Tuesday, June 10, 2008

10 Questions, 10 Points = 100%

As noted yesterday, this week is dedicated to celebrating the number 100.  We're celebrating one hundred because I officially hit the 100th highlowaha post, yesterday... the ninth day of the six month of the year two thousand eight.  It seems worth celebrating.

So today is a tribute to days passed.  For those of you who have been die-hard and loyal readers, this will be 90% quiz and 10% scavenger hunt.  For those of you who are newer to the site, and depending on when you joined us, you might spend a little more time scavenging to find the answers.  In either event... have fun.  
Here we go...
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors was a title featured sometime in April.  In the post I show a photograph of my scissor collection.  Make your best estimate of how many scissors are pictured.
  • Loyal reader, Cheryl, posted her first comment on what day?
  • April 29, 2008, I finally reached 5,000 views.  What was the original date by which I wanted to reach 5,000?
  • According to the Beeny Family, the days of the week are as follows...  Munchkin Monday, Cartoon Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Three time Thursday... you finish.
  • At least two blog readers share September 23 as their birthday.  What is their color according to Colorstrology?
  • For which three holidays have Cassie and I baked cookies?  What were the designs?
  • One item featured on Matthew Beeny's Dog Party hat was what?
  • What was the name of highlowaha's guest Blog Master for a Day?
  • Six degrees of separation brought us oh, so close to a woman with what name?
  • Aunt Annie collects what 3 things?
  • *** For a bonus point:  Your favorite highlowaha post to date has been...
When brainstorming all things one hundred in preparation for this week, one of the very first things that came to mind was my ALL TIME FAVORITE book growing up... One Hundred Pounds of Popcorn, by H. Krantz (1961).  A reason I love the book so much is because I have always been a huge fan of popcorn.... hot air, old time popper, Jiffy Pop, microwave, gourmet, kettle... I love it all.

I seriously contemplated sending the winner one hundred pounds of popcorn, but my husband - the former UPS-I-can-tell-you-how-much-it-would-cost-to-ship-guy - quickly talked me out of it.  Besides, if you've read the story you know how much trouble one hundred pounds of popcorn can create.

Instead I opted for a close second.  The winner of today's Highlowaha.com Scavenger Hunt will receive a care package from me containing your very own "Official" hard backed copy of the book, One Hundred Pounds of Popcorn," in addition to all the makings for your very own popcorn party.  Ooohhhh... you won't want to miss out on this POPular treat!

Signing off until tomorrow...

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