Friday, June 13, 2008

It's A Wrap!

I read somewhere about a teacher, who in order to celebrate 100 days of school, wore 100 pins attached to her sweat shirt.  She also told of a colleague who wore 100 pieces of jewelry.  I don't have 100 pins or 100 pieces of jewelry, buy scarves... now that's something of which I own 100 (or more).

So here I am in all of my glory... with a little help from Richard and Matthew, sporting exactly 100 scarves and neckerchiefs! 

T.G.I.F and thanks for making the week such fun! Heather, I appreciated yesterday's challenge and feel certain we can reach the goal of 100 posts by end of day today!

In the spirit of Free For All Friday... I will pose my question for the day and then get out of the way so you can either answer what I've asked or pose your own question.  In theory, when I string all the responses to my question together, we should have a created a fun poem.  Find out on SUNDAY when I post the summation of our work.

Fill in the blanks...
If I had 100 _______
I would __________

Signing off until tomorrow...

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