Monday, November 10, 2008

World Kindness Kickoff

Today marks the beginning of World Kindness Week.

My plan is to spend the week exploring some of the countries where we have a Highlowaha followership.  Sixty three countries have tuned into Highlowaha over the past ten months and this week we will get to know five of them a little better. That's where your numbers from Friday come in.

Those of you who tuned in on Friday know I asked readers to give me a number 2-63 (1 is the U.S. - the country from where most our readers hail).  Each of the numbers corresponds to one of the 63 countries who have tuned in.  The winning numbers were...

21: Austria
23: Turkey
13: Italy
59: Paraguay
15: South Africa

Some of the other places we could have gone, but aren't (because their numbers were not drawn in the lottery?).  Read it and weep... Spain (#8), Switzerland (#37), Netherlands (#18), Canada (#3), and Romania (#54).  All in all, I think our faired well.  Our tour will be fun!

We leave tomorrow... once I get unpacked and recover from my own little tour to New York City.

In the meantime, a few things.  It just so happened, while driving through Manhattan yesterday, that I saw the following sign in a store window.  I thought it would be the PERFECT kick-off to World Kindness Week.
"How do you show your gratitude?"

So how about we start the week off by thinking about - and answering (if you'd be so kind) - the answer to this thoughtful question?

Then show up here on Tuesday, bags packed and ready to take a world tour of some of Highlowaha's hottest spots.  It'll be fun.

Until then...  signing off.

Oh, and the winner of the I Love New York shirt is...  Tera Johnson!

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