Friday, January 15, 2010

Come Spin the Wheel of Love

Have you started thinking about your sweetheart? It's time to do a little bit of planning. You have one month from yesterday to think of how to tell your loved ones how you love them. I am not a card maker and there are way more qualified than me to be telling you how to make this card.

Hi Peggy.

But here's the idea. I saw the photographed Menu Wheel on Design*Sponge. And, honestly I didn't think much of it. It was designed for a wedding reception as the menu. Cute but I didn't think I had to make it. Then I saw this design on You Are My Fave where Melanie had taken the above design and transformed it into an invitation to a baby shower. This is where I fell in love. And when I thought I fell in love I thought of Valentine's Day and I've been waiting to share it with you.

Melanie thought her invitations were too homemade looking but I think they are adorable. Now, she said to email her if you were thinking of making them for tips but I didn't do that. And, I didn't follow the instructions at Design*Sponge either.
I just gathered my materials and went for it. So gather some supplies. I had Valentine's Day paper, poster board, little cardboard hearts, scissors, some heart, heart brads, glue, a compass or something to draw circles.

I drew a circle using the compass. My pink paper was thin so I glued it to poster board for more support.

For the second sheet of paper I just eyeballed how big I wanted it to be in reference to my first circle. I wanted to leave about a quarter of an inch on the edge of the large circle so I could write the beginnings of a message there. I used the cardboard heart below as my arrow.

I tried using two hearts as the shape for my window but I didn't like the way it looked so I just cut a regular window. Then cut one last smaller circle and a heart. Centering the hearts proved to be a bit of a challenge but I'm not one of those perfectionist people so I just assembled it as close as I could get it. The cardboard heart on the side points to the beginning of the message.

The second part of the message will show through the window you cut. Now both Design*Sponge and Melanie printed out their messages and glued them to the wheel. But, I like the homemade charm of it and just wrote the messages in marker.

So on the edge below I wrote, "You make me happy when..."

The second part of the message is revealed in the window...

Assembling the front part of the wheel to back part with the brad was also a little difficult and mine spins a little caddywampus but that's okay. It made me laugh.

So, what will you be telling your sweetie this Valentine's Day?
And, you've seen three versions of the wheel card... a menu, an invitation and a Valentine's Day card... what other great ideas can you share with us?

Signing off until tomorrow...


Danko Family said...

Super cute wheel!

So, who won the Snack Throw Down last week, and are we going to vote on the ingredient for this coming week?

Heather @ said...

Good morning Kate and everyone else!

Cute idea Cheryl!

Kate you beat me to the blog this morning to post the ingredients...this week is either salami or kielbasa!!!!

The results of the throwdown?

Kate took the Struble's vote so +1

Lauren took Beantown Baker's vote and the taste test of the recipes so +2

I need to verify what this brings our score to before we can update the tallies...sorry for the delay but we don't want to put it up and it be wrong.

Anonymous said...

As an avid follower of the Snack Throwdown, I am wondering whether there are blog posts to read for Struble's vote and the taste test of the recipes? I think it's fascinating to read what others have to say about our contestants

Cheryl said...

Good morning, HLA!


Ray has announced the score. He's a late riser. Good job Kate and Lauren! You're in the home stretch!!

Katie said...

Cheryl, that's a really cute idea!

Congrats to Kate and Lauren on last weeks points!

I haven't really thought much about how I will do Valentine's Day this year. One of my RAs is doing an interactive bulletin board with her residents where she will provide different valentines and then the residents will write on them and post them on her board in the hallway.

Peggy said...

Hi Cheryl- I love it....

I love when someone gets a passion about something ... especially when it's creative. And although I am creative naturally.... help from other blogs, websites, books and people is the only way I go! I can copy very well... I say! (but don't tell my kids I love to copy!!)

I'll have to check out those sites, never heard of them... but just like anything... there are so many resources out there.... it's just a matter of finding them. And it helps when someone enables you.

If you'd like to see cute and fluffy and sweet Valentine's day cards... check out my blog and click the Valentine's Day label

Happy Friday y'all!!!

Heather said...

Glad you love the Snack Throwdown.

Based upon the request by our participants the Strubles posted their voting this week at

The taste test we are coordinating between the three of us...two of us cook the recipes and then we allow others to taste them and the consensus gets the taste test vote.
We only conducted our taste tests yesterday so no there isn't a blog post with our critique.

lindsaymarie said...

i am a fan of the corny kid's valentines cards with characters on them and phrases like "you're a rockin' friend!" i usually hand them out to friends but now that we're out of college, friends are kind of all over the place, so i don't know if i'll do anything on valentine's day. maybe treat myself to half-price candy the day after!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

T.G.I.F. everyone.

Cheryl, I love your idea for Valentine's Day and am also wondering what it might look like made in all yellow, with a prompt that says, "You Shine Because..."

Maybe I will try it in time for a little Box of Shine party I am hosting next weekend. More about that in the next couple of weeks.

Anonymous... thanks for the interest in our Super Bowl Snack Throw Down. I was tasked with recreating Lauren's recipe for sliders. We had them for dinner and my family gobbled them up pretty pretty fast.

Lauren listed tomato sauce as optional. We used it and I think it added to the flavor and texture.

Clearly they were a hit with our judges too!

Heather said...

I made Kate's dip recipe for last week for the taste tests and it was easy as can be to make--it was super simple! The judges liked it but just not as much as Lauren's sloppy joes.