Friday, April 10, 2009

Free For All Friday: Easter Eve and So Much More

You should know that the four of us truly enjoy one anothers company and that we look forward to spending every Thursday night together so we can talk about our Highlowaha community.

I wonder if your ears were ringing.  

They say your ears ring when you're being talked about and we spend a lot of time talking about how much we are enjoying getting to know all of you.  Last night we talked about how much fun it was to get a peek into Chaotic and Peggy's worlds by seeing photos of their homes.  We also mentioned how nice it was to see Robin back on the scene and pondered where some of the oldies but goodies might have gone.  Longstanding reader, Nan, even stopped by the house for a few minutes and promised to come back again next Thursday night.

We could spend another day talking about interior design.  Andrea has more tips to share... Remember greenery in your home and make sure it looks fresh ; use catalogs to gather home decorating ideas and then visit discount stores to achieve the same look for less money; No roller coasters.  When you scan a room in your house you don't want the up and down lines of a roller coaster.  The goal is to pick furniture and hang pictures in such a way that there is one general line.

It's Free for All Friday, so why spend the whole day talking only about decorating and clean- sweeping?  

What else ya got that we can talk about?

We could brainstorm fun things to put in Easter Eggs.  Oops... Been there done that.  That was last year's Free For All topic.  And you know the rules...  creative idea a day, never repeating the same idea twice.  Check out last year's post for fun ideas.

Favorite Easter candy.  How about that?

I polled Heather, Cheryl, and Katie.  Here are ours.  Heather: Papas Eggs (when she's in Northern Kentucky and get hold of them.  Cadbury Mini Eggs otherwise.  Cheryl: Robin Egg Malt Balls; Katie: Cadbury Mini Eggs (from the freezer); and me: Russell Stover Coconut Nests (with the three jelly beans neatly tucked in the center).

How about you?  What's your favorite Easter Candy?

Cassie, only one more week until your mom's big 80s celebration.  Need any last minute advice or ideas?

Respond to one of our topics or pose your own!

Signing off until tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Argh! Everyone is talking about food I can't eat because it's Passover. LOL I seriously love the Robin's Eggs too. Probably because o the name. I like malted milk balls in general, but the pastel, chalky coating is something special...

FFAF: Would love some ideas to keep kids sitting happily at the table during a Passover seder (See link at very bottom.). This book was slightly helpful:

But it had a bunch of questions to ask little kids to keep them busy, but it didn't work. When asked what they would say to Pharaoh is they were slaves in Egypt, I got some pretty weird, not quite on topic answers.

I had 10 plague finger puppets and 10 plague face masks, but they argued over who got to be which plague! (Who knew boils were so much fun?) The frogs that were little plastic jumpy things were popular, but didn't jump as well as I'd like... that was my 5769 bag of tricks. Next year I'll need something else...

Passover Basics:

Chaotic said...

Robin, that is say the oddest things!! I love the Cadbury Snickers eggs...sigh...and I need to lose some weight, so have managed to avoid all the easter candy!!

Heather said...

Alrighty...I've made a recommittment to check in EARLY with HLA. It has fallen off my early morning routine and I DON'T LIKE IT! I like getting my day started with you ladies so here I am!

It IS fun hanging out at the table with Claudia, Cheryl and Katie but even more fun hanging out at the VIRTUAL table with all of you. of my favorite tricks to keeping meals entertaining for anyone is to write out conversation a few at each table setting with questions geared to that child...

So one for your kids might read:
"Owen, what is your favorite Seder food"...something simple enough that there isn't too weird of a response.

What about some type of item that you pass around the to a child each time they respond to a question and whoever has the item at the end gets to keep it.

I'll keep thinking on it...oh and sorry to torture you with food thoughts but...does anyone else in NKY know those Papas eggs? They come in silver wrappers and are SO good.

Anonymous said...

Heather: Good idea! I just get so caught up in all the food prep and house cleaning that I forget. I didn't even have the traditional afikomen prize. (Hidden piece of matzo that the person who finds it wins and gets a prize.) I did let the winner select whether the kids ate matzo brownies or traditional honey cake.

I do not know about papas eggs, but there is a candy store in So. Indiana I just learned about where they actually make their own candy. That's an educational field trip, right?

I've also gotten out of the habit of checking first thing in the morning and before I know it my day gets away from me. The email is great and I always read it but then it's two more clicks before I could respond and sometimes my mouse and I are lazy...

cassie p said...

ROBIN! the candy store you speak of is Schimpfs! I have lived in SO. IN for 7 years now, and have never been there! Its literally 10min drive from my house. I suck! LOL

Someone just recently took my brothers there during their spring break. They saw red hots made, and then got to try them at the end. They said they were still warm, and talked about it for days...

