Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fancy Flours Cookie Cutter Challenge: January


I bet many of you returners thought we forgot about this month's Fancy Flours Cookie Cutter Challenge. Not a chance. We simply bumped the challenge from its regularly scheduled time slot, so we could make room for last week's mini series, Resolutions 101.

We're back, baby.

Challenge Overview. Each month I select an occasion worth celebrating. You, the readers, get in on the fun by scouring the 600 + cookie cutters sold on Fancy Flours' website. The goal? Select the cookie cutter you think I will have the most difficulty incorporating into my celebration. You might think airplane for National Ice Cream Month, A porcupine for Earth Day, a mermaid for my husband's birthday, or a rooster for Festivus. All are good examples of the lengths to which our readers have gone in challenging me to think outside the box.

My challenge. Incorporate the winning cookie cutter into my celebration for the month by baking them, decorating them, and then packaging them with either a winning slogan or presentation.

Let the fun commence.

This month we will be celebrating National Fun at Work Day, scheduled for Friday, January 29. Have your own fun at work today by clicking here and voting on the cookie cutter you think I should have to use this month. Remember, keep it fun. Make it hard.

Once you've decided, jump into the comment section and cast your vote. The cookie cutter receiving the most votes wins.

And while you are at it... how about sharing other ideas you might have for making Friday, January 29 fun at work (especially if work is at home!). If we're lucky, maybe Heather will jump in a describe her recent Office Olympics (for which her team received the silver medal!).

On your marks, get set, vote!

Signing off until tomorrow...


Heather said...

Oh our team actual won the GOLD medal...or rather a rather hilarious trophy with our Vice President's Photo attached at the top.

What were the competitions?
-stringing the longest paperclip chain
-throwing old CDs into a recycling bin from 5, 10 and 15 feet away
-knocking a stack of tissue boxes off a table using a rubber band ball
-doing a spoon relay with coffee beans
-throwing a paper ball into the trash while blindfolded.

Our team took 2 1st place victories, 2 2nd places and one third making us the overall winner!

It was fun!

Cristine said...

William would like us to vote for the T-rex cookie.
As for fun at work day - how about give mom a spa day!
Maybe we'll just go to the movies or have McDonald's that's a big treat.

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Thanks for the recap, Heather. How could I forget you got the gold. With you on the team - the world's most fierce competitor, there should have been no confusion.

Cristine... I like your thinking.

Peggy said...

Oh, I really love the Chili Pepper... a challenge in my husbands work place is Chili cook-offs... lately on food shows I've seen a lot of chocolate or cocoa going into hot and spicy food, and chipotle going into sweet treats!

"We're hot stuff" could be a motto.... then I thing of HEART(burn) and then I think of Valentine's day coming up.

Peggy said...

think, not thing.... sorry about typos, and grammar errors.... when I post to a blog it just flows right out of my head without thinking prophetically! :o)

Kat said...

I vote for the moon!

Cheryl said...

My workplace just has fitness challenges. This years challenge is just participation based. Go and do the workout that she plans. There are only 2 women competing and I missed one day last week due to the internet tech coming to my house so I'm in second place. Or last place since there is only two of us.

I'll review cookie cutters and come back to vote for that.

Heather- those events sound like a lot of fun!!

Cheryl said...


Okay- I vote for the wrapped candy.

Amber said...

I vote for the DRAGON! Depending on where you work, it could dpeict your boss! LOL

I have been missing highlowaha...glad to be back!

Jessie Freeman said...

My vote is for the ice skate!

I'm lucky because I work from home, so I can have more fun than others! I would love to have some sort of office olympics, I should sent that to my boss, it seems there is no fun in work anymore...

Heather @ highlowaha.com said...

My vote is for the cookie cutter stork. Try tying that to the workplace without ticking HR off!

Katie said...

My vote for this month goes to the prom dress!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Looking good and plenty challenging so far. Cheryl is usually the one who keeps tally, so I will let her provide us a recap part way through the day.

As of right now, it seems we have no repeats. That means I will be pulling the winning cookie cutter out from a hat.

Cheryl said...

Okay Cookie Cutter Fans, here are the current nominations:

Chili Pepper
Wrapped Candy
Ice Skate
Prom Dress

Unless someone swoops in and votes for one of the above Claudia will pull from a hat.

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Holly and Diana... I talked to you both on the phone this afternoon. Where are you? Place your votes!

Karlie said...

I like the dragon!

Cheryl said...

And the Dragon just pulled into the lead with 2 votes!!!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Yikes! Someone throw me a bone and vote for another cookie cutter. Hurry. Before 9:00 p.m. CST.

Diana Leilani said...

I didn't realize we couldn't vote after 9:00pm! My bad!

If it counts late I vote for the hot air balloon!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Phew, thanks for checking in Diana. As much as I would have LOVED your hot air balloon, it seems the dragon is the only one to have received more than one vote. The dragon it is.

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