Monday, February 1, 2010


Hey Kate,

FritoRay here. Get that Polaroid of yours ready. You made it to the Superbowl. Just barely, though. That was neck and neck. Gotta love some buttery crust around a kielbasa. Nice touch. Okay, so here's the deal. I'm tempted to change the rules again, but I'm afraid that Michelle friend of yours might lose her mind. So, we'll use the same four criteria Heather, Cheryl, and Claudia laid out at the start of football season.

Your secret ingredient, in case you haven't figured it out yet is Fritos.

Who are you competing against? Why, none other than the King of Krunch, the Colonel of Corn, Master of Muncha a Bunch and the Deacon of Dip. Yours truly, FritoRay. Kate, you better leave all that sweetness behind. This is the real deal. You're going to have to dig deep. The Deacon of Dip is going to dish out defeat and you're first in line at the buffet.

You've got until Friday at midnight to post your recipe, so Struble Suds can get busy in their test kitchen. This is for all the glory......and of course the hand painted Highlowaha super bowl. Good luck Kate, you're going to need it.

What about the rest of you? Other than rooting on Team Ray in the Second Annual Snack Throw Down, what will you be doing Super Bowl Sunday?

FritoRay out.


Cristine said...

Can't wait for the recipes!

Good luck Kate and Frito Ray

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

You go Kate! Don't take that C%@% from a light bulb with an over inflated sense of wattage!

It will be fun to see how the whole thing pans out. Was that a pun? Pan? Cooking?... Get it?

It's Monday morning and we're just warming up for the week.

Robin said...

Fritos are pretty yummy and while Frito Ray is cute, not sure his loud mouth can translate to the kitchen. I'm thinking Kate is going to bust some Frito butt!

Peggy said...

Wow Ray! You look like Sissy's fav.... a walking taco with Frito's... maybe some day I'll share that recipe!!

Katie said...

Wow, Kate....are you going to take that from a lightbulb!? Come on, FritoRay, you're going down!

Go Kate!

I'm looking forward to seeing the recipes...I'm looking for one to take to a Superbowl party this weekend!

Danko Family said...

Robin...I know EXACTLY what a walking taco is...and I know Heather does too. We served them at our high school football games. They are AWESOME and perfect for a football gathering, but I'm thinking something a little more on the sweet side...maybe. Any other suggestions are welcomed!

By the Way FritoRay, I honestly have no idea who "michelle" is. I don't have any followers, friends or family named Michelle. Maybe I have a Foodie Stalker????!!!!?!?!?!

Danko Family said...

Sorry..PEGGY...I know what your walking taco is...not Robin...sorry about that!

Cheryl said...

Hey ladies! Checking in from Marble Falls. Hope you guys are having a great week. I'm learning tons from Bob!

Team Ray or Team Kate?

Tonight we're having a yummy beef soup with corn bread but I'm sure Fritos would be great!!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Hi Cheryl! So glad to hear from you. We'd love periodic updates on how things are going and what masterpieces you are creating.