Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Think Big Cupcakes!

Wake up!  Summer is over.  Labor Day weekend is over and Highlowaha is back in full swing.  It's September 2 and we are raring to go for the school year.  Good luck to my niece - who is an north easterner and who begins fifth grade today.  

If you took Labor Day literally and didn't do much of anything yesterday, including checking in with Highlowaha, take a second and at least read yesterday's announcements.  This is a big week of fun giveaways and you won't want to miss out.

Also, there's excitement in the air.  Cheryl and I are shoving out of Texas on Friday evening, arriving in Philly late Friday night.  Taste of USA is this weekend (a trip to visit some of our most loyal readers) and we expect to have ten people joining us.  We have lots of fun in store for those attending.  But if you can't join us, have no fear.  We'll give you a chance to get in on the action.  Check in on Saturday morning to find out how.

Now onto today's topic.  Cupcakes.  BIG cupcakes.  

I collect big things.  

It started when I was in college and my sister sent me an oversized converse sneaker to use as a door stop.  Somehow the idea stuck.  Think Big. Be bold.  Take risks.  After the sneaker it was a pencil, then a ruler, then a coffee cup, a salt shaker, and on and on.  So big was my collection of big things that I was actually featured in the Dallas Morning News in the late 90's as having one of the most fun offices in the city.  One could say, I hit it BIG time!

So you can imagine my reaction when a year ago I spotted an oversized cupcake cake mold in the Sur La Table catalog.  I told my husband right there and then that the only thing I wanted for my birthday was that cake - requiring, of course, the purchase of the cake mold!  It was the perfect combination of two passions - oversized items symbolizing the importance of thinking big - and baked goods.  Happy birthday to me!

Now my small reality check.  I love to bake, but I am no baker.  Or maybe I'm a baker, but I'm no cake decorator.  So, while I LOVE this cupcake mold, I am still learning the fine art of decorating it.   I tell you all of this, so you won't confuse my feeble attempt with its true potential.  You should remain interested and excited about the prospect of owing one of your own.  One of you, after all, will join me in owning your very own BIG Cupcake Mold.  

One more note before I tell you how.  I mentioned yesterday that this week is dedicated to my good friend - and constant source of inspiration - Amy.  Whether it be coincidence, great minds thinking alike, or kindered spirits finding one another, it just so happens that Amy has her own healthy collection of big things.  I've already sent her the big cupcake mold, but we're always in search of the next great item we just "have to have."  The winner of this cupcake mold will go to the person who sends us a link to a website displaying the next best big item we mutually agree is a must-have.

You can post your link in the comment section.  O.k.  that's it.  Happy Cup Cake Tuesday.  I'm off to enjoy a BIG cup of Starbucks coffee and a slice of my BIG cupcake.  Here's hoping my cupcake tastes better than it looks!
Signing off until tomorrow...

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