Thursday, January 28, 2010

You're Fired... Up

Are you like so many Americans, trudging through the work week, counting the minutes until quitting time? You might even like your job, but still you find yourself breathing a sigh of relief on hump day, followed by a happy dance on Friday.

There is an art to keeping work fun. It takes some... well, work. Having fun at work means remembering colleagues birthdays, hosting pot lucks, tuning into the highs and lows of your office mates, laughing over favorite t.v. shows, baking extra cookies for the break room, pulling pranks, declaring theme days, rewarding one another for work well done, and so much more.

Last month we decided to tackle fun in the work place, by partnering with Fancy Flours to celebrate, National Have Fun at Work Day. As is usually the case, readers voted on which cookie cutter I should have to incorporate into the celebration. This month the dragon was the winning cookie cutter.

Work Day Drag-on?
Fire up and...
Now it's your turn to slay the drudgery. How you'll make your work place more fun tomorrow?

P.S. If you're eyeing my dragon cookie because you know the Chinese New Year is coming up and you want your very own, don't despair.

Win your very own dragon cookie cutter. Visit the comment section and recommend other occasions for which it could be used. Add a slogan and earn brownie points. The person Cheryl, Heather, and I agree came up with the best idea and slogan will win his/her very own dragon cookie cutter.

Signing off until tomorrow...


Danko Family said...

Before I was a stay at home mom, I was the office manager at a CPA firm and LOVED my job. Now, my job is at home, and Hump Day and TGIF mean weekend breaks here! I send the boys to Mother's Day Out at my church on Friday mornings so I can run my errands. I think tomorrow, I'll take the morning off and do fun things with a girlfriend. Maybe a trip to the mall, Target and a coffee????

I think the dragon would go great with some kind of fire prevention awareness! Slogan being....

"Fire comes from many different things...even DRAGONS...beware!"

Your dragon cookie looks amazing!!!! I love decorating sugar cookies, but they can be time consuming. My sister bought me a book called "Cookie Craft" for Christmas. It is everything cookie decorating!!! I'm pretty sure Bakerella introduced me to it!

Cristine said...

I don't really have a saying - but here's some ideas that people may not think when seeing a dragon.

Did you know that the dragon is associated with St. George? St. George tamed the dragon in the lake by putting the princess's corset on it has a leash. It caused a large conversion into Christianity.

St. George is the patron saint of the scout movement.

Also, St. George's day is celebrated in England on April 6.

Random info for the day.

Diana Leilani said...

I like the new year theme.

This cookie will dragon* the New Year!

(*read drag in)

Peggy said...

Claudia you 'slay' me.

If you can't take the heat,
don't tickle the dragon!


A friend of mine just posted on his facebook page... Thursday is Thump day....I love that!!

Well tomorrow I can make my work place more fun by vacumming in the nude!!! Beware neighbors the girls will be dragon a bit!!!

Cheryl said...

HA HA! Claudia, you crack me up. You too, Peggy.

Hmmm... I'll have to think today. Margaret is usually the one that comes up with great ideas for this kind of thing. Maybe a cupcake or cookie order in and that can kind of coincide with the end of our Month long Fitness Challenge.

Dragons... Baby, you light my fire! for Valentine's Day?

T said...

The dragon cookie cutter can be used for many things....
Birthday parties
Mardi Gras celebration
Renaissance/Medieval party
Halloween party
Royal themed party
New Year

Valentines' Day: You get me fired up...Let's keep the night "Dragon" on.

Katie said...

Peggy, you are hilarious!

For a friend- "Thanks for lighting my fire, even when I'm dragon."

Great job with the cookies this month, Claudia! They look great.

AMI said...

"When life is dragon, bite it's head off! Have a cookie!"

Love your blog!

lindsaymarie said...

i'm interning at a social services agency where everyone is miserable 90% of the time. the office is drab and it really does draaaag on. i'm in a baking mood today, anyway, maybe i'll make some cookies to share with my coworkers tomorrow and try to brighten up the day a little bit! it will be an especially hectic day because it's the end of the month.

Danko Family said...

Peggy...I laughed SO hard at your "girls dragon" comment. Thanks so much for the laugh!!!

Heather said...

Okay this post took a funny turn with Peggy's dragon theme.

I don't have a good use but I have to share this tidbit that was posted by a friend on facebook...

"Remember when your week drags on that after Tuesday even the calendar says WTF."

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Nice showing on the dragon so far, but I know we have more in us.

Keep your ideas coming.

Dragons are magical and mystical. They breath fire and often have puffs of smoke coming out of their nostrils. When I think of dragons I think of knights and damsels in distress, castles, and moats. I see armor, swords, shields, and the green scales.

What about Puff the Magic Dragon, dragon breath, and isn't there a dragon tales cartoon?

May the best idea win.