Monday, September 15, 2008

Arrrrr...... Pirate Bingo!

Some announcements at the end.

Ahoy there matey and welcome to Highlowaha's week long celebration of pirates.  Friday marks the thirteenth anniversary of National Talk Like a Pirate Day and we have lots of prepping to do.

We're going to spend part of the week looking at all the fun ways we can celebrate with our friends, our kids, our neighbors, our colleagues, our workout partners, and anyone else with whom we might come in in contact on Friday.  This is a holiday far too much fun to pass over without any recognition on the part of a readership as fun as Highlowaha.  

But, we're fun and busy.  That's why each day this week, we'll look at a different thing we can do/plan for the big day.  Plan a little bit each day and maybe, just maybe you can pull off a little bit of fun.  Wait until the very end and the chances are slim to none.  Plan along side of me.  I plan to host a few neighborhood kids for an early pirate dinner and activity on Friday night, so we can plot and plan together.

Did I say Friday night?  That's right.  We will host a pirate party in anticipation of... not just Virtual Bingo, but...  Virtual PIRATE Bingo!!!!!  It is my hope that you might also consider hosting a small pirate party at your house (5 or more earns you a patch for your Patch Work denim) in conjunction with Highlowaha's Virtual Pirate Bingo party.

Virtual Pirate Bingo...  
Here's EVERYTHING you need to know:
Prior to Play:
  • Pirate Bingo will take place this Friday night, beginning at 8:00 (CST).
  • We will play three rounds.
  • A Patchwork Patch will be awarded to anyone who hosts 5 people or more.
  • You will create your own Bingo card by putting letters B-I-N-G-O on a sheet of paper and listing 5 numbers under each letter (except "N" which has the free spot).
  • Number choices are as follows: B = 1-15; I= 16- 30; N = 31-45; G = 45-60; O = 61-75
  • Cards must be emailed or mailed to me by Friday at 3:00 CST.
  • This is a fundraiser for our Helping Hand family, so one card will cost $3.00 and 3 cards for $5.00.
  • My preference is to have all money and all cards in hand by Friday.
  • My mailing address is: Claudia K. Beeny, 4012 Harvestwood Court, Grapevine, TX, 76051
  • If you take 10 minutes and do it TODAY, I will most certainly have everything by Friday.
  • Pass today's post along to everyone you know!
Rules of Play
  • Log onto at 8:00 CST.  Read the short welcome to our party and then go to the section labeled "comments."
  • Every 30 seconds a different ball will be posted.
  • The first person to post "Bingo" (and whose card can be verified as the winning card) will be declared the winner.
  • I will verify winners based on the cards I have received by 3:00 on Friday.  I have already received two cards.
  • The winner will get to select which of the six prizes he/she wants.
  • Repeat process until we get a second winner.
  • Now the fun begins...  Pirates plunder and so do we on National Talk Like a Pirate Day!
  • The second winner then has the choice... choose a different prize or steal the prize from winner #1.
  • If winner #2 steals winner #1's prize, then winner #1 may select something new from the table of prizes.
  • A prize may be stolen three times, before it is off limits.
  • Repeat process again until we get a third winner.
  • Winner #3 may also either... steal the prizes from Winner #2 or Winner #1.  
  • Same rules apply...
  • Once all three rounds have been played, remaining prizes will be awarded... in some fun way.  TBD.
Post Play 
  • Celebrate and pat yourself on the back, knowing you did a good thing!
  • Winners, make sure Claudia has your mailing address so prizes can be shipped out on Monday.  Prizes will be coming from our generous donors from around the country.
Prizes... or "booty" as pirates would call it...
We don't mess around at highlowaha.  The booty for which we are competing is good!  Check it out.    
 A Spooktacular Party in a Box
Cake pan, cookie cutters, sprinkles, plates, and napkins
A Night at the Movies
Featuring... Popcorn, candy, and $10.00 gift card to Blockbuster!

A Card for All Seasons 
12 Pack of Handmade Cards by Peggy at PRDesigns
Valued at $25.00

Think Inside the Box!
The Ultimate Craft Box, including 16 Edgers, 16 Hole Punchers, and 6 Corner Cutters

His and Hers... or All Yours
Target Gift Cards  - $20.00 each 

Trick and Treat, Smell My Feet, Give You Something Good To Eat!

There are still three items for which I do not have pictures.  They are:
Spa In a Box - Lotions and potions to pamper yourself
Rainy Day Activity Box - This treat will have your kids doing a Rain Dance!
Limited Edition (only second printed) Highlowaha t-shirt, ordered to your specifications

National Cream Filled Donut Day:  All the gift cards went out early last week, so if you passed a name along, I mailed a card.  AZLori... I didn't mail your suggested person hers until Saturday.  It will get their after the fact, but it will get there!  I hope your celebration was as good as ours.  We went to Krispy Kreme and got these great looking donuts.  
Project Paint Your Town Red:  If you haven't read Saturday's post, please make time to read it some time this week.  Highlowaha is working with long-time reader, Heather, to support her long-time friend, Julie.  Julie has been diagnosed with a fatal disease.  We, the readers of highlowaha, are saving Coke Reward Codes to give Julie and Julie's mother.  The Coke Reward Codes will allow Julie's mother to purchase items for Julie that exorbitant medical bills would make otherwise impossible.  We are still looking for Regional Directors to help organize this effort for four "regions" in the country.  The regions are SWAHLA; GLAHLA; MAAHLA; PAHLA.  Don't be intimidated by the acronyms.  One look back at Saturday's post (9/13-Paint the Town Red) and it will all make sense. 

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