Monday, August 24, 2009


Yo, Rayola here,

It's back to school in Texas.  Yeah, some of you have been in school for weeks now but it's hot here.  I'm the only one of left from Matthew's box of 64.  Of course Jack got a hold of some of us but most of the others just melted.  It was 100 degrees yesterday.  If I hadn't been thrown across the play room, I would have ended up in a puddle in a Honda cup holder.  Oh, the horror.  The life of a crayon is not nearly as glamorous as many people think.  Do you know how many kids eat crayons?  Between the peeling, snapping, sharpening and melting, it's a wonder any of us make it through a school year.  Don't get me started on that whole Black Magic thing either.  Simply frightening.  Kids are animals.

Come to think of it, I can't think of a school supply that has it easy.  Pencils.  Pencils get sharpened, used as all manner of probe and pick, and even have their erasers torn off.  I haven't seen a pencil yet that hasn't been in someone's ear.  Think about it.  

Paste.  What about paste?  Sure it smells good.  Kids love to eat paste too.  They eat it, throw it, smear it, flick it, scrape it and smush it.  My mother had a friend that was a bottle of Liquid Paper.  One day he was the picture of health.  Then Timmy Taylor put him in the microwave.  He was never the same.  True story.  Rubber bands, chalk, eraser heads, scissors, staplers, it's an endless list of victims.  Not even paper is safe.  Need I even mention spit balls?

So, as the new year begins again, I'd like for you to take a fresh look at my friends and me.  Surely, you have seen us being mistreated.  What's the worst thing that you've witnessed?  Tell us about it.

Gotta hide.  Here comes Jack.


Robin said...

I hate it when my RAYolas wind up in the dryer...

Though my kids prefer Sharpies.

Claudia said...

I love me some Sharpies, Robin

When I was a kid we had small device we would use to melt broken crayons. It heated them up in what was the equivalent of a hot plate with rows of small dishes. Once melted, we would use Q-tip-type swabs to create wax art. Picture lots of wax dots - kind of Monet looking art.

Sorry Rayola!

Off to get Matthew ready for his first day.

Peggy said...

Yippee!! My two highschoolers were off today to catch the bus at 6:42 am!!

Well the horror I have about cRAYolas is that there was no need to buy any this year for the first time in about 14 years! Seems they don't use crayons in highschool!!!

But I have a few tins full of gently used ones. I remember melting them down between wax paper with an iron.Or my mom shaved off pieces and we melted them in a cupcake tin, placed them in the oven where I had a single multi crayon disk. I found more ideas here:

Happy Day to y'all!

Cheryl said...

Every year a new box. At the end of the year all the ugly used ones come home and sit in an unused, discarded box. I keep saying we're going to use them in the wax paper project but we haven't yet. JB would love it but Drew, eh- he could care less.

My mom! She is a nut about crayons! She has a big plastic storage bucket full of unopened crayons sitting at the top of a closet well out of reach of little grandchildrens hands. Some of them are in commemorrate tins. It's crazy. I have a picture somewhere. Maybe I'll post it tonight over on our family blog. :)

Cheryl said...


Please go over to for event details and a list of what to bring!

Only 17 Days Away!!

cristine said...

Well we go through a lot of crayons, markers, etc. Here's a little tip for anyone who has to make party favors, halloween treats or other kids giveaways that can't be food. My boys preschool doesn't allow food to be given at any event (allegery concerns) so every halloween I give away crayons to each classmate. That can be expensive - except - when you buy at back to school prices. This year walmart offered the 24 pack of crayola crayons for $.15 a pack. that's a great deal - I bought about 100. So if you know my kids, you'll be getting some crayons at Mattoberfest goodie bags and Halloween.
No back to school for us yet - preschool isn't going to start until Sept 10. Yikes I need to think of things to do up until then.

Katie K said...

In grade school, the boys used to take the girls crayons and break the tips off. It used to make me so mad...ruining a great pack of crayons. Those darn boys!

Happy first day of school, everyone!

Today is my last first day of school...bittersweet, but exciting at the same time!!!

Claudia said...

Wow, Cristine. 24 packs of crayons?!?!? You are one cool mom! Who wouldn't think they hit the jackpot with a brand new box of 24 Crayola Crayons.

Thanks for Walmart head ups.

Heather said...

Cristine that is a great idea!!!

Thanks for the thought!

As far as crayon horror stories...Lily came to me with the tip of a blue crayon in her mouth the other day. Not sure why they are so daggone attractive.

Kate Danko said...

I remember leaving a plastic basket of cRAYolas on the back dash of my dad's VW Rabbit while we went on a long day trip somewhere. They melted out of the basket and all over the upholstry of the car. Dad wasn't too happy considering it was a company car! OOPS!

The boys have come to me asking for floss...when I ask WHY since they weren't eating food...they opened their mouth to show some cRAYons stuck in their bottom teeth. I think it's the curiosity of the unknown!

Sorry I haven't been around! I've been traveling all over the midwest for a wedding and to visit family, and haven't had internet access until today.

Cheryl said...

Welcome back Kate. If you missed last Friday's video you may want to go back and watch. You were a big winner. I need to know what size TShirt you would like. Generally we order men's tshirts because the women's run super small. Let us know. Thanks and Congratulations.

Misty said...

Well the first day of Kindergarten was a success!! Yea Azlynn! I think we should approach cRAYola with a new color name:

"SHINE" for a nice shade of yellow :)

Doesn't coloring with crayons just make you feel good?

Claudia said...

Good thinking, Misty. If we were to propose a new color what would it be?

Jessie said...

I always keep cRAYons in my game and fun box for my niece and nephew. Although after a tough day, there is nothing like coloring, it just makes you feel so much better!
My niece and nephew always seem to be munching on cRAYons too. I cringe when I see them do that...