Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yellow Envelope Project: Georgia

The recipient for this week's Yellow Envelope Project seems particularly fitting considering we just finished celebrating, National Have Fun at Work Day.

Those new to the site might wonder what we mean by the, Yellow Envelope Project. The project was created to recognize everyday people who reject the status quo and opt for excellence. Recipients of our Project shine and, because they shine, their corners of the world are brighter

This week's recipient was nominated by a fellow colleague. The nominator described their office environment as serious and corporate. A strict dress code is in place, rules exist about what items you can and can't have on your desk, and no promotion is granted to an employee until the spouse is interviewed (I suppose so the company can assure there is mutual understanding about the "real order of things").

Today's winner of the Yellow Envelope Project is a ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy environment. Below is brief description of what makes Brace deserved of our recognition.:
"Brace singlehandedly brightens up our entire office. She pushes the envelope by decorating her cubicle for every holiday. She also surprises people in the office by decorating their cubicles for special events such as birthdays, promotions, and people getting engaged and having babies. She is a one woman show. Brace uses her own money to do special things, since our office would never support the activities. A while back I received a handmade birthday card from Brace and when I opened the card, out poured a bunch of confetti. Brace makes work fun. She shines and that's why I think she deserves to be a winner of the Yellow Envelope Project."
Telling Brace she shines is easy.

Simply take five minutes to jot her a short note. Tell Brace you heard about her thoughtful gestures and that you think it is great she spends time brightening her corner of the world. Put your note in a yellow envelope - or a white envelope decorated with all kinds of yellow markers and stickers. Write the words, "Yellow Envelope Project" in the return address and mail it to the address below. You'll feel great about doing it and you will make her day.

Join me, won't you? Even feel free to throw in some confetti.

1 Cedar Run
Apartment F
Dunwoody, GA 30350

Signing off until Monday...

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