Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Red Carpet Tuesday

Announcements at the end...

As I mentioned yesterday, this is Red Carpet Week on Highlowaha. Our community is in the thick of planning for two big events: Valentines Day (February 14) and the Highlowaha People's Choice Awards on Wednesday, February 18 at 8:00 p.m. (CST). Both are too important to miss, so mark your calendars now.

As promised, I will share two ideas each day this week. The first should get your wheels turning as you begin making plans for Valentines Day and the second will assure all your ducks are in a row four days later, for the red carpet People's Choice Awards Show.

Valentine's Day
Today we'll talk parties. When I was single and just moved to Wilmington, North Carolina my friend Debbie (who happened to work at the same university) and I hosted a "Red and Pink Clashes" party with. It was girls only and you had to wear either red or pink. I seem to remember having stir fry for dinner, but I definitely remember that dessert was a yummo Strawberry Shortcake (Bisquick has a great recipe). Red strawberries and pink whip cream. It was a fun night of games, "chick flicks," and girl talk. Don't want to host a party? How about a Red and Pink Clashes luncheon with your friends?

Newlywed Game: Invitations to the Beeny version of this party just went out the other day. It's simple. We've invited seven couples to join us for a fun-filled night. Each couple receives 2 small chalk boards, chalk, and eraser. Richard and I develop fun questions to be answered by husbands and wives. Naturally a couple's goal is to have as many matching answers as possible. Some examples of questions we have used in the past are: "The famous person your husband will most say you most remind him of is...". "The item of your husband's clothing you would most like to get rid of is...," and " ." This year dinner will be a potluck, though you could just as easily do it later and serve coffee and dessert.
Virtually Groundbreaking Red Carpet Event:
Only 15 more days until February 18, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. Today we'll talk decorations. We've already established the fact that you'll be all dressed in all your glitz and glam. It seems only fitting, then, that your living room also be decked out. Here's the beauty of our timing. Only four days earlier is Valentine's Day and three days later is the Oscar's. If you play your cards right you could have decorations that work for all three events. And, what a week it will be?!?!
  • Valentine's Day... red. People's Choice... red carpet. Oscars... also red carpet. Party city sells faux red carpets for $5.99. You could let each member of your family walk the red carpet on Valentine's day while you broadcast what you love about them and then use the same red carpet to deck out your home for the People's Choice Awards.
  • Instead of doing the traditional heart/cupid thing for Valentine's Day, how about stars? "You're a star." Cover them in red glitter.
  • Or how about a walk of fame, coming up your driveway (or residence hall, all you res-lifers)?
  • Red candles would work nicely for Valentines day, but also set great atmosphere for Wednesday night's affair.
  • Swags of red, white, or black tulle will look festive draped over your kitchen chairs Valentine's morning, but four days later can be used to make your living room look elegant.
  • Classical music and silver serving trays will make any Valentine's dinner more special and both will work beautifully during your People's Choice Pre-Party.
  • Thumbprints: Last week a handful of you followed through and emailed me thumbprint art. Below are some of the masterpieces thanks to Peggy, Misty, and Shannon.

  • Mailing addresses: Remember, we are looking for the names of 50 people (friends, colleagues, neighbors, or acquaintances from book clubs, sports practices, or other weekly meetings). We plan to send cards, inviting people to join our community beginning February 19 (first day of the new year).
  • Kristen: Inquiring minds want to know... what did you end up getting your hubby for your one year anniversary?
  • Congratulations Michelle and Robin: Michelle won the generously donated Belly Cast from reader, Stacie. Robin was last week's other lucky winner, having won a photo shoot, for she and her family, with the up and coming photographer, Laura Kline.
Signing off until tomorrow...

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