Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Big One

Announcement about tonight's festivities at the end...

Thanks for...
Happy Anniversary!

I wrote a post then deleted it.  I wrote another post then deleted it too.  I paced the living room floor, read books (and calendar pages) for ideas, scrolled through old posts for inspiration, listened to music lyrics, and even asked von Oech to whack my thinking.


Today feels like it should be the grand daddy of all posts.  The pinnacle of this whole crazy year.  I feel like I should have something really profound, really funny, or really inspiring to say.  But, I don't.  Part of the reason is because the real celebration  is scheduled to happen tonight during the Highlowaha People's Choice Awards, beginning at 8:00 CST, right here in this very location.  I think the other reason I'm conflicted is because a big "to-do" or major departure from our normal routine would, in many ways, run counter to who we are and what this space stands for. 

Highlowaha is about honoring the beauty of simplicity.  It about using our creativity to turn simple moments into lasting memories that can be shared by family and friends.  It's about the security of shared rituals and of living the spirit of #218.

No.  Today is the 18th of the month and while it would be tempting to fill this blog space with inspiring quotes, a brass band from You Tube, or a virtual ticker tape parade, we will resist the urge and return to the very ritual for which this blog is named.  

In usual form we will use the 18th of the month to join in community and to share our "high," our "low," and our "aha" (something you've learned).  Maybe we'll allow for a slight adaptation.  Normally we focus on the events of the past month, but maybe today, you will consider the events of the past year.  And, if you're feeling really festive considering sharing the "high," "low," and "aha" of your experience on this blog site over the past year.

Another ritual.  In September I began drawing the name of a person who participated in our "high," "low," "aha" monthly ritual, so that one person could win a free Highlowaha t-shirt (winners to date have been AZLori, Peggy, Kelly, Heather, and Cassie P).  Another adaptation.  Beginning today, the monthly winner will have the option of either ordering a Highlowaha t-shirt OR a t-shirt bearing your favorite picture of Ray Wattson (If I won today, I'd have to go for either HemminRay or AmoRay).  How about you?

So let's get on with it.  I'll start

High:  So many highs on the blog this year.  Making new friends like Cheryl, Peggy, Julie, Brian, Kristen, and Robin (to name a few); reconnecting with old friends like Tera, Cassie P., AZLori, and Maureen (also to name a few); staying current with oldies, but goodies like Susan, Cristine, Heather and Katie (and, yes... to name a few); the birth of Ray; Virtual parties; service projects; and keeping my promise to post a new idea every day (except Sunday), while never repeating the same idea twice.  

Low:  Unfinished, unfinished business; losing readers like Jayme, Chaotic, and Anon who once frequented our site; and never tracking down Julie A. Cole from Lincoln, Nebraska.

Aha: Lots of people enjoy receiving Snail Mail, just like me.  You can't mail a cake and have it arrive in tact.  The Gettysburg Address was only 22 words.  Dueling is still legal in Paraguay.  I have the discipline to do something every day (except Sunday) for an entire year! 

An announcement and then it's your turn...

Red Carpet Preview: A few important notes about tonight's much anticipated award ceremony.
  • As with any respectable award show, we'd like to you to take your seats beginning at 7:45 CST.  The show will be broadcast via video.  It will take approximately 15 minutes to upload (depending on connection speed), once you've clicked on the link.  So... begin uploading at 7:45 and you should be ready to go by 8:00 p.m.
  • Incidentally, the video will begin playing as soon as you click on the link.  Refrain from watching until 8:00, so we are all watching at the same time.
  • The show is 34 minutes long.
  • Regardless of whether or not you win something, we'd love it if you would post notes of celebration.
  • If you are lucky enough to be an award winner, please post your acceptance speech.  We'd love to hear what you have to say.
  • Email me pictures of you in celebration mode (, by midnight, and be entered in the drawing for a prize.
  • As an added bonus, a series of three words - in yellow text - have been hidden throughout the awards show.  Gather them, read them in order, and get a clue about the fun awaiting you bright and early Thursday morning.
  • This is not an exact science, so be patient.
See you on the carpet.  Signing off until then...

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Chaotic said...

High : finding out I have been missed
Low : missing out on being here
Aha : thinking I can hide this site more often at work....