Saturday, April 25, 2009

Get Your Hot Glue Guns Ready!!!

Happy Saturday morning, Highlowaha! Katie K here to get your hot glue guns running! One week from today, the fastest two seconds in sports will take place at the 135th Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky. As some of you may know, I lived in Louisville for 4 years while going to school at Bellarmine University. It is there that I met Claudia and Heather, along with many other Highlowaha community members.

As a member of the Louisville community for four years and having grown up in Kentucky my entire life, I have seen my fair share of news and sports coverage of the Kentucky Derby each year. One thing I always notice is the hats those women wear! There is nothing quite like a Derby hat. For today's post, I decided to look and see if there was any history associated with the hats at the Derby, and I was lucky enough to find it!
"Hats have played an important role in the history of horse racing for centuries, dating as far back as the world famous Royal Ascot in the United Kingdom, where it is decreed that 'all guests within the Royal Enclosure adhere to a strict dress code: male attendees must wear full morning dress including a top hat, whilst ladies must not show bare midriffs or shoulders and must wear hats'. It didn't take long for the royal dress code to catch on at the major racetracks in the United States. Albeit a less severe dress code than the Royal Ascot, Churchill Downs patrons taking in the Kentucky Derby in particular have been enjoying this respected tradition since 1875."
So today in HLA Land, we will make our own Derby hats for this year's Derby. I, along with my friend Candace, made a hat as a demonstration for today's post. Our hat is a JMU theme (our colors are purple and gold). There are pictures below for you to see so you can get some inspiration. Also, if you do a google images search for KY Derby hats, you'll find some great examples! All of this leads me up to the announcement of HLA's first Derby Hat Parade!

Take the next week to make your very own Derby hat. Then, take a picture of yourself in your hat and email it to us at by Friday, May 1 at 5 pm. Come back next Saturday morning to see our parade of Derby hats. This is a patch-yielding event, but you must submit a photo in order to earn your patch. Cheryl put out some competitive words yesterday when she said we should all be jealous of her jeans- we need to give her some stiff competition! Get those hot glue guns toasting and then toe it up at the gates to see who gets most creative with their hat....and earn another patch for your denim!

Seeing as how today is another day in our Derby giveaways, I invite you all to place votes on how much you think it cost me to make my hat. In the comment section this weekend, the person who guesses the closest in dollars and cents, without going over, will win a Michael's gift card to help them in making their own hat. You have until Sunday at 8 p.m. CST to cast your vote.


Yesterday's Winner:
With a guess of 47 slug bugs, our winner from yesterday is AZLori! Congrats! The record number of slug bugs seen by the O'Pry family is 44....for those who are curious!

Gift of 218:
In early March, HLA community member Melanie emailed Cheryl, Claudia, Heather and I informing us that she had two tickets to the show Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which was coming to Louisville in May. Melanie offered these tickets to our community in an effort to raise money for the Gift of 218. Our team immediately decided to do a raffle in a few locations in Louisville. On Monday of this past week, all the sold ticket stubs were collected and totaled. In the end, we sold 54 raffle tickets and raised $270 for our Gift of 218 service initiative! Luckily, this is enough money to grant another gift. Some of us in this community know of a single mom of a young daughter who has worked and put herself through college for the last several years. She will be graduating two weeks from today. We would like to grant her a memory as she celebrates this significant accomplishment in her life. More details to come soon. In the meantime, if you know of any deserving families that you would like to see receive one of our Gift of 218 memories, please email us more information about this family to

Signing off until Monday with the song of the day...


Heather said...

I'm guessing that your hat cost $4.22...(only for fun of course) but I LOVE DERBY!!!!

In one week Bal, Lily and I will be at the airport getting ready to head to Louisville for Derby!!!

Kat said...

Am I first this morning? Hmmmm, I guess that is what happens when you have a toddler who likes to wake up at the first sign of sunlight. I will guess $3.15 was spent on your hat.

Claudia said...

I am so excited to make my Derby hat. Look out, Cheryl!

All tolled.. hat, flower, glitter (or whatever the trim is running around the rim), I guess the total cost of the hat is $5.50

Let the races begin!

Claudia said...

By the way... some of your old-timers.

You might have noticed that late yesterday we had a post from an oldie, but goodie popping her head out of lurker status.

Hi Julie. Fun hearing from you, if only to support your pal Tera. Hope all is well in Arizona and that you are gearing up for your next great adventure. Where in the world will Julie land next? That is the question.

Tera said...

KTK, my guess is $4.08.

Heather, are you actually going to derby?

When my family and I went to the derby back in 2006 I made derby hats for all of them to dad included! He was the hit of the derby and tons of pretty, young girls asked to take their picture with him. I was mortified of course! I'll send you some pics if I can find them.

We some some CRAZY derby "hats" on the infield. One of my favorites was a Barbie doll on top of a hat with a dress on. The girl wearing the hat would ask people if she wanted to look under the dress. Of course the drunk people did and Barbie had a large penis (can you say that word on HLA?) attached. It was hilarious!

Cheryl said...

Hilarious, Tera! Why did so many girls want to take their picture with your dad?

Okay...I've never been to derby or even celebrated it. From today's comments not only are the hats pretty but some are CRAZY! Thanks for saying penis on the blog Tera.

Two patches in two days? I can't stand it! You know I will be making a hat! The only question is pretty or crazy?

Hmmm.... I'll guess that hat cost you $4.59.

Peggy said...

Katie: I'm guessing under $2, you went to a thrift shop and got a deal on the hat, and you used a coupon at M's to buy a bunch of flowers!!

Since Julie is back... did the rainbows get distributed and anyone contact HLA by following the Rainbow?

Anonymous said...

I hate the Derby. ;-) But I live in Louisville and have for my whole life. However, my house is always open to Derby guests.

Our Derby tradition is that the kids to chores to earn "picks" of horses. We watch the race and you win, dinner with parents, walk with parent of your choice, and dessert for dinner.

Cheryl said...

Robin- I think I can totally understand where you come from... I lived in Park City, Utah for 9 years and every year when Sundance Film Festival came to town it was a zoo. I hated the influx of people into my town getting in my way but a lot of people totally loved it.

Cheryl said...

One more thing... Katie- I love that song!

Claudia said...


I love your idea of attaching simple "prizes" to each of the horses. What a fun way to let kids get in on the fun. I think we'll do that this year.

Katie K said...

Good morning, everyone! Glad to see so much activity today! I had fun making the hat. Cheryl, I had that debate too- crazy or pretty? Inevitably, I want for pretty and classy.

Factoring into the cost of the hat is the hat itself, the flower, the ribbon, and the beads around the rim.

Cheryl, I love that song as well and with the sun shining and 80 degree weather this weekend in VA, I'm dreaming big! CKB also loves this song.

Claudia said...

Kat and Lindsay... for some reason, I cannot put my hands on your addresses.

Can you send them to me in an email

sue said...

I am guessing $3.00 for everything. I know that you did not buy any of it at full price. Hats look good on you Katie maybe you should wear it for the wedding?

Claudia said...

Lindsay Marie and Kat.. have no fear, I have your addresses.

Packages are on the way.

cassie p said...

Ill guess $6.42

Sarah said...

I'm guessing ... 4.01