Thursday, February 5, 2009

Red Carpet: Sugar SWAKS

Lip Smacking Fun!
Is it Thursday already?  

Nothing makes time fly faster than a countdown... except maybe two countdowns!  First, Valentine's Day (9 days away) and then our Virtually Groundbreaking People's Choice Award Show(13 days away).

Monday was Valentine bags and invitation addresses.  Tuesday we talked Valentine's parties and festive decorations.  Yesterday the power of Paper Plate Awards and today... lips.  Today is about lip S.W.A.K.s and Lip SMACKS.

Lip S.W.A.K (sealed with a kiss)...
Sometimes the treat comes first and then comes the idea for its packaging.  Other times the packaging drives the idea for treat.  In this instance, the packaging drove the treat.  Weeks ago I was in Target and the Dollar Bin was full of small red, pink, and white mailboxes (with a flag and everything).  I love mail, so you can imagine mini mailboxes would catch my eye.  I bought twelve, so I could use them as Valentine treats for day care providers and neighbors.  I thought about filling them with chocolate kisses and a small note, but then I had an idea... 

You've Got Mail
Sealed with a Kiss

Two days ago I was in Hobby Lobby and saw these fun lips, for 40% off 16.99 ($11.00)  Having already decided on baking cookie lips, I couldn't resist buying the containers (not to mention I collect big things).  Filled with cookies and chocolate kisses, it'll make the perfect gift for a special someone.
One more thing about lips.  A few years ago Matthew and I made a "kiss on a stick" to give his friends and teachers.  We used a lip stamp, red ink, red glitter, shishkabob sticks, red foam hearts, and chocolate kisses.  We made big red, glittery lips and then hot glued them, along with the foam hearts, to skewers (pointy end up) painted red.  Once done, we speared the pointy end with a chocolate kiss.  They were adorable!   

Lip Smacks:
Wardrobe... covered.  Guest list... covered.  Decorations... covered.  Awards... covered.  Next, food.  Today I am in search (and you should be too) for yummy, BUT SIMPLE, treats I can serve at my People's Choice Award party.  It'll be 8:00, so nothing heavy.  I'm thinking lip smacking desserts.  I can't get past chocolate covered strawberries, but surely - with your help - I can come up with something more original.  Anybody have any award winning ideas? 

Lay one on me. 

Signing off until tomorrow...

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