Monday, February 8, 2010

Make a Fortune

It is my good fortune to bring you today's Valentine's Day gift idea. Four dollars and about forty minutes. That's what you'll need to create you own.
Using a glass, trace a circle onto poster board. Cut out.
Trace and cut circles from red and pink sheets of foam
Place glitter in one bowl and Craft Foam Glue in another.
Using a craft brush, apply foam glue to half of foam circle on both sides.
Dip both sides in glitter.
Let dry.
While drying, cut stripes of paper and write Valentine messages.
Put slip of paper in center of foam circle, parallel to line of glitter. Using your hot glue gun, glue in two places. First, glue glittered end of circle to non-glittered end. Pinch until dry.
Second, fold foam in half again and use a clothes pin to pinch inside pieces.
Set aside and let dry.
Place in decorative container with a few pieces of holiday candy and present to your special valentine... or day care provider, office colleagues, neighbors, or kids.

Special Note: Struble Suds called last night to say that sometime later today, they would post results from our Second Annual Snack Throw Down. Visit them at their site to see whose recipe reigned supreme.

Signing off until tomorrow. And hey... how about sharing a few ideas for Valentine messages we could include in our fortune cookies.


Cristine said...

Cute idea Claudia. Always good to have another non-candy idea (we can't give any food items in our preschool)

FYI - Struble Suds has a winner in the Super Bowl Snack Throw Down. The post is up. Look at our blog or check out the Struble Suds group on Facebook for the announcement.

Thanks everyone!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Such suspense, Cristine. I'm in the middle of the morning rush, so I'll check and soon as my head is above water again.

Peggy said...

You can always find happiness at work on Friday

Good for one:
Relaxing foot rub

Breakfast in bed

Confucius say:
He who SHINES makes the world a better place

Cheryl said...

Good morning everyone. Those are too cute!

Kisses will warm your Valentine's Day!

You will be deeply loved this Valentine's Day!

Love & excitement will be yours this Valentine's Day.

Resist everything but temptation this Valentine's Day!

Kat said...

I really love the addition of glitter to these fortunes!

-May your Valentine's Day be full of sweet surprises!
-Good for one free kiss
-You will find love this Valentine's Day!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Hello out there! Where is everyone on this yucky, dreary, rainy day in Texas? Did everyone decide to stay in bed in protest of out weather?

I just visited the Struble Suds website where I saw the announcement of this year's winner of the Snack Throw Down. Congratulations ....

Go find out!

Heather said...

Not boycotting by staying in bed...I WISH!

Alas just buried in work from spending four days in Florida for a conference.

I love these fortune cookies and know from experience that they are even cuter in person!!!

Chaotic said...

I love this!!! Sorry i've been absent... cold weather in Tx is screwing up my time!