Saturday, June 14, 2008

100 Happy Flag Days to You!

At this point, if I could, I would be waving a white flag.  I surrender from this horrible, terrible, almost unbelievable day.  I can't bear the idea of reliving right now, so you'll have to wait until later in the week.  Suffice it to say, Katie/CSPgradstudent (who happens to be in town visiting) and I fully celebrated Friday the 13th.

But, it's not about me... or Katie, so instead we'll celebrate the American flag.  Today is Flag Day and in keeping with our theme of one-hundred I will present one hundred ways to celebrate.  One hundred thanks to Katie who helped me generate the list while holding her captive in my car on a road trip to Austin.

By the way... if you're thinking these ideas are coming too late to implement today (though many require no planning), then save them for the Fourth of July.
Here goes...Color a flag on your driveway using side walk chalk
  1. Display small flags in the windows of your house/apartment (like candles at Christmas)
  2. Place a flag at the grave sight of a war veteran.
  3. For each star and stripe on a flag, name one thing for which you are grateful.
  4. Wear red, white, and blue
  5. Wear a flag pin
  6. Make the classic jello flag using strawberry jello, whip cream, and blueberries.
  7. Search the internet for a brief bio on Betsy Ross
  8. Count the flags in your neighborhood
  9. Weave place mats out of red, white, and blue construction paper
  10. Sing the Star Spangled Banner
  11. Rub on a tattoo
  12. Compose a short fact sheet about our American flag and distribute it to your neighbors
  13. Create as many words as possible using the letters F*L*A*G*D*A*Y
  14. Identify other countries who use the same colors in their flags
  15. Say the Pledge of Allegiance 
  16. Attend the raising of the flag at your city building
  17. Conduct a flag scavenger hunt while running errands throughout the day
  18. Wear a shirt with a flag on it (sold at Old Navy or Target)
  19. Bake cup cakes then decorate with flag tooth picks
  20. Make a flag from felt
  21. Face paint using red, white, and blue... and maybe even some glitter
  22. Assign yourself a point for every red, white, or blue car on the road
  23. Check out a book from your public library about the making of our country's flag
  24. Convert your driveway into a flag using red, white, and blue electrical tape
  25. Name as many brands as you can that use red, white, and blue in their logo (Chevron, IHop, Cool Whip, Remax)
  26. Honor our country's flag by learning more about your state flag
  27. Shop for red, white, and blue paraphenalia in the dollar at Target
  28. Say a prayer for any flag you see at half mast
  29. Using shoe polish, decorate the back window of your car
  30. Tie dye something red, white, and blue
  31. Draw a flag on a dollar bill before spending it
  32. Bake flag cookies using pretzel rods as the poles
  33. Wage a squirt gun fight on someone using red and blue water
  34. Reflect while watching the beauty of the American flag waving gently in the air
  35. Make a red velvet cake using the red velvet as the stripes
  36. Sew a pillow using flag bandannas
  37. Enjoy a blast from your past wit ha red, white, and blue rocket popsicle
  38. Hang a flag pole outside your house (just in time for July 4th)
  39. Brainstorm as many songs as you can that include the words "flag" or "America"
  40. Generate the names of as many cities as possible that include the word "flag" (i.e. Flagstaff, Arizona)
  41. Place flag stickers in fun places throughout the day
  42. Serve a completely red, white, and blue dinner (i.e. milk, spaghetti with marinara, blueberries
  43. Use a napkin to learn/practice the military folding of an American flag
  44. Hang red, white, and blue streamers from the branches of your trees
  45. Compete in flag trivia (found on the internet) during dinner
  46. Search garage sales (Heather) for any items on which a flag is displayed
  47. String a necklace of red, white, and blue beads
  48. Attach a flag to the antennae of your car or your child's bicycle
  49. Fly a red, white, and blue kite
  50. Whip up a vanilla shake and use red and blue dye to create ribbons of color
  51. Replace the laces in your sneakers with red and blue shoelaces
  52. Use sparkles to do a mini fire works show in front of your flag
  53. Give your neighborhood a lift.  Tie red, white, and blue balloons to mailboxes
  54. Scour your local paper for picture of an American flag
  55. Paint your toenails red, white, and blue
  56. Iron a flag patch on your jeans
  57. Dye the water in your toilet bowl red or blue
  58. Count street signs with the names red, white, or blue in them
  59. Gaze at fifty stars tonight
  60. Take your First Annual Family Photo in front of an American flag
  61. Celebrate capitalism... partake in a Flag Day department store sale
  62. Create your own family flag
  63. Set the table using a white table cloth, red plates, and blue utensils
  64. Paint the flag on an old piece of wood and turn it into a serving tray
  65. Search an antique store for old flag treasures
  66. Tie a flag bandanna around your pet's neck
  67. Plant red, white, and blue flowers in your garden
  68. Use material to sew festive flag napkins
  69. Cook a flag pizza
  70. Put red, white, and blue streaks in your hair
  71. Send a Random Act of Kindness note using white paper, blue ink, and a red envelope (and a flag stamp)
  72. Using red, white, and blue, stars, and stripes... create your own fun pattern
  73. Wear red, white, or blue ribbons in your hair
  74. Rent an Uncle Sam costume
  75. Create a flag using red, white, and blue cups in your local elementary school's fencing
  76. Roses are red, violets are blue, I sure am glad to have a neighbor like you.  Present flowers to an elderly neighbor
  77. Make a red, white, and blue fruit salad
  78. Make a mosaic garden stone of the American flag
  79. Play BINGO and have the winning prize be a flag... something
  80. String red, white, and blue Christmas lights from your front porch
  81. Decorate a sun visor with red, white, and blue
  82. Show up at your local park with red, white, and blue sand toys
  83. Deliver red, white, or blue lollipops to the neighborhood kids
  84. Build anticipation by letting family members pick a treat from either Box #1 (red); Box #2 (white); or Box #3 (blue)
  85. Play a pick up game of Flag Football using red and blue flags
  86. Research one of the first colonies
  87. Cool down with red, white, and blue ice cubes
  88. Search your phone book for a Red Roof Inn, a White Castle, and a Blue Berry Patch.  Visit each.
  89. Drawn attention to your Flag Day Celebration by flying red, white, and blue pennants
  90. Gather the kids for a Flag Day parade through the neighborhood
  91. Sprinkle your food with red, white, and blue sprinkles
  92. Write a fifty-word, thirteen-line poem about Flag Day
  93. Bite into a red, white, and blue packaged Nestle Crunch Bar (minus the packaging)
  94. Set up a red Hawaain Punch or blue Kool-Aid stand.
  95. Create a word search puzzle (websites available) using flag-related words 
  96. Create your own Flag Day ice cream flavor
  97. Wear flag socks
  98. Visit a paint-your-own-pottery place to make a mug or bowl
  99. Distribute flags to a retirement home
  100. Me... I'll be wearing my flag scarf!

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