Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Tradition Continues

Welcome to the 18th! Cheryl here. Who wants to win a t-shirt?

If you're new to Highlowaha, every month on the 18th we share our high, low and aha's from the month honoring the name of our blog. We asked the winner from last months drawing Brian, aka BKRoot to have a seat at the table with us and share his high, low and aha's with us. Here's more about Brian and his HLA's for the month; take it away Brian!

I'm 27, with a bachelor's degree in English Writing and a master's degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education. I work in residence life at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. In my former life, I wanted to work in
journalism. In fact, I worked part time for my local, public newspaper throughout high school and even into college and grad school.

Nowadays, my job entails supervising Resident Assistants and managing a mostly-freshmen residence hall. I am the director of a living community known as OACS
(Outdoor Adventure & Community Service), and I advise the Resident Student Council, as well. I love working with college students on a daily basis. It's adventurous - and sometimes tiring - but all worth it in the end. Sometimes they teach me more about myself than I think I teach them about themselves.

One other duty I have is advising the Habitat for Humanity campus chapter. This past March 7 students and I embarked on a road trip in a 12-passenger school van to Walton County, Florida, for an alternative spring break that involved working on a home for a single mother and her two kids. This is, by far, one of the greatest opportunities I've had to help make a difference in someone's life.

One of the common threads you will find in my life is my involvement in various community service-related activities. I am secretary of my local Kiwanis Club in Greensburg, PA. I am on the board of directors of the Central Westmoreland Habitat for Humanity. And I play a key role in the logistical planning of the Juvenile Diabetes Walk for a Cure each September here in Greensburg.

I love dogs and cats, as well as bowling, fishing in the summer, driving, listening to various music, and perusing the internet. I'm a very laid back person. For those who know Myers-Briggs, I'm an ISFJ.

HIGH - Purchasing a new laptop earlier this week... truly a highlight for me, especially if you know how much I rely on my computer. It's an HP Pavilion, for those curious minds out there.

LOW - Getting a speeding ticket on the way back from visiting my family earlier this month. It really put me in a bad mood for a few days and cost me $180 I don't really have to spare right now.

AHA - Some of my students truly "get it." They understand more than I give them credit for sometimes.

Claudia, I know that ISFJ business means somthing to you! I can't wait to hear about that. Thanks for sharing, Brian. It is an honor to have you at our table and we look forward to many more days on the blog with you...maybe you will even make it 2009 Taste of USA!! Where do you want to go?

Today, you also find us at the beginning of our Give-away Derby. And what fun it has been already. The Beeny's are still counting Matthew's College Fund Money. The winner of the Target gift card will be announced soon. Yesterday, Heather had us guessing and a little more than amazed at how many photos she has taken since the birth of adorable Lily with Kat guessing the final number of 6,737! Congrats, Kat!! One more winner will be decided for the other digital key chain from the creative ideas posted yesterday. There is plenty of fun still to be had and today's derby gift is a Highlowaha Ray Wattson t-shirt. They are all the rage!

One of my high's this month is the fact that there are 11 new t-shirts designs available to pick from with more to come. What's that? Can't wait for the 18th to roll around to have your own Ray Wattson Original? You can now purchase your very own t-shirt. Just click ------>HERE<-------- and you too can purchase your very own! Or, one for a friend. Or, one for a kid in your life! Below is a design sample of the ever popular...

Be sure to check out the gallery. Tell us your favorite.

As is tradition here at Highlowaha, everyone who submits their high, low and aha today is submitted into a drawing to win a Ray shirt. The winner gets to pick their design of choice.

I'll chime in with my own high, low, and aha's in just a bit but for now, signing off until Monday...


Heather said...

Way to go Kat...Tera, can you please send me an email with your choice for creative idea.

Alright guys...Day #1 (technically) of our 2 week Giveaway Derby...let's make it another great comment day.

High: Getting a tax return and paying off some of our debt. Celebrating Easter with friends. Lily learning her ABCs and moving the whole potty training thing forward (Two days in a row with only 1 accident!!!)

Low: Not being as frugal this month as we should have. Lily being sick the past few days.

Aha: Sometimes it is worth waiting until 8:30 at night to eat if it means we get to have an adult, sit-down enjoy one another's conversation kind of meal. I think we may start doing that one night a week.

cassie p said...

HIGH: I got a new car last Saturday, I got a job offer on Wed (and of course, accepted!), and today is my mom's 40th birthday extravaganza!!! I will let everyone know how that goes. Thanks for all your creative ideas in getting the party going!

LOW: I am getting anxious about starting a real job. Also, because I graduate, I am sad about all of my friends going our separate ways.

AHA: Going out last night was a bad idea. LOL, sorry thats all I can think that I learned in the past month. My mom and I had fun last night with my friends, but I am not liking myself right now. But, I have a party to put on! See you all on Monday with the scoop!

