Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Things are heating up as many Highlowaha readers are getting into thick of discovering how to make their resolutions and dreams come true in 2010.

It's not too late to join in, but you have a little catching up to do. Read below.

Review for Those Just Dropping In
Inspired by M.J. Ryan's book titled, This Year I Will, our community has already engaged in two activities - with the promise of many more as 2010 progresses. On Monday we considered "soul resolutions," and named our years. I named my year the Year of the Book. Others followed suit with the Years of Decorating, Art, Family, Balance, Cards, Organization, Routine, Yoga, and many more.

Yesterday we worked to outsmart our Limbic Systems. Sounds serious, I know. While the Neocortex (our third brain) is busy generating all kinds of creative ideas about changes we'd like to make in our lives, the Limbic System (our second brain) automatically puts the kibosh on anything that might cause you pain or fear. The temporary discomfort involved in creating a new habit is just enough put your second brain in a tizzy.

The only solution, as advised by Ryan, is to outsmart your Limbic system. We do this by selling it on all the easy, fun, new, and different benefits of meeting our resolutions. I, for instance, decided writing a book would allow me to meet new people while sitting in Starbucks four hours each day, provide me a flexible schedule, improve my writing skills, give me cause to do something I already enjoy, leave behind a legacy, and meet Oprah.

Onward and upward. Day 3.

Cheryl, Robin, Lindsay, Mandi, Holly, Heather, and all you other folks who anted up with a resolution... today we must work on your confidence. Sounds hokey, I know, but the truth is you must believe it to achieve it. Tony Robbins, look out!

Confidence, according to Ryan, keeps our emotional brain out of fight or flight fear AND serves as a reminder to our thinking brain (Neocortex) that we can achieve our goals. Yes, confidence is key.

Let's use me as an example. I want to write a book in 2010. It is essential I have confidence in order to complete the process, yet writing a book is something I know nothing about.

Void of genuine confidence, my Limbic System will kick in and fill my head with all sorts of reasons why I can't pursue my goal. I'm busy with three kids. I'm not an expert. Hours invested over the next year will be time wasted if nothing comes of it. There's probably already a book on the topic I am interested in. I'm not that good at punctuation, anyway. It'll never be a best seller. I have no idea what I'll even do with the book once it's written. What do I even know about publishing? Oh, and the list could go on.

Solution. Develop a Competence Inventory.

Think back to 4-6 accomplishments you've had in your life time. Write down the skills and strengths you employed in order to achieve each. Once completed, analyze your list to determine which skills and strengths you used repeatedly.

Your confidence will grow when you realize those very same skills and strengths - when employed - will allow you to successfully achieve your goal for 2010.

I'll get us rolling.

Accomplishments include completing my Ph.D., posting a blog every day for almost two years, sailing on Semester at Sea, establishing a Women in Research group while living in Kentucky, finally got drapes in my dining room; and bouncing back after a tougher than expected transition to Texas.

I went through each accomplishment and listed which skills and strengths I employed repeatedly. In the end, I determined the skills and strengths that will serve me best in successfully writing my book are: my ability to focus, my discipline in setting and sticking to a schedule, and my willingness to take initiative.

How about you?

What accomplishments have you had in your lifetime? How can you use the same skills and strengths responsible for past achievements to help you reach your goal for 2010?

Hop on Board.

Join the journey.


Heather @ said...


Coaching guards to championships
Graduating college and grad school
Moving halfway across the country and re-establishing ourselves
Successfully getting Lily to 2 1/2


Competitiveness (mainly with myself)
Love for my family
Ability to overcome adversity
Is there a skill called, "just make it happen"...if so that's the one I've used the most.

Kat said...

Finishing college
Finding my place in a new community
Successfully transitioning to a stay-at-home mom

Asking advice from others
Ability to learn from mistakes
Remembering my goal

Peggy said...


Moving half half way across the country from Wisconsin to Tennessee with a 2 year old and a 3 week old and adjusting to life, raising a young family with no extended family or familiarity.

One year being PTA Pres of my kids elementary school where we had a budget of $38, newpaper editor and layout designer, 5th grade camp coordiantor, room mother, artist in residence coordinator, school spirit wear coor.` working part time and being in a Community Outreach Program the Musical (Honk)that had 18 performances, the best one being my daughters 3rd grade class!

Creating, marketing and selling over 3,000 unique creative greetings in my Faux card company.

Good ole mid west values

The Fipps family said...

It's so tough to focus on the accomplishments and skills, instead of the things I still want to do, haven't done, and am NOT good at!

And BTW- you guys are awesome! Thanks for the warm welcome!

10 year anniversary of my mural and faux finishing company- which moved from Florida to upstate NY, transitioning quite well!

buying a country home, and mostly being able to keep up with it!

buying my first NEW car

starting my Etsy company, even with my husband at the time laughing at my silly blocks- over 500 sales now!

working more than full time, while still making time for my 3 kids and their activities with school and sports.

artistic, creative, "Mommy" skills, construction/renovating, honest, dependable

Katie @ Highlowaha said...


Studying abroad for 4 months
Graduating from college
Moving away from home


Commitment to loved ones
Sense of adventure

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Looking good so far, people. This has been fun to read. And, you are right Mandi (or is it "y")? It is much easier to focus our deficits than it is to own what we are good at.

But, as you know... it is our strengths and past successes that will serve us best in accomplishing or goal(s) for 2010.

Cheryl said...

solos on the French Horn
surviving a near fatal accident
graduating college
getting married
moving to Utah, surviving the snow for 9 years and making a life there
getting divorced
Relocating back to Texas with 2 small children
Working out, changed my diet, lost13 pounds
Walking 60 miles in 3 Days

Can do, positive attitude (most days)
mechanical abilities
Ability to create routine

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

lindsaymarie said...

-spending a week on a bus, traveling with strangers-turned-family, advocating for a cause we believe in
-graduating with honors from college
-moving to new york city

-taking risks for something i feel strongly about
-performing well under pressure
-focusing on the big-picture importance of my actions

BeeKayRoot said...

Peggy, I was editor of my high school newspaper as well (for three years, in fact).

I've been laying low this week. I'm in the midst of a holiday break hangover here during my first week back at work. Ugh.

Chaotic said...

What accomplishments have you had in your lifetime?
raised terrific son as single parent
worked 2-3 jobs to do ^^^ while putting self thru school
get women involved in diff circles

skill set/strengths responsible for past achievements?
determination, cooperation

how to use those for goal for 2010?
lemme sleep on that, it is late