paper, and hot glue to turn a clay pot into a turkey.  It was a decorative way to display each person's account of those things for which they were giving thanks.  I'd love to show you that too, but it must be safely tucked away with the place mats.  

What about this year?  Not sure yet, but take a look at the three finalists...
Turkey votive candle holders

Corn on the Cob Crackers

Cardboard Turkey Basket

So, what do you think?  Which one do you think will make it to my dining room table on Thanksgiving morning?  Find out on Thursday when I post a picture of our table!

Now, how about you?  What preparations are you still making?  Finding recipes?  Picking out a new outfit?  Cleaning your house?  Tell us.  You'll feel better.

Now for some quick announcements...
  • Christmas Conversation Cards: Sales were good yesterday.  We sold eight of the twelve boxes of Christmas Conversation Cards.  They make a great gift for a friend, neighbor, teacher, or holiday hostess.  Your family will also want a deck to help them get in the holiday spirit.  Order today and the beautiful box can be sitting on your dinner table by December 1.   $15.00, includes shipping.
  • Helping Hands:  Today I mail a check to Tera for exactly $380.00.  Thank you to everyone who was able to get their check to me on time.  If you are still hoping to pay your Blog-a-thon sponsorship, please mail it directly to Tera Johnson (unless you and I have already made an arrangement).  Her mailing address is: 2590 N. Moreland, Apt. E22, Shaker Heights, OH., 44120.
  • Paint the Town Red:  Yesterday I mailed Highlowaha's designated Regional Coke Directors hang tags, so that they may start a Coke Kindness Chain in their region.  Our goal is to keep each Kindness Chain going until Valentine's Day!  Wanna start one in your community?  Send me an email at cbeeny@lslog.com and I'll let you know how.  It's easy and the impact will be big!  P.S.  The holidays are coming, so make sure you have lots of Coke products available for your guests (then send Heather your Reward Codes).  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Check out the post from Saturday (11/22).  
  • Highlowaha Friendship Party:  None of last week's participants was prepared to take on role of Party Host.  The invitation is wide open.  Volunteer to "host" (gather six readers and pick a topic) a party in February and earn the letter writing caddy I was prepared to give away on Saturday. 
  • Festival of Lights Virtual Party:  Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 14.  Beginning at 8:00, I'll post a short slide show of all our readers' Christmas trees (and other holiday decorations).  Then we'll have a lively ornament exchange.  To participate, send Katie a picture of your decorated Christmas tree, menorah, or other holiday decoration.  Participating in the ornament exchange?  Send her a picture of your ornament unwrapped AND wrapped!  Deadline for submissions, December 12 at 5:00 p.m. 
Signing off until tomorrow... when there will only be one more work day until Thanksgiving Day!

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