Cheryl said...

High's: Losing 13 pounds and counting and coming in second place in our company fitness contest, my boys are doing great in school, my growing friendship with Margaret.

Low's: Drew had a cavity this dentist visit, I'm dragging my feet with the AC replacement, My yard looks a little hellish.

Aha's: If I can focus my energy, I can do anything I set my mind to.

I have a ton of chores and soccer game to get to. See you this afternoon.

Peggy said...

High: Actually yesterday was great, finally a beautiful spring day, sunshine in the 70's, had a great day at work ~done right at 1:00, was taken out to lunch for my birthday ~great conversation, sat and read a book in the sun on my back patio~ heaven, got a pedicure ~ need that, went to hobby lobby to get some accessories for new furniture in the house ~ always fun to buy things, ended the evening by watching a real good movie (laughed and cried) In Her Shoes ~ needed that!

Low: Teenagers... mouths, attitudes..
nuff said

Aha: Being 45... I can finally shout from a mountain top how old I am, I can go grocery shopping with no make-up, I can make a simple mistake and laugh it off (well sort of) I learn new things every day and just love it!

Kat said...

I meant to mention yesterday that I think my win yesterday was meant to be. Lily and I share the same birthday!

High- Spending a week with my sister.
Low- Max having the flu and causing us to miss out on some fun activities.
Aha- I can accomplish a lot when I dedicate myself to only one thing at a time.

lindsaymarie said...

First off, I love myers-briggs, I'm an INFP and the description is shockingly accurate. =)
HIGH: I coordinated an event for invisible children on our campus and it was inspiring to see people get interested in the cause. (check out if you're not familiar with this organization!)

LOW: Being stressed out about figuring out how to pay for grad school.

AHA: Realizing that even though I may be paying off loans forever and ever, I am so excited for this next part of my life that it will be worth it.

Stacie said...

High: Lucian has learned to walk and climb! Tax return that's going to cover a big home improvement project we did last summer on a 12-months-same-as-cash deal. Being super-excited about yet another business venture I've started.

Low: Lucian has learned to walk and climb, which means he's not staying my baby forever. Having a hard time getting new clients and students, thanks in large part to the economy. Feeling spread way too thin lately.

Aha: I really need to do a cost-benefit analysis of each decision regarding the work I do in order to make sure I'm not cutting into important family time if I'll end up being paid a lot less than that time is worth. So I'm learning to say no sometimes and to put myself and my family first, while still trying to meet my family's financial needs.

Tera said...

High: my friend, Andrea, is here RIGHT NOW to visit for the night, good interviews and one more in the near future, a new babysitting gig, SUNSHINE :), a trip the NCAA tourney was a blast, just started Big Brothers/Sisters and am loving it.

Low: Bad interviews, still no job, bills are pilling up big time.

Aha: 11 year old girls can be hellish...sorry mom & dad for when I was 11, it's so much easier said than done, my husband is amazing and i'm so lucky to be married to him (i already knew that...but it's been reiterated lately)

Katie K said...

Happy Saturday, everyone!

High- cutting off 9 inches of my hair, spring arriving, the semester is coming to an end

Low- the sty on my eye is getting old, my allergies have kicked into high gear, the semester is coming to an end which means saying bye to friends

Aha- while letting go of some things may be hard in the moment, it is liberating and worth it in the end.

b.k.root said...

I'm still kicking my butt for not making it to Taste of USA this past year... since it was in my state after all.

Anyhow, we'll see how it goes for this year.

Chaotic said...

high: finding out my spouse will no longer have to work 8-6pm Sunday (yes, you saw that right) thru Friday every week!

low: the pay cut (of $200-250 per month) that comes with the loss of overtime :-(

aha: that time with spouse is the important thing and the money will sort itself out :-)

Claudia said...

Claudia checking in after a long and action-packed weekend.

First let me say... I love knowing we are in the company of people such as Brian. Brian, I continue to be impressed by all the service work you do! Thank you for making our world a better place and for visiting our corner of the world each day.

Now for my high, low, and aha of the month.

High: Work is heating up and becoming challenging, just the way I like it; beautiful weather; being surrounded by great friends; Matthew is now 5 and Jack is now 2!

Low: I was sick this past weekend; Feeling a little bit behind on a few things; and always wishing I had a little more time for the little things in life.

Aha: I've always considered myself focused on tasks first and relationships second (kind of a work first, then pleasure attitude). I've realized lately that I'm not so bad at the relational stuff. Who knew?

Chaotic said...

I, too, am an INFP, FYI

new low...came home from weekend out after some lovely rain only to find my roof is leaking..water marks on my ceiling....
purchased this new home 17 months