Thursday, November 13, 2008

Danke, Osterreich!

Announcements at the end...

From the newly designed South African flag (1994) 
to the Austrian flag - one of the oldest in the world (1191)

I'll cut to the chase with Austria.  They've been around a long time and made lots of contributions to our global community.  Sure they've given us items we enjoy such as Porsche's, Volkswagens, and the sewing machine.  But, my inquiries (albeit rather cursory) left me with one overarching impression. 

The Austrian culture is responsible for introducing us to great minds such as:

Sigmund Freud
Mendel, who established the basis of modern genetics
Adler,who contributed to the foundations of modern psychology and our very own...
Arnold Schwarzenegger!

A name is missing from this list.  Take a shot at guessing whose name (without the aid of the internet).  We'll play jeopardy style.  

This famous Austrian...

At age 17 accepted a low paying job and then left it in search of a better position
Married his wife against the wishes of his family
Was the father of six kids, only two of which survived infancy.
Had one living sister
Had a good relationship with his mother and father
Produced an illegal copy of a piece of art from the Sistine Chapel
Eventually fell into debt and had to pawn valuables
Was fired from a position and literally "kicked in the @$$."
Lived a plush lifestyle that later led to financial stress
Had a declining career due to a struggling economy
Liked to play pool
Liked to dance
Had pets including a bird, a dog, and a horse
Died at age 35

Your turn to guess.  Who is...

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Signing of bis morgen...

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