Friday, February 20, 2009

Free For All Friday: Community Meet & Greet

Welcome to the first Free For All Friday of our second year here on Highlowaha!  We will spend today's Free for All getting to know each other as veteran readers, loyal lurkers and newcomers alike.  To those newcomers, first let me introduce the premise behind Free for All Friday.  This is a day each week where we benefit from the collective creativity and wisdom of our community.  Generally, a question is posed to the group and we spend the day sharing a free for all of answers.  Today's take on this tradition will be modeled after a current trend on Facebook.  Some of you may be aware of the trend on this social networking site to publish a 'note' and include 25 random facts, goals or habits about yourself.  Today, we will take a Highlowaha spin on the idea, and Free for All about ourselves by each sharing 18 random facts, goals, or habits.  

This will give us an opportunity to learn new details about each other which we may not already know, and will also provide a great opportunity for new readers to introduce themselves for the first time.   For a bean counter like me, this gives perfect insight into the random and sometimes most important facts about you as a member of the Highlowaha community.  So, without any further ado, here are my 18 random facts:

  • My favorite sweet cereal is Captain Crunch (I feel the need to share this after Claudia's sweet cereal analogy yesterday). 
  • I am one of three children.  I occupy the middle child spot sandwiched between an older and younger brother.
  • I was born in a hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Yes, that means I am from Ohio.
  • I have proof on my birth certificate to validate #3.
  • I once suffered a knee injury because my older brother triple dog dared me to ride my bike on the ice after a snow storm.  Who backs down from that?!  Not I!
  • I have a life goal to go sky diving- I have plans to make that happen in April of this year.
  • I am sarcastic to the core.  It is one of life's small consistencies that you can always count on from me.
  • I would wear flip flops year round if I could.  I have been known to wear them on a January day simply because my feet cannot stand being locked away in closed shoes any longer.
  • I have travel fever.  Ever since studying abroad in the fall of 2007, I cannot stand to be in one place for too long.
  • Turning on my music and spending a day cleaning my apartment are what keep me at ease these days.
  • I love peanut butter.  The combination of peanut butter and chocolate together are my idea of heaven on Earth.
  • Trying one new thing every day is what keeps life interesting.  Variety is the spice of life, after all.
  • The thought of having and raising children terrifies me.
  • The main attraction of my apartment is my shelf of packaging supplies, paint, Sharpie markers, ribbon, stickers, and all things glue.  I would have it no other way.
  • I love the work that I am doing as a Hall Director.  Even in the moments when I get a wake up phone call at 3 am because there is an issue in the building, I still love helping students learn, change, and grow.
  • I am a total night owl.  I could stay up all night long with no problem, but getting up can be pretty hard for me.  I get that from my dad.  When we would take family vacations in the summers, we would always drive at night so we could sleep.  The funny part is I would never sleep- I'd just stay awake talking to my dad and being in charge of the radio.
  • I am currently growing out my hair to donate to Locks of Love.
  • I want to learn a second language- Spanish, I think.
Now it's your turn!  What 18 random facts, habits or goals are you going to share with us today?  Hopefully you've learned a few new things about me and I hope to do the same with each of you!  

A few announcements:
  • Email Subscription: As our Cruise Director, Cheryl, mentioned in the comment section of yesterday's post, there is now a feature on the blog to subscribe to via your email address.  Check out the new feature on the sidebar of the blog to the right.  There is a spot that says: Subscribe via email.  Enter your email address.  Feedburner will then send you an email to confirm you want to receive the emails.  Click the link in your email and you will begin receiving Highlowaha updates in your email box every day!  As of this morning, we have 11 people subscribed to receive updates in their email box.  Our goal is to have a total of 25 community members subscribed by Sunday evening.  Go subscribe now!  You're guaranteed to never miss a new post again!
  • Patchwork Fashion Show: Announcing our first patch yielding event of the new year!  For those newcomers, first a brief introduction to patchwork.  In July of 2008, Highlowaha began our own patchwork system via some inspiration from the Girl Scouts of America.  Members of our community have designated a piece of denim (apron, purse, jeans, jacket) to be their piece of patchwork denim.  Some events in this community are deemed patch yielding and participation in these events will earn you a patch for your patchwork denim.  Such events thus far have been the tree lighting ceremony and gift exchange, pumpkin carving, SuperBowl, and many others.  For those of you with a piece of patchwork denim already in your possession and adorned with some great patchwork, we will have a Highlowaha Patchwork Fashion Show on Thursday, February 26.  To participate in this event, take a photo of your patchwork denim and email it to by 5 pm on Wednesday, February 25.  For those of you with patches in your possession but not yet adorned to a piece of denim... there is no time like the present!  All those participating in this event will earn a "2nd year" patch marking your participation in the second year of this great community!
Signing off until tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Happy Friday All! Have to come back later to do the 18 random for thought for the day though!
Wow...again it won't let me log in to post....going with anonymous again...azlori

Just Ducky said...

