Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Psst... It's That Time

It's that time again.

If you are new to our community then today you get inculcated into a favorite Highlowaha ritual. It is the cornerstone to our existence, because this tradition bears the very name of our blog. On the eighteenth day of each month we stop our normal blog shenanigans and spend the day reflecting on our high, low, and aha from the past month. As an added bonus, we draw the name of one lucky contributor and present the winner with the Ray shirt of his/her choice.

Important Note of Closure Before Going A Step Further: Kat, Cassie, and Peggy... your shirts were mailed yesterday morning! I couldn't bear heading into a new month without first squaring up on outstanding shirt orders.

Also, last month Cheryl generously presented us with Rayflection - an image as familiar to us as the activity itself. When you see Ray's cue, you'll know what to do!

I'll get us started for the month.
Cheryl's boys, flanked by my boys
Matthew, Drew, J.B., and Jack

High: We reached our goal of selling 21 Ikeasaurus shirts by August 18, so that we could help raise money for Ike's medical bills. Learn more here. Thanks to all you community members who did without another want or need so you could help us reach our goal. Other highs include celebrating my mother's birthday today; taking Matthew to the circus for the first time ever; seeing the movie The Julie/Julia Project; and welcoming quite a few new readers into our community.

Low: This has been the month of weird illnesses for me. I got a CAT scan this month (no worries, false alarm), followed by repeated insect bites on my eye. It swelled so much I had to take antibiotics. An allergic reaction to the antibiotic led to intense chest pains, and on Saturday it was all topped off with an ear ache. Flu season has never looked so good.

Aha: I have learned lots more about those readers participating in Strengthsquest Saturday - an experience I am loving. Also... learning more about this administration's health plan; always learning about issues related to student retention; and on Saturday Matthew gave me a fun little history lesson about the Patriots versus the Red Coats.

Now it's your turn. Take a second and share what's been going on in your corner of the world.

Signing off until tomorrow...


cassie p said...

HIGH: House hunting; and having an offer accepted on a house yesterday! Also my birthday this past Sunday.

LOW: House hunting- its very stressful. All those numbers and thinking about money makes my head hurt!

AHA: I am going to own a house all by myself. And soon I am not going to have many of the luxeries that I am used to! My house is going to be so bare for a while. And I hope Im not scared of living alone; after Ive lived with my large family.

Katie K said...

High- Beginning another year in the life of Katie K. It is exciting to start another year as I'm not sure what is ahead on the road and that's an exciting feeling. Also, my brother's wedding was as perfect as perfect gets and was a very happy night for everyone in my family.

Low- Having to leave what felt like a very balanced and happy life in Texas. It was sad having to leave when it felt so right, plus I miss my friends.

Aha- I have grown up a lot over the past year. Family commented on it at the wedding, friends have commented on it now that I'm back in Virginia, and I'm beginning to see it in my day to day life. I feel much more self confident than I did a year ago, and I know I have a great life ahead of me.

Heather said...

Good morning HLA! Crazy that another month has scooted past!

High: I'm really enjoying walking with my family. We are getting some valuable quality time of just walking and talking. Our favorite babysitter got into the college she wanted and got a scholarship to cheer!

Low: Walking can be painful. Seriously, 8 miles in Texas heat is TOUGH!!! Our favorite babysitter is going away to college which means we'll have to find another sitter!

AHA: Ice water tastes best when it is frozen directly in the bottle rather than putting water over ice...really just try!

Congratulations Cassie on the house! It is so crazy to me that you are old enough to be owning a house and Samantha is old enough to be married!!! Where does time go?

Chaotic said...

This month's HIGH:: finally bought a chest freezer... need one because I cannot eat most canned goods, boxed meals, etc so we buy fresh & freeze a lot of stuff.

This month's LOW:: realizing that I forgot to pay the 1st installment of my tuition (bc I bought a freezer, maybe? LOL) and will have to pay it in full 9-1-9.

This month's AHA:: Things are hard here, with no rain for almost 3 years. But the hard work is worth it and it goes easier when shared with partner, neighbors, etc. I've gotten to more about my neighbors while we chat over water hoses!

Cassie...CONGRATS! I was over 40 when I bought my 1st home and I LOVE it. Yes, I do without stuff, and took me some time (and friends, FreeCycle, etc) to get it filled with furniture, etc. But it is HOME, a place where my friends knwo they are welcome, where my son is glad to be, where I can come & relax and ENJOY life.

Cheryl said...

High: Floating with my friends on the river, my birthday, Summer, the circus and it's yummy cotton candy, a snow cone machine that makes alcoholic drinks as well as fun snowcones, sitting on patios at lunch time, working out at lunch time, watching Drew build with Legos, I have such good kids and so many more.

