Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To-Do Tuesday

1.  Get into the 21st Century.
2.  Post today's blog
3.  Order and drink Cinnamon Dolce, non-fat, no-whip, and heated to 180 degrees.
4.  Prepare for Pen Pal Weekend
5.  Mail treat to highlowaha winner.

Last week we were 100% wrapped up in celebrating 100 highlowaha.com posts, meaning that not much other blog news was covered.  Therefore, today must be about bringing readers up to speed on all the highlowaha.com happenings.  But, it isn't just about bringing you up to speed.  You are part of a thriving community now.  A community that, to truly thrive, must count on your participation.  So grab a paper and pen (or as the case may be in the 21st century, access your electronic management system).  I hope you'll make a few notes.

Highlowaha Reader To-do List
  • Altoid Table Phrase:  We need two things from you in order to move along the Altoid table project. First, post a comment on today's blog sharing a word or phrase you would like included inside one of the 38 tins to be used (see picture below).  The phrase I will contribute, for example is, "Think Big."  How about you?  
  • Altoid Table Chatchka:  Within the next two weeks we expect to fill all 38 Altoid boxes with the inaugural items.  This is a BIG deal, because we will be setting the tone for all future treats.  So, dig around your house for a fun trinket you can send.  Examples might be things such as: a fortune, a wishbone, a macth box car, quarters, a vintage ring you no longer wear, tea light, fun eraser heads, a Micro Sharpie marker, a pin, a coupon or gift card to a favorite store, a new lip balm, a scratch-off lottery ticket and the list goes on.  See item #4 for mailing address.
  • Bigger or Better: Resuscitate this project, before it dies a quick death.  We successfully traded up from beautiful fish pin to a case (yes, I said case) of Sauvignon Blanc wine... delivered to your door.  Our goal is to trade up for one plane ticket, so the very lovely Cheryl can accompany me to Taste of USA's host state later this summer (state still to be determined.  See item #5).  Your item does not necessarily need to be monetarily worth more.  You never know who might be trying to build their thimble collection.  So, just post your trading offer and let's get this show back on the road.  
  • Random Acts Postcard:  The first card was drawn yesterday to select a random recipient for the 101 Dalmatians.  To date, seventeen postcards have been received.  Each of those readers has the chance of receiving a treat in the mail.  Trust me when I say, there is a Random Act Giveaway coming up that you won't... WILL NOT... want to miss.  The only chance you'll have of winning, is to mail me a postcard including your mailing address.  You don't even have to include your name if you don't want.   My address is: 4012 Harvestwood Court, Grapevine, Texas, 76051.
  • Taste of USA:  Up this week for Taste of USA: What's Your State Made Of are... California, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio and Vermont.  On deck... Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Montana, and Virginia
In an effort to include a "creative" idea for the day, I thought I might include a to-do list tip or two.  After getting lost in a google search for way too long, I'm not sure I found anything life altering... though I did realize my organizational skills are archaic.  I'm a simple girl.  I use good old fashioned paper and pen to record my to-do list and when the task is done, I'm sure to cross it off with a red pen.  And, yes... I am one of those who writes a task on my list - even though its already done it - JUST so I can mark it off!

The extent of my creativity is creating "buckets" for my to-do items.  Rather than lump them together, I label my lists with headers such as: "Boys," "Home," and "Highlowaha."  That way, rather than one endless string of 1-100, I have three smaller lists.  Call it a mind game, but it works for me.
The most creative idea I saw while sifting through the ENDLESS amounts of information was the notion of assigning point values to each item on your list.  Determine values ahead of time and then work throughout the day to attain a certain number of points.  It's Weight Watchers in reverse.  With Weight Watchers you're given a certain number of points at the start of the day and each time you eat something you subtract the appropriate number.  With the to-do method, start each day with zero points and work to attain a particular number.  

Let's see if it works.  Your highlowaha goal for the day is to reach 81 points.  Reach it and you could receive something in the mail.
  • Provide an Altoid Phrase  = 10 points
  • Send an Altoid Chatchka = 15 points
  • Make Bigger or Better Offer = 20 points
  • Mail Postcard = 10 points.
  • Click on Taste of USA and make a comment about today's state (Iowa).  Even if it's just a thoughtful comment about the terrible impact the weather is having on their community = 5 points. 
Have a good day = 21 points.

Signing off until tomorrow...

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