For everyone having trouble logging assured it is a blogger problem as other blogs have been having the same problem. But you can click on the button that says name and fill in your name so you don't have to be can leave the url blank.

cassie p said...

1. I am graduating and becoming a nurse this May.
2. I have four brothers, and I am older than all of them.
3. I love kids, cannnot wait to have my own, but am content with babysitting other's kids for now.
4. I learned that I cannot just hang out with guys as friends, because they always like me.
5. OH, my favorite sweet cereal is Peanut Butter Captain Crunch!
6. I also have a life goal of going sky diving; but also bungy jumping, and riding in a hot air balloon.
7. I love exercising. I try to do it everyday, but being in nursing school, I get about 4-5 days of the week.
8. I am going on a cruise for spring break with all my girl friends before we graduate. We leave a week from tomorrow!
9. Like Katie, I have the travel fever- from studying abroad in London in summer 2007. I dream (literally) of going back there, but also of travelling to other places.
10. While I was in London, I got to spend a weekend in Paris, and a weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland!
11. Because of #10, I am seriously thinking about being a travel nurse after I work here in Louisville a couple years and get some experience. Like what Julie does! (We need to chat Julie).
12. I was born in southern California, so I LOVE THE BEACH, the sun, being tan, and wearing flip-flops year-round.
13. I played soccer growing up, and miss it a ton.
14. My mom is my best friend.
15. I got a retainer 3 days ago, to move my front teeth, and have only been able to eat things like applesauce, pudding, yogurt, and soup because my teeth hurt so bad.
16. I finally caved and am reading that stupid book, Twilight (OK, sorry, it is pretty good).
17. I am sarcastic, cynical, and mean sometimes. But I am also a very caring person.
18. I have the privilege of knowing three out of the four women sitting at the HLA table. I hope I get the chance to meet the cruise director soon!!!

Just Ducky said...

Here are my 18 randoms:

#1-I'm a control freak. I think the only reason I resemble a duck is because I'm afraid to admit when something is out of my control.
#2-I'm a horrible housekeeper. I clean once a week and the rest of the time I just can't seem to get on top of it.
#3-My least favorite tasks are laundry and dishes because you are never completely finished with them.
#4-I haven't slept in for 21 months...the joys of motherhood, Lily wakes between 5:30 and 6:30 every day.
#5-Speaking of Lily, motherhood has been one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced...who knew a little person could fill your life with such joy and amazement.
#6-Speaking of has been one of the most frustrating things I've ever experienced...who knew that a little person could cause you to feel like banging your head against the wall in agony on an almost daily basis.
#7-I hope that the terrible twos aren't worse than the terrible ones...see #6.
#8-I am frugal to the core...growing up in a family of 7 with a single mother made me that way and I've never been able to break out of it.
#9-I've worn the same clothes for over 10 years...see #8.
#10-My idea of a haircut is to run in Great Clips...not only are you in and out in less than an hour but it also costs you less than $20...even better if you save one of their coupons and can get it for $5.99.
#11-I love my job! I sometimes have a hard time believing it myself and it may sound cruel of me considering I suspend students on a daily basis but it really is fulfilling work.
#12-I always thought I'd have my Ph.D. by now, I know that someday I'll go back I just don't yet know when someday will be. (probably after the terrible twos!).
#13-I miss my friends in Kentucky...even though I've been here since July it still feels like I could call them up to meet for lunch. It isn't until I eat lunch alone at my desk that I realize that isn't an option.
#14-I LOVE St. Patrick's Day! Bal and I met as a part of an Irish tour group and had a running joke that "Everyday is St. Patrick's Day" So our first date (July 5) was St. Patrick's Day and our first kiss (also July 5th!) was on St. Patrick's Day. So...Bal proposed on St. Patrick's Day literally March 17, 2004!
#15-My daughter is yelling at me from her highchair right now...that is where I put her in the mornings with breakfast and Blue's Clues so I can get my HLA Land time in before going to work.
#16-I hate the taste (or lack of taste) of pains me to drink it. When I HAVE to it MUST be ice, ice cold.
#17-I go to bed EARLY! I have always been an early to bed early to rise kind of person but not at the ripe old age of 29 I am in bed no later than 10 pm every night (last night I fell asleep on the couch with Lily at 7:15!!!)
#18-I wear contact lenses and am blind without them but if I ever HAD to wear glasses in public I'd rather walk around blind than be seen with them goes back to being 12 and having to wear them through middle school I'm sure.

