Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stuck on Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

You might remember in early April I introduced you to the Wonderful World of Fancy Flours. This is my A #1 go-to place for cookie cutters in every possible shape. Over 600 cookie cutters. That's what they have in stock. Creative people like us could spend hours hunting for a cookie cutter to fit our special occasion, as well as creating occasions to justify buying the many quirky shapes.

Briana and her friends at Fancy Flour were excited to join Highlowaha in our venture titled, The Cookie Cutter Challenge! A reminder of how it works...

I announce an occasion worth celebrating and all of YOU vote on the cookie cutter I must incorporate. If you're competitive and fun-spirited like Heather, you pick the oddest, hardest, most unrelated cutter you can find on their website. My task... bake, decorate, package, and deliver the cookies to unsuspecting people.

That's why, in the month of April, I ended up with a PORCUPINE cookie cutter. Fortunately in April we are using the cutter to celebrate Earth Day and it is true, porcupines do, in fact, walk on planet earth.

So here's what I've got...

Porcupine Cookies

Packaged with an Earth Day Tag
Get it? Point? Quill?

Each cookie was packaged in a cellophane bag and each tag relays a different Earth Day fact.

That's my crack at it.

Now here's some fun. Today one of you lucky readers will win your very own heavy duty, brass, porcupine cookie cutter - compliments of Fancy Flours.


Generate another occasion for which the porcupine could be used and tell us your winning slogan! My teammates and I will confer via email tonight in order to pick the winner. If you're really on a roll, feel free to also take a crack at my Earth Day slogan.

Think this is fun? Check back in early May to help select the next cookie cutter for our May challenge.

Signing off until tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Those are adorable! I'm so jealous of people who can make cookies, I fail miserably without the modern crutches of premade and rolled out dough...

Heather said...

I love, love, love the porcupines!!! They turned out great!
Happy Earth Day!
Happy Admin Asst. Day!

Since I won't be chiming in on the slogan so as not to take away any good ideas let me share with you what we came up with for Admin Asst. Day...our office area has two support people. The first loves to sew and the second never takes any time for's what we got:

#1: A great sewing organizer filled with supplies with a tag that says, "We are SEW lucky to have you around!"

#2: A basket filled with movie gift cards, Dr. Pepper (her personal addiction) and microwave popcorn with a tag that says, "Pop some popcorn, pop in a movie, grab a pop and Pop your feet deserve it!" (I must admit we "borrowed" this idea from Katie's idea for her RAs)

The good news is you can always borrow our ideas or one another's just check out our gallery of ideas off the home page!

Chaotic said...

Wow...those are adorable!
I am so tired still (drainage, allergies, sigh) that my brain wont work... but I would think a Roses are red type verse about PINING away for someone... so Valentine's? ARGH

Kat said...

I love all of the bright colors! I wish I could ice cookies like that. Mine are usually just smeared with a little icing or I leave them plain. Not very exciting. What about orange porcupines with little black masks iced on and a slogan that says "Just poking around to wish you a Happy Halloween!"

maureen said...

Heres my crack at it!

I'm stuck on you! could be the slogan and you could make porcupine cookies decorated for Valentines Day or any other occasion where you tell someone you care.

I hope everyone has a great Earth Day! I am off to my kids school to help organize a clean up with the kids at each of the lunch periods.

My Girl Scouts are planting a tree on school ground next month in honor of Earth Day. They take it so seriously and that is really amazing to me.

My daughter Melissa came home from school yesterday telling us how bottled water is not as good for us as we think and how the plastic bottles do more bad than good. She was so upset that we use bottled water that we took her out and bought water purifiers (Britt and Pur) and we bought re-useable water bottles for the whole family. This is our "newest" contribution to "going green". It may be a baby step but I can tell you now Melissa is gonna be my "Earth Friendly" kid and I thimk its so cool.

Now that I rambled on have a wonderful Earth Day out there in HLA Land!

Claudia I have called a few times and I know you are busy, can you give me a call when you get a moment. I need to ask you something.

