Saturday, September 6, 2008

See You at 2:18

I'll be quick.  

I tried to post last night and our connection was slow... at best.  I posted the winner of the fabulous book, Hello Cupcake and I don't think my post every actually went through.  So, at the expense of repeating myself...  Congratulations, Julie from PA!  I have a feeling your good friend Tera will be asking to borrow it.

Cheryl and I made it.  Other than our delayed flight our trip to Philly was thankfully uneventful.  We arrived here a little after midnight, unpacked the scores of treats we lugged across the country (covered in Aveeno Foam Cleanser that exploded somewhere mid-flight) and hit the sack.  We were tired.

We have lots of creative preparation to do in the next couple of hours, but not before we said, "hello" to you.  We wish you could be here too (though the the weather is not supposed to be great), but you will certainly be here in the spirit of #218.

Speaking of #218.  Here's the plan.  Be the first person to call my cell phone at 2:18 p.m. and win a Random Act of Kindness package.  The package will compiled by the 10 of us here in Philly and mailed to you on Monday morning!  Since we'll have you on the phone, we'll give you a quick low down on all our fun and games.

Got it?  Call at 2:18.  Be the first to get through and win a Random Acts of Kindness package, compiled by Taste of USA participants. Here's the number 502.523.0388.

Alright.  I'm off to take a shower and get this show on the road.

A word from Cheryl?  Ok.  Here she is...

Good morning!! It's finally here. The finale to the event to Taste of USA that we all created by bantering in the comments with Claudia early this past summer.  As Claudia's been typing away, I've ironed my shirt and donned my Patchwork jeans. They're so great but we definitely need to get some more events to win and earn more patches. I'm envisioning at least a leg full. 

Luckily, Claudia has an internal clock since I didn't get the alarm set correctly. Well, set but not turned on to go off. We still have a lot to put together this morning so I will run.

Wish you were here! Don't forget to call!

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