Peggy said...

1. I was born and raised in Racine, WI (just south of Milwaukee) moved out of state for the first time when I was 31.

2. I played cello and piano, in high school I was in concert choir, master singers and orchestra and the church senior choir

3. I have a tattoo around my left ankle, got that when I was 38.

4. Moved to Murfreesboro TN, (dh was transferred) when my dd was 3 weeks old and ds was barely two... I moved away from my family when I had two wee ones, it was tough!

5. My husband and I met at a company bowling outing, on our first date he told me he met the girl he was going to marry!! (That was 21 years ago)

6. I have an older brother (4 years older) I was the bratty kid sister

7. My degree is in Marketing and Commercial Design from liberal arts Carthage College in Kenosha WI (I was a commuter, so I am completely clueless to dorm life)

8. I'm not a risk taker, and only bet on sure things... and I'm also very frugal! Yet really, I don't have many opportunities to take big risks or gamble

9. I have performed on stage with 5 different productions at the Racine Theatre Guild (Community Theatre) my most proud moment was performing in front of my daughter's elementary school in an outreach program of "Honk" the musical (where I actually danced and sang)

10. I truly loved being a stay at home mom! (most days)

11. I think for our 20th anniversary we're doing the Europe trip.

12. I'm loyal, honest and when I say I'm going to do something, I do

13. I admit when I'm wrong

14. When I was a kid we'd take two week vacations, Washington DC, Florida, Out West... I don't know how I could have been in a car that long without 'electronic' stuff.

15. My mom and I are both left handed

16. When I was in high school I thought I'd move to New York and my name would be in lights... but, I would have been the one who 'created' the light display!!!

17. My dh and I are alot a like, we say the same thing at the same time, I'm anal, but he is just very neat!

18. I love my family, and the journey we are now taking here in Illinois (flatlander, FIBS) has been quite a ride. I look so forward to today, but am very curious about tomorrow.

lindsaymarie said...

1. I am currently in the process of applying to grad schools for social work and waiting not-so-patiently to hear about acceptance.
2. I'm graduating with a BA in sociology in May.
3. I want to adopt a little girl someday in the longggggg term future.
4. I'm in love with New York City and I can't wait to live there, hopefully, next year.
5. I always have a tube of burt's bees lip balm with me.
6. I want to work abroad eventually. My mom is not happy about this.
7. I am a music fanatic.
8. I love to shop for shoes but I hate wearing them. I'm a flip-flop girl like Katie.
9. Also like Katie, I want to go skydiving. This spring or summer, it's gonna happen.
10. I am obsessive about my planner. If I don't write things down, they'll never happen.
11. I declare a new "soulmate" about every other day. Right now Andy Samberg and I are soulmates.
12. I HATE mayonnaise. It's only okay in things like chicken salad, never ever ever on a sandwich.
13. I love food in general, especially trying new food. I grew up in southern NJ, where "ethnic food" is Taco Bell and Chinese takeout. Since I've been at college, close to NYC, I've been trying new foods and am in love with Indian and Thai food.
14. I love learning about religion and spirituality, either from books or just in talking to people about what they believe and why.
15. I'm really hungry right now, and I'm gonna hit up the coffee shop pretty soon for a bagel and a coffee, I really love bagels and coffee.
16. I love coming across quotations that inspire me, I have a word document full of them and they're sprinkled throughout my journal.
17. My new favorite word, as of this week, is "resplendent." Isn't it beautiful?
18. I'm subscribed to HLA through google reader.... not through the email.... I'm sorry to throw off the subscriber count! And that was a cheater fact, so also...... I love cheese.

