Friday, August 14, 2009

Free For All Friday: And the Winners Are...

It's Friday, it's sunny, and it's still summer. Life is good.

We've had a fun week on Highlowaha and hope to see all of you back with us next week. We'll be switching gears a bit and relaxing after a rigorous week of competition.

On today's video...

StrengthsQuest Saturday
Altoid Table Winner
Target Challenge Voting
Fancy Flour Cookie Cutter Wrap-up
Get you Ikeasaurus Shirt
Free For All Friday Topic of the Week...

With no further ado...

Free For All Friday..."And winner takes all" from Ray Wattson on Vimeo.

Signing off until tomorrow...


Danko Family said...

Holy Cow Ladies...I can't believe I won! Thanks so much!!!!! This totally made my Friday.

I don't really have a lot to say about cars, but my hubby bought us a Yukon last year and we love it. It has tons of room for the twins and all of their belongings. We travel a lot since we are military and don't live close to our families. It's gold, which hides dirt!!!!

Shout out to my fellow North Carolina Triathalon Winners!!!!!

I like the fish bowl measuring cup, but the way!

Jessie said...

Congrats Kate on your win! The Carolina region sure did rock this week! Woo hoo!
I like measuring cup number 2 with the recipe to SHINE on it. What a tough job to figure out what to do with it!
When looking at cars, there is so much to choose from these days! I have an mid size SUV and don't love it as much as I thought I would. I really miss my small mid-side sedan. If I were to trade in my car today, I would likely look at a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. I am all about good MPG and getting the most bang for my buck.
Happy Friday everyone!!!

Kat said...

Congrats ladies! It was an exciting competition!
I like the second measuring cup.

Katie K said...

Good morning, everyone. Another fun video ladies- now, I have to agree with all the other readers that it is fun to SEE you all every week!

Congrats to the three winners of the Triathlon! I will have your prizes out to you by Monday morning at the latest!

I'm off to give a presentation on Enhancing a Community in a Tech Savvy World...and I'll be using HLA as many examples! Happy Friday, everyone!

BeeKayRoot said...

My vote goes to the middle photo.

I own a Chevy Cobalt, and it treats me well. But it's got the bare minimum when it comes to features and accessories. It's a 2006, and gets great gas mileage and drives nice and smooth. But it's small and wouldn't be good for a family.

On color... I have owned three cards and all three have been tan in color. It's a very nice neutral color. Easy to hide dirt, and not too flashy. I like it.


Congrats to the winners! I was super impressed this week with all of the submissions.

I'm hoping that our lovely HLA ladies can compile their Top 100 or Top 50 ideas that were submitted on Wednesday. I think it would be a great way to highlight and showcase the submissions you all received.

Robin said...

Congrats to the winners! It was fun.

I vote for the fish bowl - too cute!

Cars: we are getting a mini van soon a Sienna. They don't have green so I have no idea what color we will get.

Heather said...

Kate, Jessie and Laura Congrats again on your wins.
I agree with Brian this week was awesome and filled with creative energy...I love it!!!

Brian I think it is a great idea to compile our top 100 of the ideas submitted. You can all rest assured that we'll be incorporating many of your recommendations and if any of you have one that you particularly liked that you'd like to enact for us just let us know!

As far as cars...I LOVE my Scion. Seriously, you could give me my hubby's luxury Infiniti and I'd take my Scion over it any day. It wasn't expensive, it gets GREAT gas mileage. It is sporty and fun!
I also love my color "Flint Micha" or steel grey.

Peggy said...

Congratulations to all the winners! It was tough competition!!

Come on you guys... somebody had to giggle at the picture of my cute Pom wearing the funny nose and glasses!!!! Shine!

I liked measuring cup #2.... dd saw the pictures and liked the fish tank #1.

As for cars: love, love love my Honda Pilot. Mid sized SUV... Fold down 3rd seat in the rear, sits 8, I can haul a couch, to 5 volleyball gym bags and players... paving blocks to 14 full grocery bags. 4 wheel drive, handles great, good gas mileage. Love it!
DH has a Mazda 6 and that has been a great car...... both our cars are currently gun metal grey.

Chaotic said...

Measuring Cup-#2... I liked #1 but was concerned someone MIGHT cook the poor fish!

Cars... I have a 2004 4cyl Escape (Ford compact SUV) and I LOVE it. Car before that (that I still have)? 1981 Celica with (as of last week) 375,477 miles baby! I get 25+ MPG with either one. Would still be driving her but there is no ROOM in a Celica and I move reptile tanks, dogs, cats etc as we do animal rescue. Needed a BIT more room and the Escape has enough room without losing MPG.

As for ideas... I had one @ 10:05pm Weds night... PLEASE tell me someone suggested MATCHBOOKS. I don't smoke but received a matchbook in a RAK and it was advertising a band with their website and booking #. LOVE IT!

Cheryl said...

Congrats North Carolina ladies!!

I love all the car suggestions. I'm currently reviewing the Chevy Traverse, GMC Acadia and Saturn Outlook. I've test driven the first two and hope to get in the Saturn this weekend. I will make a decision and purchase by 8/31. I hope.

I lean towards white or gray for color.

I have to have an SUV because I need to haul stuff- once or three times a year. :)

I dread the actual negotiating experience at the dealership...

Chaotic- I do hear that Katie likes Sushi... that fish may not live long in the measuring cup!

heather said...

Poor Katie (or poor Katie's fish?!?)

We actually both said a fish bowl when we first got the measuring is a very pracical use for it if you ask me!

Cristine is running on the treadmill said...

Congrats to the winners
I have to vote for the fish. The boys like that one and they out number me.
Cars we gave a minivan definitely need the ddvd player with little ones. Hint don't leave the back up while tailgating though it kills the battery I know because. I had to find someone to jump is on sat night at Lambeau
have a great weekend everyone

Anonymous said...

Claduia is the only person on the videos that can be easily heard without cranking up my speakers at an inappropriate volume for work. Can you other ladies pretend like you are cheerleaders and project a bit better? Thanks!

I like the fish container although I don’t think it is really large enough to house any living creature, so please don’t use it for an actual fish home. I imagine anything in it will be belly up before its natural expiration date…it is super cute though.

I always look through car reviews and find the cheapest car that has a high safety rating. I usually drive a Toyota, as they fit the order.

Sporadic Spy

Robin said...

Cheryl: I wound up buying my car today - via email. I had one phone conversation with the guy to give him the credit card deposit. My car will be ready next week and should take about an hour.

Wanted to share the cute packet one of my kid's teachers sent home today:

You are a star in my class. (Starburst)
It's okay to make mistakes - it's how we learn. (eraser)
I'm nuts about you. (Peanut in shell)
You are going to learn so much this year. (Smarties)
Everyone needs a hug - let me know if you need one. (Hershey's Hug)
I am so happy to have you in my class!

Katie K said...

Sporadic Spy- I agree that it is too small of a container to be holding fish! Don't worry, they are being moved to a MUCH larger home.

And while I do love sushi, I would never eat my own fish!!! After all, they've already been named and become a part of the family.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.