Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Whack on the side of the Head Wednesday: Bigger or Better!

Ah, it was only one week ago today that we whacked the Altoid tin (see May 28).  Thanks to von Oech, our thinking was jarred and the group came up with the award-winning idea to use my mother's impressive collection of Altoid tins to create a Curio Coffee Table.  We'll place the table in a local coffee shop where people alike can get and give treats, simply by trying their luck and lifting an Altoid lid.  I will keep you abreast as news about the tables breaks.

If it's ok with you, today I'd love to spend some time whacking highlowaha's latest initiative... Bigger or Better.  The idea is a great solution to assuring that Cheryl gets to accompany me to Taste of USA's winning destination (click on Taste of USA icon at top of page for more information about Taste of USA contest).  Yet, as confident as I am about the idea, I know it can be improved.  Ultimately the goal is to "trade up" my original item (Fish on a Stick) for something bigger or better.  We will not stop until we have a round trip plane ticket to whichever state wins Taste of USA.

I will get busy selecting a card and applying it to this dilemma.  As last week proved, however, my input is only a piece of the puzzle.  True resolution will come only if you, my loyal readers, make time to provide your input.  Thanks in advance.

von Oech's magic Whack Pack card says...

"Solve the Right Problem."  I'm not returning until you fix it." bandleader Count Basie told a club owner whose piano was always out of tune.  A month later Basie got a call that everything was fine.  When he returned, the piano was still out of tune.  "You said you fixed it!" an irate Basie exclaimed.  "I did," came the reply.  "I had it painted."  Are you solving the right problem?  Is there a more significant one you're overlooking?  

The problem, as I am most inclined to describe it, is that...'s reach is not expansive enough to provide the necessary network for successfully trading up to a plane ticket.
Hmmm... Am I solving the right problem (blog's reach) or is there a more significant one I am overlooking?  If addressing the issue of "reach" is not the most significant problem... what could it be?
  • Investment.  Are the majority of highlowaha readers invested enough in Cheryl receiving a ticket that they are willing to participate by either trading or spreading the word?  
  • Simplicity.  Would an interested reader know how to "trade up" if he/she wanted to? 
  • Approach: Is an expansive reach necessary in order to receive a ticket?  Maybe the problem isn't reach, but instead the "trading up" approach. 
Now it's your turn.  Whack the idea by either commenting on what I've written or share you own thoughts.  You know the ultimate goal... Cheryl and me boarding a plane to ____, for a fun-filled afternoon of fun, games, and prizes.  While I'm on the subject.. today we visit Minnesota and Thursday we stop in North Carolina and Arizona.

Signing off until tomorrow...

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