Monday, September 1, 2008

Cupcakes Make The World Go Round!

Happy Labor Day!  Hopefully you have a day off and you are celebrating by doing absolutely NO labor.  That's what I intend to do.  An important announcement at the end!  You won't want to miss it.

First an announcement for which many of you have been waiting.  Who will the lucky recipient of the First Day of School Table Cloth.  If I make you wait until the bottom of the post, you won't be fully focused and we don't want that on a day when we are kicking off such a fun and exciting week.  

So with no further ado... The winner of the beautifully sewn First Day of School Table Cloth goes to Katie M.  from Bedford, Kentucky.  Katie I hope you enjoy yours as much as my kids and I have enjoyed ours.  I will put it in the mail tomorrow.

Have no fear rest of you highlowaha readers!  This is going to be a week chock full of  opportunities to win great prizes. 

This week we celebrate cupcakes... the perfect treat.  I will dedicate this entire week of posts to my good friend - and the source of so much of my inspiration - Amy.  All I can say is... may you be lucky enough to know someone like her in your lifetime.  Thing of it is, she really is one of a kind.  Hmmm... I'm sorry.  You'll have to settle for knowing her through me (unless you're going to Philly for Taste of USA, in which case you'll get to meet her in person!!!!!).

I'll do my best.

Amy's family lives in Connecticut, so when I travel home to visit my family in New York, we try to connect.  Last winter we agreed to meet at the infamous Magnolia's Cafe, in Greenwich Village, for a cupcake picnic.  Amy's idea.

So we did.  We met at the famous, but unassuming Magnolia's Cafe, to eat cupcakes on Thursday December 27, 2007.  Everything about our picnic date was perfect.  Standing in line and soaking in the atmosphere; craning our necks to get a peak at our cupcake selections; and finally making it to the front of the line where we each ordered our personal box of cupcakes.  The experience was topped off when, with cupcakes in hand, we walked across the street to a quaint park and sat - jus
t the two of us - on an old wrought iron park bench.  We savored every bite, as appreciative for the delicious cupcakes as we are for our friendship.  I might add, the skies were blue, the air was still, and the sun was shining.  It was Amy's idea and it was meant to be. 

Amy is shy.  So, while we had a picture of the two of us, she conveniently neglected to email it along with the others.  Consider Amy like the Charlie of Charlie's Angels (dating myself, I know).  She's always around.  Always supportive.  But prefers to remain behind the scenes.

So to kick off our week of cupcake celebration, consider inviting someone you know to a cupcake picnic this week.  You can either meet at a local bakery or bake your own.  The point will be to take thirty minutes from you busy week and to celebrate the beauty and simplicity of a cupcake... and of a special friendship.  I already know who I intend to invite.  How about you?

This is a perfect example of the spirit of #218.  That is... making time for the small things in life, that without the gentle press of this supportive community, might get lost in the monotony of life's obligations.  ...The spirit of Highlowaha.  Catch it!

  • AMNESTY DAY:  This day only!  O.k., it pains me that so many of our viewers don't have postcards in the Highlowaha Random Acts of Kindness Box (RAK Box).  Typically...  Send me a postcard with your name and address and it goes into the RAK box.  When I do a giveaway, or am just feeling generous), I pull a name from the box and whosever postcard I pull is the lucky recipient of the my gesture.  I am a stickler about the rules of the RAK box.  No POSTCARD, no entry into my RAK box.  Apparently putting a postcard and a .27 cent stamp on top serves as enough of a deterrent to keep the vast majority of you out.  Today.  This ONE DAY, I am granting amnesty.  Post your name and address and I will put it on a postcard FOR YOU.  Miss this offer and you'll have to mail it - snail mail - to Claudia K. Beeny, 4012 Harvestwood Court, Grapevine, TX, 76051.  Take me up on this, because you won't want to miss this week's giveaways.   
  • Taste of USA Participants: Cheryl and I are descending on Philly on Friday night.  We are so excited and hope you are too.  You won't regret it, as we have some fun up our sleeves.  Continue checking the Taste of USA site this week, as we will continue posting updated information. 
Signing off until tomorrow...

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