Monday, November 24, 2008

And Now...

A word from our sponsor.  O.k., we don't really have a sponsor, but this is a commercial break.
Festive holiday tin, plus 50 question cards

"From the creative readers of Highlowaha comes the most unique, most thoughtful, and most talked about gift of this holiday season. 

Christmas Conversation Cards.  It's not just a deck of cards... it's a celebration of everything we love about the holiday season.  Memory lane in a box.  Just one card can have your family and guests laughing and reminiscing for hours about memories of Christmases past. 

Although other holiday cards or books might exist,  none compare to these.  Fifty questions, all generated by readers of Highlowaha during our Christmas in July Extravaganza.  Edited, designed, and beautifully packaged in a durable stainless steel box, these cards make the perfect gift for friends, family, or holiday hosts. 

So forget about boring scarves, tasteless fruitcakes, or impersonal gift cards.  This year give a box of Highlowaha's Christmas Conversation Cards.  Only twelve boxes available, priced at only $15.00 per set - including shipping. 

Remember, if you don't treat your family and friends to a box of these limited edition cards, someone will!  Act now while there is still time.  Order today and your gift will be shipped on Tuesday, November 25, just in time for you and your family to begin enjoying them on Monday, December 1.

To purchase, simply post the words "YE$!" in the comment section.  Want the cards delivered to friends or family across the country?  Just send me an email at, including the mailing address and your personalized message, and away your package will go.  Limit two."

And, now back to you...

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