Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kate Wins in Overtime

I used to think I worked hard bringing you a blog post each day.

Then I began recapping highlights from Highlowaha's Second Annual Super Bowl Snack Throw Down. Now I know... I am a slacker. It is Lauren and Kate, our favorite foodies who competed this entire football season, that are true All Stars.

These two women cooked seventeen recipes over an eighteen week period AND competed in a week of half-time activities. They exemplified creativity and skill as, each week, Kate and Lauren worked to incorporate the secret ingredient voted on by our Highlowaha readers. We challenged them by selecting things such as asparagus, wine, pineapple, and everything in between.

Little did we know when we put these two women head to head, exactly how well matched they were. Both fierce competitors, both fighting week after week, and both taking their turn as leaders of the pack.

The only thing harder than creating their weekly recipes might have been judging the weekly recipes. Recipes were judged on (1) creative use of the ingredient, (2) most likely to be eaten first, (3) best photograph, and (4) reproducibility. Struble Suds, Beantown Baker and you the readers were our esteemed judges for the first fourteen weeks. The foodie who earned the majority of the votes won the overall vote for the week.

At the end of the regular season the score was: Kate, 11 votes vs. Lauren 7 votes.

9/11/09, Sausage
9/18/09, Mushroom
Winner Lauren: Marsala Potato Skins
9/24/09, Cheese
10/2/09, Potato
Winner Lauren: Sweet Potato Hummus
10/09/09, Sour Cream
10/16/09, Asparagus
Tie: Lauren, Frittata Bites. Kate, Asparagus Wrap Up
10/23/09, Black Beans
10/30/09, Hamburger
11/13/09, Cayenne
11/20/09, Tortillas
11/27/09, Wine
12/4/09, Onion
Winner Lauren: Brie Stuffed Mushrooms
12/11/09, Pineapple
Winner Kate: Upshot Brownies
12/18/09, Turkey

Post Season Play: During post season play, Struble Suds and Bean Town Baker each still cast one vote. But, it was the third vote where we switched things up a little bit. Heather, Cheryl, and I agreed to make each recipe and to appoint a panel of celebrity judges who collectively cast the third vote. During play offs, each competitor earned a point for each vote they received - meaning each competitor could earn upwards of three votes per week.

1/8/10, Worcestershire
Lauren: Sloppy Joeys, 2 votes.
Kate: Drop Kick Chip Dip, 1 vote
1/15/10, BBQ Sauce
Kate: Bowl Game BBQ Nachos, 1 vote

The score going into this week's competition was Kate 13 vs. Lauren 11.

In true Lauren and Kate form, it was a contest to the bitter end. The first two votes rolled in earlier this week. Bean Town Baker voted for Lauren. That makes it Kate, 13 vs. Lauren 12. Struble Suds voted next. Their vote went to Lauren, making the score heading into last night, Kate 13 vs. Lauren 13. A TIE!

Recipes were made, dishes tasted, and votes were cast.

The final score is...
1/22/10, Kielbasa
Kate: Inside Pocket Sausage, 1 vote

Kate, 14 vs. Lauren, 13

And the crowd goes wild! What a season it was down to the bitter end.

A true and heartfelt thank you to all the people who helped make the Second Annual Super Bowl Snack Throw Down work. First and foremost, thank you to Kate and Lauren who have been troopers and good sports throughout the entire competition.

Thank you to Bean Town Baker and Struble Suds who graciously accepted our invitations to be guest judges and who provided thorough critiques each week.

Thank you to Heather who really did most of the organizing and to Katie K. who generated many of our weekly polls.

Cheryl, your picture collage is, of course, first rate.

And to Michelle and all the other fans who turned out every week interested in the outcome, thank you.

But wait...

Don't go yet. Tune in next week to find out what secret ingredient Kate must cook with and who she will be up against in Super Bowl XXXXIV.

Signing off until tomorrow...


Robin said...

Big thanks to Kate and Lauren for being game! Your creativity and passion make you shine.

Lauren said...

Congratulations, Kate! It was awesome competing with you - best of luck in the Superbowl!

Kat said...

Congrats Kate! It was so fun to watch the you and Lauren compete!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

It was really fun looking back over the season and seeing all these women accomplished for the Throw Down.

Not a week went by that Kate, Lauren, and their judges didn't show up and do their thing.

I can't say enough about how impressed I am with their efforts.

Lauren.... hopefully we haven't heard the last of you!!!

Cheryl said...

Congrats Kate!! Everyone- Kate, Lauren, Strubles, Jen- you completely rock!! Recapping it made me realize how much work y'all accomplished. Thanks for sharing the great recipes.

Chaotic said...

foods made me hungry! Way to go!

Peggy said...

This was just awesome!! Thank you Kate and Lauren. I looked forward to the new recipes you brought to us each week. Also, you've made me become more of a 'foodie'.... the art of cooking is fun!!

Katie said...

Congrats to Kate! Also, thanks to Kate and Lauren for all of you hard work and dedication! What a great competition!

Danko Family said...

Thanks everyone for the Congrats!!!

Lauren, you were a fierce competitor who definitely challenged my culinary and artistc booty these last few weeks. Thanks for that!

Thanks HIGHLOWAHA for the opportunity and the challenge! I had a lot of fun and so did my family and sometimes over-enthusiastic supporters.

I'm anxious to see what I have to work with next! We're having a Super Bowl Party here, so maybe the ingredient will inspire party menu.

Jessie Freeman said...

Congrats to Kate - but a job well done by both ladies!!!

Heather said...

Congrats to Kate and Lauren on a fabulous snack season!!!!

You two are too much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

KATE you are so special to all of us. We wish we were closer to help you eat your goodies. We enjoyed the goodies over the holidays just an extension of your culinary abilities. Long way from Mac N Cheese.

Love MOM and DAD

Jean Bowden said...

Congrats to Kate...I have to say...this has been a win-win for the ladies as well as their respective friends. The recipes we now have to pull from to feed our own families are awesome!
On to the superbowl!!!