Thursday, November 27, 2008

Psst... It's Me...

Rayflower here.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Claudia's asleep.  It was a late night of glue guns and feathers.  I snuck in and turned off her alarm.  She needed the sleep and she'll just blame Richard so it's OK.  She had some big plans to set up the table and show off her turkey lights.  For some reason she is completely enamored with turkeys.  Apparently, they're the simple, universal and cute symbol for Thanksgiving.  Well, gobble gobble.  No picture taking for Claudia.  I've beaten her to the punch.  The turkeys were all recovering from the hot glue treatment but I grabbed them anyway.  I set the table, lit the turkey lights (be careful, turkey feathers are flammable and they don't smell good when they burn) and took a few pictures.  Here's one.
A few of the turkeys expressed concern about having to witness a real turkey being eaten.  I figured since I burned a couple of them so badly I couldn't really argue. I grabbed them all up and moved them to the mantle.  
They look happier there.  Don't expect to see these pictures anywhere else.  I took the memory card out of Claudia's camera.  I hid it under Matthew's pillow.  Hah!

Well, my work here is done.  Have a happy Thanksgiving and save me a turkey leg..........sorry turkeys.

Rayflower Out.

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