Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flags, More Flags, and Red Flags

A Moment of Reflection
highs, lows, and ahas

Tuesday creative playing cards, yesterday lost and found friends, so you ask... what's on the docket for today?

We shall see.  But, first the items with which our Taste of USA participants were working...

Tera and Funsies (a.k.a. Nicole)
Blue graduation sash, denoting study abroad and a lint roller

Their first suggestion... write about the lintiest country!  A quick peek into cyberspace and I quickly learn the formal definition of "lint" is:

"particles and short fibers that fall from a textile product during the stresses of use."

Alright.  Well, if that's the definition does anyone want to take a chance at guessing the lintiest country?  I'm not sure, but I'm guessing it's got to be a place where more clothing, not less, is worn (cold climate) and where the clothing is more stressed by use, not less.  The lines are open.  Name me a country and I'll add it to my list of creative topics worth writing about.

Tera and Funsies, not quite sure where to go from there, decided to move on.  They suggested writing about traveling "must-haves."  We kind of did this when some of the readers of highlowaha engaged in a game of, "I'm going on a trip and I'm bringing..."  In the true spirit of Highlowaha, we try never to repeat the same idea twice.  Though... I do agree, a lint roller ranks right up there as a must-have item.  Moving on...

Then came von Oech's Whack Pack card.  Add to the mix a recent dream that either Tera or Funsies has had (see Tuesday 9/9 for full text).  How could a recent dream help improve their idea for writing about lintiest country, must-haves?  As it turns out, while other groups couldn't remember a single dream... Tera and Funsies both have recurring dreams!  Interesting, right?  First, no recollection of dreams and now... two recurring dreams.

Tera's recurring dream... getting bitten by a snake on the fleshy part of her hand, between the thumb and her pointer finger.

Funsies recurring dream... falling of a sidewalk.

You think I'm kidding.  This is what I'm working with today... and it's not even 5:00 a.m. yet!  

Who's working harder than I am right now?  No one.

I have no choice.  I'm going to the book of 10,000 dreams in desperate search of something I can sink my teeth into (other than Tera's hand... since, by the way, I am - according to the Chinese Zodiac - a snake).

First snakes.  "To dream of snakes is a foreboding of evil in its various forms and stages.  To dream of a bite also omens ill.".  According to this crazy book... " dream of a bite implies a wish to undo work that is past undoing."

Don't know what that means, Tera... but I wish it sounded more promising.

Now Funsies.  To dream of stepping on a curb denotes your rapid rise in business circles, and that you will be held in high esteem by your friends and public.  For lovers to dream of stepping together on a curb, denotes an early marriage and consequent fidelity; but if in your dream you step or fall from a curb, your fortunes will be reversed. 

Neither of their dreams sound great.

I have an idea.  It seems we need to switch gears in an effort to get as far away from this gloom and doom as possible.  Let's talk about traveling on a vacation.  In fact... check this out.

It says:
Highlowaha Taste of USA 2009
It's Up To You
Stay Tuned!

We've been milling over an idea for next year's Taste of USA trip.  This year's participants suggested that, instead of visiting the state whose residents cast the most votes, we would go to the place most people voted as their ideal vacation destination.  So... live in New York, but always wanted to visit Montana?  Vote Montana and, if enough people agree then Montana Kelly... here we come!

So... if you were to cast your vote, as of this very minute, where would you want to go?  IMPORTANT:  We are NOT voting for next year's destination.  I am just desperately trying to get out from under this horrible "lintiest city-travel-must-have-bad recurring dreams"... nightmare that I'm in!

You might be interested to know... where ever we end up, we should travel by limousine to a ship, where we will be met by space aliens.  According to my trusty book of dreams...

The dream of riding in a limousine, means that, "sudden good fortune will soon be imminent."  Ships "foretell honor and unexpected elevation to ranks above your mode of life," and encountering space aliens means that "you will meet people whom you consider bizarre and strange.  You will at first feel uncomfortable with them, but they will soon become very positive influences in your life."

Signing off until tomorrow... but not fast enough...

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