Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whack on the Side of the Head Wednesday: Part II

You made it back tonight
and for that I am glad
For, to be here alone
would surely be sad.

Von Oech suggests
that to whack what we think
Change things up
with sox, either red or pink.

So now that our thinking 
has surely been whacked
The seal on the dilemma
can finally be cracked.

To fully understand
and assure we don't fail
Take a minute to read 
a delivery of mail.

So... since I posted my first blog yesterday I spent last evening thinking about what I would actually do if I won the $74.  Here are my thoughts... If I had won, I would divide the $74 by 5 and purchase 15 $5 Starbucks giftcards for 15 highlowaha readers and send it to them in some creative format.  This would commemorate the 100 written blogs at Starbucks and celebrate the great readership.  Even though I didn't win, the offer is on the table if there's a way that you can think of to incorporate it into the blog.  I can also take 15 random addresses you may have from the readership and anonymously send a giftcard to them.  I, of course, would use my own money, not yours.

Sitting at my desk eating watermelon and dreaming BIG.

The author of this mail,
is a mystery to me
My only clue,
are initials P.P.D.C

Her offer is one
We must accept
It's"how" at which
you must be adept.

Fifteen cards,
five dollars each
Best solution 
for maximum reach.

So whack your thinking 
and make a post
We will determine
which works the most.

This poem never ending
might fill you with sorrow
I'll oblige you by 
signing off until tomorrow...

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