My mom's party!!! AHHH YES. A week away. Decorations are pretty much ready, except a few things. I need to track down some rubiks cubes and magic 8 balls to go with my AquaNet hairspray for centerpieces. I also need to order a cake! Just remembered that one, and its getting written down right now. DJ is booked, picture collage is done, scrapbook is getting there, and things are coming together. Last minute things like food come later next week.

Im about to go nuts...all this on top of my HEAVY class load, interviewing for jobs, and trying to keep my group of friends from killing each other (its like walking on eggshells around eachother, it STINKS). I am so happy it is easter break!

Sorry for the long post. Just thought you all should know why I am never here anymore!

Cheryl said...

Robin! Don't make me take your email away!! We love having you here so please keep exercising by doing those two extra clicks. :)

Keeping the kids at a Passover table... well my coffee hasn't kicked in yet (I have the day off for Good Friday, yay!) but the first thing that came to mind was butcher block paper and crayons... probably not what you had in mind though. Could they have a picture or two to color though that would create conversation?

Chaotic- you can treat yourself now and then. :)

Heather, great to see you early again. Last night was fun.

Cassie- we expect you to be back to us after the party. Don't forget Taste of USA is coming up and you're going to come, right? Where should we go?

Just in case you missed it, last night I posted my messy photos at my family blog: and Lori C. commented on yesterdays post this morning about how she moved her office around and was headed to either lie (Claudia? is that right) down or get her bedroom moved around. Who else? Kat, Did you get stuffed moved around?

Okay- Happy Friday everybody. I'm sure I'll see you in a little while.

Katie K said...

Dang, I'm lookin good in that picture! Am I not? So sleek and stylish in my silver and black!

Heather- I have never heard of those eggs- sorry! Where do you find them at in NKY? However, it is great to see you back in the AM!

Robin- so good to see you back! I agree that the questions should be simple so that your kids can give a wide breadth of answers, and it will be easier to steer away from weird answers. Maybe for your older kids, you can ask more specific questions.

Chaotic- it's a holiday! You treat yourself to at least one piece of candy...that's my philosophy anyway! I have not let myself have any mini cadbury eggs yet, but I fully plan to eat some on Sunday!

Cassie- it sounds like you are well on your way to a great party! What did you end up doing for invitations?

Cheryl- I can't leave you out! I read your post yesterday on your blog about your competition at work! CONGRATS!!! I'm sure you look great- can't wait to see you in a little over a month!

Alright, I'm off to go set-up our convocation center for a big concert that is taking place on campus tonight. Maybe all this physical labor will be my justification for eating some of those eggs!

cristine said...

First to answer the candy question - Reeses cup were my favorite as a kid - no I'm more of a truffle girl.

Off topic - I would like to share some really exciting news - well at least to my family. Last week I found out that I won a big contest.

I won a private screening of Monsters vs. Aliens for all my friends. I won it from NBC Universal.

So tomorrow - we're all going to the movies. It's a whole theater to ourselves. Tons of kids, parents, friends. The boys are so excited. I'll post pictures on and facebook.

So, for those of you out there who thinks, why bother entering contests no one wins, or I'll never win - people do and now you know one. Take a chance and you never know what might happen.

Happy Easter everyone!

Cheryl said...

As Claudia mentioned, Nan stopped by last night to say hi. Nan was one of the first to sign up to receive HLA in her email but she never verified her email so she wasn't getting her in daily dose... I emailed her- but she still didn't verify so last night I bribed her with a dessert... we need help naming it. So- what do you get:

brownie + cookie = x... name that x.

Thanks Katie! Whenever I'm going to treat myself I think one of two things. 1)Have I been working hard at exercising and watching what I eat or 2) how long will it take me to work this off. If I'm honest with myself, I know I can have a treat. That's my pep talk for you folks that have weight managment as a goal.

Peggy said...

x = Croonie (??)

I am so happy, I have the day off! So do the kids, but finally it might get to 50 degrees today, woohoo midwest!

As I've gotten older, there are no must haves in the candy department... I can eat one peep, good jelly beans, malted eggs... nothing special for me!

I added a few more pictures to my blog about my craft room (today's) post, and also added a link to the right, of previously posted house pictures.... a room in the house.
It will take me a while to find all the past pictures I posted, but I'm proud of what I've done to my house and love to give advice!



Kat said...

I am a day late, but I put my results of this week up on my blog. Go see it!

My favorite Easter candy would have to be the big Reeses eggs. I bought some little ones to put in Max's Easter basket, but I may have to get a big one for myself before they are gone for the year.

Heather said...

Brownie + Cookie = Brookie...crownie...a Kooky Cookie?

I'll keep thinking...I love the energy on the blog today...keep the comments rolling!

