Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yellow Envelope Project: Atlanta

It's been a week and I'm still thinking about Sanjay Gupta, the CNN Chief Medical Correspondent, whose work in Port au Prince on January 17 exemplified what it means to shine!

I know we pride ourselves on using the Yellow Envelope Project to recognize every day people who do extraordinary things and that you might not think Gupta is an "ordinary" guy. It's true he is regularly on t.v., but t.v. or no t.v., I maintain he is a deserved recipient of this week's Yellow Envelope Project.

Despite other doctors and nurses leaving, due to alleged security issues, Gupta stayed overnight as the lone doctor on duty in a Port au Prince field hospital. Gupta shines because he listened to his conscience instead of giving into fear. I want to know, if the tables were turned, there would be compassionate people like Gupta, willing to pitch in and do their part. Click here to get the full story.

Please join me in sending Sanjay Gupta a short note in a yellow envelope. Tell him what you think about his staying to tend to those 25 patients. Tell him he shines!

Remember to print the words, "Yellow Envelope Project" in the return address. Final note: it would be nice to have a good showing this week, as I am sure his inbox is full and we want our envelopes to get noticed.

P.O. Box 105366
One CNN Center
Atlanta, Georgia 30348

Signing off until tomorrow...


Cheryl said...

Dr. Gupta is one cute doctor that I could seriously have a crush on. :)

I have a couple more yellow cards left and they're at work. Will get mine out on Monday.

Anonymous said...
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Chaotic said...

I will send mine out Weds, sorry so late!!