Friday, August 28, 2009

Free For All Friday: Snack Throw Down Kick-Off


Welcome to the new people, visiting our site in support of Lauren and Kate who are preparing to compete in Week #1 of or Football Snack Throw Down.

Wanna know the two ingredients between which you are voting? Click on our video, take a sneak peek into our fun community, and check out the first two ingredients of the season. Then visit our comment section to vote on the ingredient you think they should have to use.

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cassie p said...

im going to go with shrimp.

I loved slumber parties when I was younger. The best ones I can remember are the ones we never slept. We never did anything that exciting; but just goofed off and were girls. One thing we did a lot for birthday parties was go to the roller skating rink, then back to the house to just play and whatever.
Something inexpensive the mom could do is hire a few of her friends to help her give the girls makeovers (9 girls on her own would take forever!). Buy some cheap makeup with extra brushes so you dont get pink eye goin around, and do manicures and pedicures too! OR you could just go with the mani/pedi way.

Robin said...

What, Cassie beat me to the 1st poster status? LOL

I'm excited that I won the album! And how funny but just before Heather said let's wait and give it to her at Taste of USA, I was thinking the same thing!

Tween girl parties, as the mother of six girls, you can imagine I've done one or two of these.

* Paper Bag album. In expensive way to make a scrap book using paper bags. You can tie it together with some $1 ribbon from Target, one spool should do the trick. Let the girl decorate with markers and in expensive stickers or strips of colors paper and glue sticks. You can have them bring a few photos from home but not needed (you can leave space or not for photos). If your friend is pretty handy with the camera, she can take a photo of all the girls together (and maybe 1 alone) and print at a 24 hour place for like .19 cents per photo. This can all be put together very nicely for under $10.

The paper bag albums also have the bag opening which makes a nice journaling slot. You can have each girl write a letter to herself, talk about who she currently is, draw something or even have her pass her journaling tag to the other girls for them to write something positive on it for her. "What I like about you is..."

Here is a set of instructions:

cristine said...

I vote for SAUSAGE!! Shocking from the Struble Family.
As for the slumber party... having little boys, I'm not up on too much, but here's what some moms in the neighborhood have done the following
Have a baking party. You can pre-bake cupcakes (or other baked good) and let everyone decorate their own item
Get a bunch of movies, like Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, etc (try Redbox for $1/movie)
Have karaoke night - Oxygen has karaoke on demand (or at least my directtv does)
Make flip flops - they are a $1 at Michaels and you can get other supplies pretty cheap

Sausage Grill'n Struble said...

Although shrimp are good, SAUSAGE is KING. Unless you pull some California team, SAUSAGE and FOOTBALL go hand in hand. If anyone needs a lesson on SAUSAGE let me know. I actually anticipate cooking over 200 sausages myself between "game 1 tailgate" and "mattoberfest". So man-up and vote SAUSAGE.

heather said...

Alright Matt...sausage gets my vote!

As far as slumber parties...
I agree with the makeovers, mani, pedi ideas. You can get some of those funky hair bands that look like they are pink or purple hair and let the girls go to town.

Movies and food (Lots of junk food) always make for a good slumber party!

I'd say the most important thing though at 12 or 13 would be to have the night to hang out with friends without Mom, Dad, or siblings nosing in.

Kat said...

Slumber party ideas-
Get inexpensive pillowcases and fabric markers (or even just Sharpies). Let the girls decorate their pillowcase and they can sign each other's.
Do hair! This is free and every girl loves having their hair styled.
Take "Glamor Shots". After their hair is done, do fun makeup, put on old formals and take tons of pictures! You can use stuff around your house for funny props and just be silly. Send each girl home with a few of the best pics.

maureen said...

Cant hear the audio and I checked other YouTube videos so Im a little at a loss here. Hope everyone has a great day and stay dry HLA!!!

Katie K said...


Try going here to watch it:

I hope that works for you!

Happy Friday, everyone! I'll be back with my slumber party ideas.

Cheryl said...

I'm going to go with the Strubles on this one... Sausage. But I do love some shrimp... coconut breaded... yum!

You already have a lot of great ideas for slumber parties. I'm going to think on it.


PS- I forgot to say GO PACKERS. Where is Lori at?? Your AZ birdies are going down tonight:)

By the way if I get another vote it is still SAUSAGE.

Peggy said...

Shrimp.... I'm such a rebel

I'm the queen of FAUX....Faux sleepover... one of Sissy's partys.... everyone came at 4 pm prepared for a sleep over.... and we did everything mentioned.... hair, nails, movie, pizza etc.... but the party was over at 11 pm....parents came and picked them up in their pj's with pillows. Some parents said it was the best idea ever... no tired cranky kids (and many of them would have had to pick their kids up by 8am for sports events)

Another idea... everyone comes in their jams... and you make breakfast items...waffles, pancakes, smoothies... you could have it in the morning 8am up... like a reverse party.

Also, a mom friend had a party where a high school cheer squad came in and taught the girls a cheer, video recorded it and then gave them the cd.

Same friend also had a 'teen choice' award party... everyone got a persona (Miley, Taylor Swift, Demi etc) and then they got prizes, music was playing etc...

If it doesn't have to be a sleep over, sometimes beauty school students take on parties at a much lower rate than a REAL salon.

Lauren said...

Am I allowed to vote? :) Sausage!

It's me, Chris said...

Everything is better when you add sausage!

Colleen said...

I vote for sausage! It goes much better with football than shrimp in my opinion!

Denise said...


CRS said...

Sausage and football go together way better tahn shrimp and football. Although, i do like shrimp. But Sausage still gets my vote!

Melanie said...

Seriously??? SHRIMP people!

Cheryl said...

Whoa! Melanie likes shrimp! :)

Okay- Slumber Party Ideas:
Decorate T-Shirts
Bake & Decorate Cookies
Use and art theme and paint
Make Friendship bracelets
You could do America's Top Model and create a faux runway and have them dress up.
Treasure Hunt

You have so many ideas it's going to be the best slumber party ever!

Jen said...

My daughter is only 2.5 but thanks for all the great party ideas. I know I have lots of giggling gaggles of girls in my future!

Jessie said...

Sausage! I love a good football snack!
All the ideas for sleep over are great! I always loved when we made our own pizza's. My mom made dough and prepared all the toppings then we got to make our own pizza. You could make a scavenger hunt close by in the neighborhood and have fabulous prizes!
You could also have a hollywood party and give out "swag" bags stocked with tween gifts that they are sure to love. You could also buy several yards of a red fabric to have a red carpet event. Have the girls come ready to walk the red carpet - imagine the awesome invatations the mother/daughter team could make! You could also easily incorporate hair/make-up and nails to top off the event.
Happy Friday!

Danko Family said...

I vote for SAUSAGE

Richard said...

Pulled my head out of a spreadsheet long enough to vote Sausage. As a long time Dolphin fan, I almost voted shrimp but......

sherri said...

I'm gonna have to say sausage!