Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Red Carpet , White Paper Plates

It might be Red Carpet Week, but the star of today's show is White Paper Plates!

Working in higher education forces even a spendthrift to be frugal.  While CEOs of companies such AIG and the auto industry are earning seven figure bonuses and flying from meeting to meeting in Leer Jets, folks in higher education are presenting awards made out of paper plates.  

It's true.  I've been associated with higher education for twenty-five years, that is if you count my undergraduate years.  Many of those have been spent working with student groups who, though filled with hard working, motivated volunteers, also cannot afford extravagant awards.  I'm not sure when I was first introduced to the notion of Paper Plate Awards, but the ritual of giving and receiving these heartfelt awards is as much a part of the school year as commencement, graduation, and beer at fraternity parties. 

These awards are the source of today's creative idea, because they are a great way to get ready for both Valentine's Day (10 days and counting) and the Virtually Groundbreaking People's Choice Awards (2 weeks from TONIGHT).

Here's the idea.

Using only a white paper plate, your imagination, and whatever art supplies you can get your hands on, create an award to be presented to another member of a membership group.  In our cases the awards might be presented to a family member; a friend;  a relative; a colleague; or a member of your book club, mom's day out group, fitness group, or.... fellow highlowaha member!!!  

If you've been playing along with me all week, you've already picked out your fancy outfit and glitzy jewelry, you've already sketched out your A-list of people to invite, and you've already decided where in your home you can lay (not lie) the red carpet.  Now you have the perfect reason for each of your guests to walk the red carpet!  Yes.  On this night, you can live the real Spirit of 218 by seizing this completely fabricated (but fun nonetheless) chance to recognize someone for something as simple as a recent accomplishment or one of their "star qualities." 

Better yet, how about letting everyone in the house create and present an award of their own? Or, seriously considering a Red and Pink clashes lunch or dinner with girlfriends?  Paper plate awards will make it double the fun!  Need a question for your Newlywed Game?  "If your husband or wife was to present you with a Paper Plate Award, what would it say?"  Still looking for a fun and inexpensive way to say "Happy Valentine's Day" to your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers?  Paper plate awards are the perfect solution.

Here's the thing about these awards.  Paper plate awards are NOT a dime a dozen.  In fact, they cost less than a tenth of a penny, but in sentiment they are PRICELESS!  

In anticipation of our upcoming People's Choice Award show, consider identifying a highlowaha reader(or readers) you would love to recognize and then making him/her a paper plate award.  If you submit a photograph of your award by Monday, February 16 at noon, I will post it on the blog on Tuesday, February 17.

Signing off until tomorrow... 

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