Cristine I love that you won something big...I bet your boys are EXCITED!!!

Tera said...

Hey everyone. I've been lurking for the past few weeks but decided I'd post today.

My fav Easter candy is Sponge Candy. It's made in Erie, PA and Buffalo, NY. I'm not sure if you can get it anywhere else. If you like malt balls, you'd probably enjoy this. It's a softer malt ball covered in chocolate. I'm bummed I won't be getting any this year as my parents are in Myrtle Beach visiting friends!

I've enjoyed the decorating tips all week.

Since it's FFAF I thought I'd ask this. Although I don't have any kids yet, when I do I plan on taking a zillion pictures. How do you parents out there store your digital pictures? If you're just keeping them on the computer no one really gets to see them.

Hope everyone has a good day. I'm off to the zoo with my hubby (I love him being off for 5 days)!

Heather said...

Tera---First STOP LURKING!!!! All you lurkers come's easy, it's fun and it makes things so much livelier around here!

Second, pictures. We store them on our computer but first we post them to our website so that Grandparents can "place their orders" of pictures they want sent to their local Walgreens. When there is a Walgreens deal (today is the last day for 50 prints for $5 with coupon code 5Dollars) I print off the ones I want and add them to my frames at work and home. I also love my iPhone because I upload my last three "digital uploads" into it whenever I sync with my computer so that I always have some up to date pictures on hand.
Finally of course I post new pictures of Facebook or send them out via email.

My new favorite picture/like idea however is our Flip Mino HD...we love taking videos of Lily that are high quality but the camera fits in your back pocket. Then we load onto youtube and all our friends know they can search balsnow and see the latest Lily antics.

Claudia said...

This is the Highlowaha I know and love! I agree with Heather. The energy today is one of the things I love about this community!

Fun challenge, Cheryl. Cookie + Bownie = Crookie. It's criminally delicious!

I wish I could take credit for that, but it was my fun and creative assistant, Diana. She's one of us in the creativity department.

Claudia said...


My friend, Nan, does a great job sorting and utilizing the pictures she stores on her computer.

One thing she does is decoratively display her computer screen during special events with old photos scrolling through on a continuous loop. Here's an example... She hosts a valentine's tea every year. At the tea, decoratively displayed, is her computer screen with photos from the past 10-12 years of tea parties. This year there was a picture of me and Nan posted from last year's tea party.

Cassie, Magic 8 balls are sold at Target. That's a fun centerpiece because it provides a fun way for party goers to interact.

Emily said...

Heather I know exactly what you are talking about. I love those things. I hope there are some in my easter basket this year.
Katie I can't believe that you are from NKY and never had a Papas Egg. I will have to mail you some or bring some to you when I see you this summer.

Heather said...

Yay! Emily I'm glad you posted and I'm glad you know what I'm talking about...I thought I was going crazy!

Yummo...Papas eggs!

A great quote from Claudia last night was okay so they aren't your father's eggs but they are Greek eggs...not so much but they are delicious!

Cheryl said...

Kat~ your kitchen looks great. I love the red wall. Hmmm... you may need a Sugar Ray Apron.... can I make that happen? I'll have to put that in the works...

Okay. I'm in trouble. My boys are home and I do have some candy and treats to put in their baskets. The problem is I have one bag of candy to stuff their eggs... Will I be able to purchase some more today WHILE they are with me? Wish me luck!

Cheryl said...

Tera~ I'm awful at storing my pictures. Actually, I'm awful at taking them. I always forget my camera. When I do get them download from the camera to the computer I sort them into a year folder and then a month folder inside of that. Currently I'm in need of backing up.

I have a friend that works for 1 to 1 Studio and they are developing a site. I'll try to get more info on it. I saw a demo earlier this year and it looks like it is going to be very cool. My thing is I hate taking the time to upload all the photos to Shutterfly, Kodak Gallery and the like.

Katie K said...

Emily & Tera- I'm so glad you came out of lurker status! Stay that way!

Where are some of our other old faithfuls that have turned lurker...Mt. Kelly, Julie, Kristen, AZ Lori, Maureen, Mom???? Are you out there?!?!

I agree- this is the sense of community that I love about this blog! Today, I clicked the little box for google so that the comments get emailed to me and I've had such fun reading all of your comments!

Chaotic said...

Crookie... oh, I just love that!
sneaking in, now sneaking out...

Anonymous said...

Storing pics - we have a digital frame that rotates pics. We do have to remember to add new pics, but it's fun. Was also a nice gift.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the coupon! I got off my butt and ordered prom photos!

azlori said...

Rocky Mountain Chocoloate Factory sells a candy called Seafoam.....I think it is also called sponge candy in some places....look and see if there are any Rocky Mountain Chcolate Factories in your area...