Friday, September 19, 2008

'Tis here!

Sorry, I be runnin' late... I`ve been gettin' things ready fer tonight an' I`ve missed placed one o' th' prizes. I`ve been tearin' apart me house in search o', th' Highlowaha t-shirt. I`ll keep lookin', but in th' meantime...

`Tis here! Fridee, Septembree 19, th' one tide o' th' voyage when swabbies all o'er th' country be supposed t' unite an' talk like shipmates! Happy National Talk Like a Shipmate Tide!

Thar be lots o' ways t' celebrate, so hopefully by now ye settled on one or two. Ye can wear clothes that be red an' black; use yer shipmate name all tide long (an' assign shipmate names t' sea dogs an' land lubbers ye know); deli'er shipmate treats t' yer shipmates an' colleagues; or - most importantly - join Highlowaha in an evenin' o' fun, while we play Virtual Shipmate Bingo!

Some wee announcements about Shipmate Bingo an' some other things before we open th' lines fer our traditional Fridee Free fer All.

  • Shipmate Bingo: Join us aft here tonight at 8:00 (CST) fer three rounds o' Virtual Shipmate Bingo. `Tis nay too late t' play. Jus' email me or post in th' "announcements" section yer choice o' Bingo numbers an' letters. Yer treasure ($3.00 per card or three cards fer $5.00) can be sent by mail. Me mailin' address be: 4012 Harvestwood Court, Grapevine, TX, 76051. Reckon, th' cause be a good one. This be a fundraiser fer th' family our blog has adopted this holiday season. Th' treasure we make will go toward buyin' th' family food fer a holiday dinner, along wi' providin' other essentials. Our goal... $150.00. As o' starboard now... $85.00. Cheryl has also generously donated a $50.00 Target Gift Card, bringin' our total donations fer th' family up t' $135.00. Ideally we want t' make $65.00 more pieces o' eight today.
  • Make Your Own Bingo Card:  Remember, it's not too late and we still want $65.00 more dollars.  To make your card simply write the letters B-I-N-G-O across the top of your page.  Then pick numbers as follows: B=1-15; I=16-30; N=31-45; G=45-60; O=61-75.
  • Prizes: Th' prizes fer which we be playin' be GREAT! Check ou' Mondee`s (9/15) post fer a list o' everythin' that be donated. Prizes range from a Spooktacular Halloween treat, t' a Rainy Tide Fun-in-a-Box, t' a variety Pack o' 12 Handmade Notecards... an' so much more! Thank ye t' th' followin' swabbies fer makin' our nine great prizes possible: Sue K., Peggy R., Amy B., Katie K., Heather S., Maureen P., an' Toni B. We appreciate yer generosity!
  • Instructions fer Play: Clear instructions fer play be posted tonight, beginnin' at 7:45 CST.
  • Congratulations t' Shayna (our newest reader!!!): Ye won th' Oiriginal Highlowaha 218 t-shirt. Please send me an email ( t' let me know what size shirt ye would like.
  • Countdown t' th' Super Bowl: Dasn't forget t' cheer on yer swabbie Highlowaha participants this weekend, as Stacie an' Tera compete in th' Half-Time Snack Throw Down. Hopefully, by now the'r snacks be well on the'r way t' Struble Suds an' th' bar flies be warmin' up the'r taste buds. The'r secret ingredient fer th' week?... GARLIC!
Now fer Free Fer All`in... Write about whatere`s on yer mind, ask fer help on a creative project, or jus' use today`s comment section t' talk like a shipmate. Whatereyou do, dasn't forget t' make yer guess about th' score o' this weekend`s game. Th' swabbie who comes closest gets a dubloon star fer his/th' lass' Patchwork Britches (be seein' post from 8/7 fer more detail).

This weekend th' Packers be playin'... Th' DALLAS Cowboys! Ye`re goin' down Green Bay!

That`s 't. Dirty Charity Flint be signin' off until... TONIGHT at 8:00 CST. Be thar or be square.

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