Friday, September 19, 2008

R-8:00. Let the Bingo Commence

Before we get started...  

Another look at our 
(and another note of gratitude to the nine people whose donations made it possible)

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give You Something Good to Eat

Rainy Day in a Box
Filled with treats that will have your kids wishing for rain

His and her Target Gift Cards
Total Value $40.00

Have a Spooktacular Halloween
with these party items, including a cake tin, cookie cutters, sprinkles, plates, and napkins

12 Handmade Greeting Cards
to help you stay in touch year round

Movie Night In A Box
Including Snacks and a $10.00 Blockbuster Card

Arts and Crafts Box, including Scissors, Edgers, and Hole Punches

Not Pictured, but very cool...
This box features bath soaps, lotions, chocolate, and 2 books to read while relaxing
Just what the Dr. ordered!

Welcome to Highlowaha's Second Virtual Party.  Tonight, featuring... Pirate Bingo.  

Thank you for joining us and for helping Highlowaha raise money to support the family we adopted this holiday season. We are a blog that helps community by being creative and exemplifying what it means to "be in community."  That's what I love about who we are and what we do each day.

I won't dilly dally. We'll commence with the evening of fun.  First an overview, then some reminders about the rules of play.  Overview...

Announce Silent Auction Winner
Round #1
prize selection
Round #2
prize plundering 
Round #3
prize plundering 
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not clear your card after Round #3.  
We will use your card from Round #3 to play a Blackout Round
Heather Selects Prize
Congratulations for being the first and only to find a reader from 
Corvallis, Oregon - home of the guys responsible for creating 
National Talk Like a Pirate Day
Prize Awarded
 reader from Tuesday spirited enough to speak in Pirate-ese
Blackout Round
Prize awarded to winner
Final Prize Awarded
 Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Box
Bid you a goodnight and sign off until tomorrow
Click on the "comments" section (located in blue at the bottom of this post).  

Round #1
  • Wait for first Bingo Ball to be announced.  A new number will be announced every 30 seconds.
  • The first person to to successfully achieve BINGO (a complete line across, down, or horizontally) must immediately post the word, "BINGO" along with the number of the winning card (if you bought more than one) and your winning numbers.
  • I will cross reference with my copy of your card
  • Once verified, the winner will select a prize from the terrific "table of prizes."
Round #2.  
  • Repeat Bingo rules from Round #1
  • Winner from Round #2 will have the choice to either steal the prize from Round #1 winner OR to select a prize from the "table of prizes."  Once a prize is stolen three times, it is out of play and remains with whomever got his/her hands on it last.
Round #3.  
  • Repeat rules from Round #2.  
  • DO NOT clear card after Round #3, as we will award another prize to the first person who gets a Bingo Blackout (every number on the card is covered).
Here we go...

And the winner of the
Silent Auction is...
Congratulations on being he proud owner of only the second 
Highlowaha shirt ever printed!

It's time to click on the blue word "comments"
1, 2, 3... go!

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