Anonymous said...

Don't the celphane bags contradict the quote you put on the tag? How "green" is celophane?

Peggy said...

Mother's Day-
What did the porcupine say to the cactus?

Is that you mommy???

Claudia said...

Anonymous... Don't feel like you have to post anonymously to provide us feedback. You have a good point - something I didn't even think about.

That's one of the powers of this community. We benefit from one another's strengths, knowing none of us is good at everything and each of us is good at something.

I appreciate your commitment to the environment. Consider you point noted!

I forgot!!!!! Was there any question, with a house full of boys, that Peggy's, "Oops, I pooted" caption would win?!?!?!?

And it did. Congratulations, Peggy.

The captions so far are GREAT. Keep them coming! I definately will be employing my porcupine to make some of them happen.

azlori said...

Stealing from Claudia's play on the word quill....they could be given when someone is leaving/moving....What QUILL we do with out you?
Valentines: I Quill always love you! Quill you be mine?

Cheryl said...

Those are some darn cute Porcupine Cookies!!! Great job Claudia!!

Peggy- love that cactus joke!

I'll admit, I'm probably the least Green contributor on this site so I know I don't have the answer but anonymous as your point is well taken what would you suggest Claudia do to present the cookies? Or should she just point out a different fact?

Cheryl said...


Margaret said...

That was my thought... is cellophane biodegradable??

They would have been cute also, peeking out of one of those colorful PAPER chinese food containers filled with sand and maybe a little seedling planted in it , or even a package of seeds, so the recipent could replant the seedling and eat the cookie!!

Katie K said...

Good morning, HLA!!!

Those cookies turned out so cute, Claudia! I might have to get my hands on that cookie cutter sometime this summer for something fun!

Maureen, when I first read the post today, my first thoughts also went to "I'm stuck on you" for Valentine's day. I'll keep thinking...

Cheryl said...

Okay... what about these...

Cheryl said...

What if Claudia had done this for Earth Day....

Brown paper bag with green paper shred in it and the cookie. Close it up creatively and eco-friendly. On the bag it says...

Defend Earth or I'll Stick You!

I'm channeling Sting Ray... HA! You could put a tag inside with the cookie that says Happy Earth Day. Wouldn't you want to open it up and see what was inside? Or is that too scary?

Claudia said...

Love the ideas. Are you all having as much fun as I am with today's topic? This is great.

Anonymous... your thoughtful comment has pushed our creativity to a new level today. Biodegradable bags, brown sacks with green shred... I LOVE IT.

I want a do-over on my porcupines and the day isn't even over yet!

LORI! HI!!!!! So nice to hear from you. I can only imagine you are staying plenty busy preparing to wind up another school year.

Cristine said...

this is going to be bad...
What do you get when you cross a turtle and a porcupine?.... a slow poke.
Don't be a slow poke when it comes to saving the planet - embrace your inner green.'s bad.
But on the other side freebies!!! On you can print a coupon to take to Whole Food for a free recycled lunch bag, also there are coupons for discounts on water bottles and lunch containers.
Walgreens is offering 15% off and a reusable bag today too.
There's tons more too

Cheryl said...

HAHA! Cristine, I think it's funny. You should share your site with us... well, I'll do it. :)

Y'all check Crisine's site out.

Anonymous said...

For the winning volleyball team-- You really know how to spike!

For an ill friend:

These hedgehogs are not sonic,
But they know you feel chronic
You can feel prickly together
'Till you are no longer feel under the weather.

Anonymous said...

I know things have been prickly between us lately...I'm sorry!

Tera said...

My brain isn't working today but there are some cute ideas here. I LOVE the bag and green shred idea!

Happy hump day!

bri and scott in pdx said...

Hi Claudia!
It is Brianna with Fancy Flours! Thanks for the great post on your blog! The porcupine cookies are fab! Looks like the cookie contest was a great success!
Be in touch!

Melanie said...

For the first day of school/finals week or something like that: "You are one SHARP COOKIE"

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