Thursday, June 12, 2008

2109... Crystal Clear

Today we'll consult our crystal balls.

First a note about yesterday...  THANK YOU for turning out in such great numbers... especially you lurkers who were generous enough to do something out of your norm.  Cands, Jenny, Peggy, Lindsay, Kat, Close2it, ppdc, and Wendy... it was great having you around for the day.  If you decide to fade back into the wood work, it's a.o.k with me, but I have no question we could benefit from what you might share.

What I learned...
  • Money is a motivator.  Thirty-one posts yesterday, versus the standard 8-12.
  • Morning is when we have our heaviest traffic, though most readers check back a few times a day.
  • It is not uncommon for HLA readers to pour over the daily post with a cup (or bowl) of their favorite vice.
  • Most vices come in the form of a beverage... Green Tea, Coke Zero, home-brewed coffee, the ever indulgent Starbucks coffee, or a class of wine.
  • Summer seems to shake up the "usual" routine.
Now I get to mill over how I might use your information.  Got ideas of your own about how I might use what was shared?  Do tell.  I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Onto today's topic - the future.  In keeping with our theme for the week, we'll focus on 100 years from now.  The other day I read a short article in the Dallas Morning News titled, You Are Not So Formally Invited. The article told of a new trend among engaged couples.  They are said to be skipping the formality of printed wedding invitations, mailed via the United States Post Office, and replacing it with the more informal, cost effective and efficient option of sending electronic invitations.  Naturally pros and cons of each option were shared (ie. eco-consciousness vs. preserving a sense of etiquette).  

The topic was only mildly interesting to me, as I am happily married and at least ten to fifteen years from my oldest son getting married (or better be).  Nonetheless, I found myself curious about how the world, in all of its current practices, protocols, norms, and yes... even rituals will inevitably change over time.  For arguments sake...  over the next 100 years.

So I pose this question to you....  Look inside your crystal ball and, based on your interests, area(s) of expertise, and observations, what aspect(s)s of society are bound to change over the next hundred years?  Today we experiment with being futurists.  Have at it.  Make your predictions.

Oh, and the moment you've all been waiting for... The winner of the $74.00 is...

Close2it.  Congratulations!  Think of all the Coke Zeros you can purchase, if you so choose.  So, tell us... what do you think you'll do with your small windfall?

Signing off until tomorrow...

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