Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fox and Hound

Life works in the most curious of ways.  Last week, while interviewing Wendy and apropos of our conversation, I mentioned my interest in re-connecting with Bob Younger, the Division Head at a camp I worked for a number of years ago.  I didn't think another thing about it.
Yesterday, my husband called home and asked me if I knew anyone by the name of Ira Goldklang (a good solid New York, Jewish name) .  I replied, "no," as the name did not ring a bell.  Richard shared with me that Ira sent him an email wondering if by chance he was married to a Claudia whose maiden name was Kamhi.  That he is.  Ira went on to say that he is working to reconnect a number of people who worked and attended the Samuel Field Y Summer Camp between 1981-1986. 

Inside of one week, two references to my favorite summer camp.  Life works in curious ways.

So, today... Saturday, in honor of Bob Younger and the summer camp responsible for so many fond memories and in keeping with our FFAF topic (Staying Sane when School is Out), I will share one of my favorite camp games.  Fox and Hound. 

The summer camp was one of a kind.  It was a day camp located on hundreds of wooded acres on Long Island.  Our days were filled with archery, arts and crafts, sports of all sort, camp songs, clearing and building camp sites, hunting for berries and then making jam over a camp fire.  It was about campy as camp could get, but it was a day camp.  Three times a summer each Division (cluster of 6-8 groups, based on age) had an overnight.  This meant, two swim periods instead of one, cooking dinner over a camp fire that we started, singing camp songs around a big bonfire, and staying up all night wondering what was in the woods.

Fox and Hound was especially fun on overnights.  The idea.  Each group (my campers and I were always the "Pioneers,") would divide into two smaller groups.  Half the group would head out with a roll of tape and a stack of arrows cut from construction paper.  The other half of the group waited thirty minutes and then followed behind searching for the arrows you left behind.  Naturally, the idea was for the Hounds to find the Foxes who, in turn, were trying to outsmart them.  We especially loved this game on the days when an overnight was scheduled, because traipsing over the hills and through the woods would inevitably tire out our campers. 
I have three boys and I can see Richard and me dividing up to play Fox and Hound with them.  It could work at a park, around your neighborhood, or heck... even in a mall.  And, if the game holds true to form, they'll be asleep by nightfall.

Enjoy your Saturday.  If you were following the blog all last week, you know I challenged you to invite three people to lunch by August 5, 2008.  Ideally of the three people, one would be someone you already know, one would be someone you want to know, and the third would be an aspiration person.  My aspiration person was Maria Shriver.  I mailed her letter yesterday (in a green tube, filled with fun shred, and covered in stickers).  In an effort to keep you in the loop, I will post it for you to see tomorrow... Sunday... my normal day of rest.

Signing off until tomorrow...

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