Monday, August 31, 2009

Knee High by Fourth of July

We gave it the ol' college try!

Today we reveal our response to your Fancy Flour Challenge of the Month. The source of this month's celebration was college orientations around the country - with a special focus on Bucknell University. Bucknell has a long standing history of shining when it comes to orientation. They pull out the stops by creating publications, t-shirts, props, events, gifts, and giveaways - all revolving around their thoughtfully crafted annual theme.

This year's theme? O-Museum.

While Bucknell's orientation staff members were busy bringing their theme to life by building dinosaurs, airplanes, artifacts, and pieces of art, we - the Highlowaha staff - were busy building our own exhibit.

We title this exhibit, If These Walls Had Ears.

On the North Wall...
John Deere, "Corn" and Author Unknown, "Nude"

On the South Wall...
Corntisse, "Gold Fish," Corndrian, "Composition No. 18," and
Joan Corno, "L'oro Dell'azzurro"

East Wall...
Vincent Van Corn, "Self Portrait" Andy Cornhall "Pop Corn"
Corntisse, "Gold Fish (again)"

and West Wall..
Cornasso "Weeping Woman" Cornasso "Evening Flowers"

And if none of those suit your fancy, how about this still life?
Give us an "A" for effort or an "F" for being "corny," either way... your turn! Win your own Ear of Corn (just in the nick of time to be the hit of all your fall festivities). Tell us another occasion for which you could use the corn cookie cutter, accompanied by your best attempt at a slogan.

Go ahead, get to the head of the class.

Signing off until tomorrow...


Cristine said...

Here's ours
You've been Cornholed! Congrats on winning the annual Mattoberfest Cornhole tournament.
Yes - this is an actual event.

Kat said...

An invitation to a Children of the Corn themed Halloween party-
You are invited to an "Ear-ie" celebration!

Cheryl said...

Ooh! Two really good ones to start us off. The corn was really easy to decorate and look at them in that yellow wheelbarrow! Too cute. I've got art on the brain bantering with Claudia so I'll have to think about it and see if I can come up with something else.

Cheryl said...

And, Taste of USA in 12 Days!!!

We had a meeting over the weekend and it's going to be fun!!

Katie K said...

Women- those cookies look fantastic!! I love them.

Great phrases so far. For a friend who is having a hard time...." I'm all ears".

Happy Monday, HLA!

If you are coming to Taste of USA- don't forget to check out! It will tell you what you need to bring and what we need from you!!!

Peggy said...

You guys are way to clever... just simply aMAZEing... sorry I can't be original.... love the corn hole idea...

Honk if you're CORNy
Shuck you!

go here for some real cute bumper stickers

Have an eco friendly party- ethenol.

Cheryl said...

What about:

Your the Cream of the Crop! Congratulations... for whatever.

Jessie said...

It could also be used for someone who is sick or recovering:
"I EAR you're not feeling well! Get well soon!"
It's a little CORN-Y but I like it :)

Jessie said...

PS - those cookies look delicious!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You out did yourself this time! Truly aMAIZEing!

I would make a home made birthday card with this printed on the front...

On the inside it would read, "You still look fresh off the stalk! Happy Birthday!"

Sporadic Spy

Anonymous said...

Hmm, my link didnt show up...this is the front of the card.

Sporadic Spy

Chaotic said...

wow, those are all great... I like them all... how do you people pick winners, really? Just use a dart board... this is HARD WORK!!

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