Friday, September 12, 2008

Free For All Friday: Buckets, Bowls, and Bingo

T.G.I.F.  Today is the kind of day I bound out of bed, excited to make my daily post.  We have lots of things to look forward to and I can't wait to share!  Sit up straight and get an extra cup of coffee.  You'll need it to get through all the excitement.

You didn't think I would launch right into our Free For All without first sharing the final blog idea generated by our creative and loyal Taste of USA participants?  Did you?  

Not a chance.  

In fact, one of the topics for today's Free For All is actually compliments of an idea that emanated from the women taking two random items and combining them to see what they could come up with.  First the items...

Julie and Katie
Message in a bottle and some kind of physical therapy tool of pain 

The message in a bottle was, for them, a symbol of new adventures.  The tool of pain, they decided, resembled a bridge with detours (or decision points) along the way.  So short, sweet, and to the point was their analysis, that it's almost poetic....

Pursuing adventures while traveling the twists and turns of the road called, "Life."

Their suggestion was made more perfect when the duo likened their idea to the notion of The Bucket List.  The idea, based on the movie, The Bucket List, simply suggests making a list of things you want to do before you, "kick the bucket."

Julie has actually already given thought to her bucket list and shared some of the items on her list with the rest of the group.  The item I most remember, and on which I was invited to to follow up, later in life, is... 

"Own land with a willow tree and a stone fence."

So I thought one of our Free For All topics for today could be items we might include on our "Bucket List."  I will share some of mine, but first more exciting news and Highlowaha adventure.

Countdown to the Super Bowl:  It is the time in the week when we must warm up our taste buds and let our voices be heard.  What will the secret ingredient be for next week's Half-time Snack Throw Down?  Stacie and Tera will go head to head for this competition, scheduled for Sunday, September 21.  The ingredients you are choosing between this week are... 

Cinnamon or Garlic

Highlowaha Plays BINGO for a Cause:  Mark Your Calendars!  Next Friday night Highlowaha will host its second Virtual Party.  Virtual Bingo!  Goal...  raise money for the family we adopted for our Holiday Helping Hand Project.  We have committed to supplying this Pennsylvania family with enough money to cook a holiday dinner, have a tree, and to purchase presents for the five children.  Now we need to get busy making good on our word.  Here's are some important things to know in preparation of next Friday's fun.
  • Mark you calendar... Friday, September 19 at 8:00 CST 
  • We will play three rounds of Bingo.
  • Each person will create their own Bingo card and then send it to me either electronically or by mail.  To create your own card all you do is: (1) write the letters B-I-N-G-O at the top of your page; (2) Select five numbers for each letter.  Numbers are as follows: B, between 1-15; I, between 16-30; N, between 31-45; G, between 46-60; 0, between 61-75; (3) Remember the "free spot" in column "N" center spot. 
  • You can enter one card for $3.00 or enter 3 cards for $5.00.  Money should be mailed to me at 4012 Harvestwood Court, Grapevine, TX. 76051.  Every dime will go toward our Helping Hand initiative. 
  • Create Your Invite List and Think Big:  If you're a hall director, consider a hall program (or at least a staff team builder).  If you're a mom, consider inviting your children's friends over for an extra special night of staying up late and helping this cause.  If you're single or married without kids... even easier.  How about inviting your friends and neighbors over?  This is the perfect opportunity to build your own community while helping our community.  We must use this as an opportunity to expand our reach.
  • Prizes.  The winner of each round will win a prize.  That's where you all come in.  I am looking for generous people to donate prizes or money.  The better the prizes, the more likely people are to play.  I need five great prizes.  Please email me at if you are able/willing to donate something.  I will donate one.  That leaves four more. If necessary, I will combine a few items into a gift basket.  Everything is appreciated. 
  • More info coming your way as the week progresses.
Lurkers... this means you too!  I respect your interest in reading our site and not posting comments.  Not a problem.  This time around, however, it will take a village to make good on our commitment to this family.  We need your help.  You can remain a lurker and still participate in Virtual Bingo (unless of course you win... at which point you can use an alias)!

Spread the word!!!  There's even more fun, but I can't spill the beans all at once.  Oh, are we going to have a good week next week?!?!

Back to my Bucket List.  Some of the items on include: 
  • Read a biography of each former president
  • Attend an Olympic event
  • Write a book
  • Host a black tie affair
  • Visit New Zealand
  • Learn how to wear eye makeup
  • Own a cabin in the mountains, and...
  • Make $150.00 next Friday night for our Helping Hand family.
Let's hear from you today...
  • What's on your bucket list?
  • Which do you vote... Cinnamon or Garlic?
  • Who will you invite to Virtual Bingo, or... 
  • Whatever other topic you want to throw our way...
Signing off until tomorrow...

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