Low: JB was diagnosed with Henoch Schonlein Purpurla and had his first trip to the ER. He's fine but unknown diseases are scary. One of my cousins had a bad car accident breaking several bones. He should fully recover but scary all the same.

AHA: I love just hanging out at my house and it doesn't matter that I can't furnish it like a showroom yet. I still love it. Knowledge is power and in doing some research I feel like I'm not going to be taken advantage of when I buy my car.

Kat said...

High- We have had lots of family come down and visit us over the last month!One of my best buddies had a new baby and I got my room completely cleaned out.

Low- I have been very short on patience recently.

Aha- Life is all about balance. I am the happiest when I work a little and play a little.

maureen said...

High.... going on vacation with my kids

Low..... the economy

Aha.... finding out that my daughter Krysten doesnt hate reading she just has to read about vampires LOL

congrats Cassie and have a good day HLA

Jessie Freeman said...

High: Getting to see Jon back in action as a student. It's great getting to see him finish his degree and complete a goal. It's also nice to have him home a little more!

Low: Taking on a new assignment at work has left me very busy. I have had to travel 3 times in the last month and that is difficult for both Jon and I. Also, we have tried to adopt 3 dogs but another family adopted the dogs right as we were approved for the pet adpotion. At least they were rescued!

Aha: Pruning back my roses and working outside in the garden or landscaping has a similar effect as going to the gym(mentally...). So rather than run to the gym twice a day, I can play with my flowers and still feel relaxed.

Congrats on the house! it's definitely a buyers market! Being a homeowner is awesome and I am sure you will love it!

Robin said...

High: I am sitting in my grad school orientation as I write this!!! My kids are all back in school.

Low: hating the struggling feeling of deadlines.

Aha: vacations aren't really vacations foroms.

Claudia said...

Good morning, everyone. I already shared my high, low, and aha, but I wanted to duck in and tell everyone how much I enjoy reading each of yours.

It really does help me feel connected to people I have not yet had the chance to meet.

Keep them coming.

Lori Couch said...

Hi all Lindsay says I'm a lurker so today I decided to post so....
HIGH: Every year I go work as a nurse at a camp for kids with diabetes, this year I worked with the 14-16 year olds, not going to lie was a little nervous about the hormones...well it was the most amazing time, we had so much fun. Can't wait till next year.

LOW: Not being able to leave camp in time to make my daughter's boyfriends graduation from nursing school.

AHA: That I am able to bond with teenagers so well...a little scary for a 40 something woman!!!

Peggy said...

Congrats Cassie! Claudia.... hope you are feeling better! Although we have insight into your world every day... we don't always have insight in to YOU!

High: both kids are signed up and registered for high school! Wow! I have two kids in high school!

Low: ending my temp job, having two kids going to high school, a small riff between me and my parents... where their words can still really hurt (I hope I don't continue that pattern)

Aha: trying new dinner recipes and having my kids help me in the kitchen... car time being able to talk to my kids about good choices, opportunities and life in general.... they can't wait until we arrive at our destination!

Claudia said...

Lori... Thanks for coming out of lurker status to share your high, low, and aha for the month.

I find taht this ritual serves as a really nice way to get to know one another better.

Cassie, you will have to tell us when you have a new mailing address. Maybe we can get some highlowaha members to christen your mailbox.

Let's see... who else would it be fun to hear from today... the two Laurens; Kate; Susan, maybe; Brian; Kelly Montana; Lori R; Garden Gal; and so many more.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Danko Family said...

Hey there everyone. I'm here, just traveled to KY to spend some time with my family and have been super busy.

HIGH: Heather getting me involved in this blog. I love everything about it, the contests, the positive spirit, the "wireless friendships" with people all over the US, and having a creative outlet. I left the workforce when I had the twins, and miss having adult time and interaction with others. Thanks to everyone who has been so welcoming to me!

LOW: Taking this big trip to KY and IL without my hubby. We love coming to see my family and my grandparents. He's in a demanding residency right now and couldn't get the time off :(

AHA: My kids respond me to like angels when I act like one myself and when I treat them like one!!! Even though I'm totally outnumbered by two 2 1/2 year olds!!!!

I loved reading everyone else's posts. Thanks for sharing!!!!

cassie p said...

well, as long as everything works out, i already know the address...BUT ill wait to share it until it closes!

BTW i think a good FFAF topic would be cheap but nice ways to decorate a new house! or other tips on saving money when moving into a new house! :-D

b.k.root said...

HIGH - I landed a new job at the University of Virginia's College at Wise. My move will occur in less than two weeks (yikes!). Super excited and nervous all at the same time.

LOW - Packing. I really hate packing and everything associated with moving.

AHA - My family is becoming super important to me. I've grown closer to family the older I've become. My sister is about to have a baby and it only deepens my family ties. I'm so excited; and happy to have a small, but close, family.