Friday, February 13, 2009

Free For All Friday: Question Mark Queue

It's been a long time since I've been so anxious for a week to end.  In part I'm excited to finish the business of Unfinished Business.  Of course ending this week also means the arrival of Valentine's Day, as well as next week's much anticipated Anniversary Week!

For all you newcomers, highlowaha is less than one week away from celebrating our One Year Anniversary.  It's going to be a week of excitement, reflection, celebration, and even a few surprises.  The festivities peak on Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. when we host highlowaha's first ever People's Choice Award Show.  It's a red carpet event, so dust off your cumber buns and boas and get ready for a night of recognition.  If you're a veteran, it will be a nice way to recap our year.  If your new to our site, it will be a great way to find out what you've been missing and to jump right in to the fun.

Tuesday, people.  Wednesday, service initiatives.  Yesterday, programs.  Today a few miscellaneous items and then space for you to Free For All.  It is a chance for you to go directly to the source and get answers to whatever question marks you have about projects undertaken or ideas shared over the course of this year.  Hopefully all the usual suspects will tune in today, so the maximum number of questions can be answered.

I have quite a few items to cover, so I'll keep my updates honest, but brief.

Flat Stanley:  Flat Stanley, an initiative started early on in Highlowaha's history, made it from Texas to Canada.  He got lost in the mail, so a clone was hatched and resent from Texas to Pennsylvania (by way of CSPgrad in Kentucky).  He got to Pennsylvania just in time for Tera and Treye's wedding.  That's the last Stanley was heard of.  Truth is, once Ray hit the scene we became way more enamored with him and I was a.o.k if his competition went MIA.

Sugar Ray:  Soon after Ray hit the scene, he became restless and decided he couldn't be content living a life in the boring Beeny house.  He wanted to spread his wings and travel the globe spreading our good word (in the form of light bulb cookies to be shared with people in our communities).  He did a stint at the Yochum house in Euless, Texas where he got the chance to talk about Highlowaha with women at Lifetime Fitness.  From there Sugar Ray went to Ohio where the Johnsons hosted him for a period of time and introduced him to Treye's co-workers.  From Ohio he went East, ending up at Maureen's Peres's house, where I think he was scheduled to meet up with a troop of Girl Scouts and their mothers.  In fact, I think that is still where Sugar Ray is hanging out.  I'm guessing he doesn't want to miss Krysten's Sweet 16 bash, coming up next Thursday night.  Can you blame him?  From there Sugar Ray is supposed to board a plane and head straight for Erie, Pennsylvania where he will be the house guest of loyal reader, Kristen

Craft Closet: Inquiry was made about my craft closet.  The funny thing is, I don't ever remember talking about my craft space - though I'll take any excuse to do so.  Instead, I think it was my friend Nicole who, was in the process of redoing a craft closet in her house, and who wanted to pick our brain for favorite nooks and crannies.  I emailed Nicole in an attempt to get an update, but she is weeks away from delivering her second child, so I suspect she is otherwise occupied.  Nicole... if for some reason you are out there, we love to hear what - if anything - you've done.

In the meantime, I don't mind sharing a picture of my craft space.  I like to call it, "My corner of the World."  It is literally a corner.  On the wall opposite these cabinets are the washer and dryer.  Walk through one door and you're in the kitchen area.  Walk through the other door and you're in the garage.  It's small.  It's not glamorous, but it's mine and I love it.  Incidentally, the space wasn't there when we moved in.  My wonderful husband had it built for me as an anniversary present!  One more thing.  Because it is my "corner of the world."  I am seeking an artist willing to come in and paint it (walls and cabinets) to look like a globe.  If you're out there and you're willing, you can stay with me free for however long it takes!

Enough from me, at least for now.  

How about I get us going with a question posed on Monday and then a few of my own.  Here we go...

Cristine Struble.  Monday a reader posed a question inquiring about what you ended up naming Matt's 40th birthday party.
Heather.  What did you pack as a gift for your mother, when you met up with her in Florida last week?
Lindsay Marie.  What, if anything, did you end up doing for your homesick friend who is studying abroad? 
Cassie P.  What did you end up doing for your mother's 40th birthday?

Your turn.  What question marks do you have about unfinished highlowaha business?

Signing off until tomorrow...

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