Devil Dog a.k.a Claudia said...

Good morning, everyone! Thanks Katie for doing a great post to get the new year going. It was the first night in a year I didn't craft a highlowaha post. Now for my 18 things...

#1: I've been invited to do this on Facebook, but haven't, because I can't imagine that I have enough interesting things to share.
#2: I am the youngest of three daughters.
#3: I am allergic to all legumes, which means all nuts and beans are off limits to me.
#4: Both of my sister's went to the High School of Performing Arts, in New York (the school that the movie Fame was filmed about). Ann a ballerina. Ellen a pianist.
#5: I did a short stint with the flute, but volleyball, gymnastics, and tennis were more my thing.
#6: I didn't learn how to drive until I was in graduate school.
#7: I lived down the block from tennis player, John McEnroe. He has two brothers (Mark and Patrick). We always imagined what it would be like if our families merged and we were the Brady Bunch.
#8: I have never - I repeat NEVER - seen my mom in a pair of pants or shorts. Skirts and dresses ONLY.
#9: Come to think of it, I have NEVER - I mean NEVER - seen my dad in a pair of denim jeans. Khakis and trousers only.
#10: I have NO rhythm and I am tone deaf. Not pretty!
#11: I spent summers as a camp counselor and still think the experience was transformative.
#12: I can go to a movie and 60 minutes later completely forget what it was about and who starred in the movie.
#13: I can remember something my husband said 9 years ago on a Tuesday night at 6:00... and remind him of it if the argument is just right.
#14: My daily Starbucks order is Venti Cinnamon Dolce, non-fat, no whip, and heated to 180 degrees.
#15: I sailed around the world on a ship.
#16: Matthew is standing here and says I should tell you, "I sing like birds and give kisses like butterflies."
#17: One of the most fun things about motherhood (at least when your kids are small) is your kids think you are perfect.
#18: I fear it is true... I'm all out of interesting facts.

Cruise Director said...

Damn Blogger! Had it all typed up and BAM... error...

I'll be back with my 18. But Cassie P #4: If you are half as nice as you are cute... duh!!! Put Taste of USA on your radar to come to this year so we can meet!!!

Peggy: What's your tattoo of?

Lindsay Marie: I love that you have HLA in your reader! You're so techy!

I'm off to brush the coffee and breakfast off my teeth. I'll be back with my 18 in a few.

Chaotic said...

1. I am collecting lip prints for Cheryl from women here @ work :-)
2. I am a “paper artist” who dabbles in mixed media
3. I am a witch  who follows the old ways
4. peanut butter is my weakness…cookies, candy, Reese’s PB Cups…
5. I live in my mind, and it gets a little scary sometimes
6. I rescue animals… of all sorts… reptiles, rodents, felines, canines
7. I bough my first house Dec 2007.
8. My son is my greatest accomplishment
9. I chase people for money (My job is in A/R)
10. I hate to wear shoes
11. I love Black Sabbath
12. I have so much stuff in my life that I want to do but work gets in my way
13. I am a twin
14. I have a need to collect pretty paper
15. I love to snail mail & have several pen pals
16. I can’t live without my day-planner
17. I am ambidextrous
18. I hate to cook but love watching other people cook on TV

Tera said...

1. First, and most importantly, I'd rather be busy 7 days a week than bored one.

2. I don't have a "real" job right now and it's driving me mad (see #1).

3. I'm pretty crafty...but never seem to finish projects. There is one that I'm working on now that I swear will be done in the next 4-6 weeks.

4. I really want to learn American Sign Language. I know a few words, but I'd LOVE to be able to communicate with the deaf.

5. Since this time 2 years ago, I've resided in 3 different places...each in a different state.

6. I love football and basketball! I've always enjoyed football, but Treye REALLY got me in to it back in college and now he calls me a what if I live for fantasy season and watch every minute of both days of the NFL draft?

7. Treye and I got married this past July and we're loving married life :)

8. I went to my first USA Soccer game last week...USA v. Mexico. It was an amazing experience and I recommend all of your sports lovers go to a game!

9. Movies aren't my thing. I don't have the patience to sit there that long. I've never seen the Godfather, any of the Rocky or Star Trek/Wars movies...and the list goes on.

10. One hour of TV is excellent...which is why I'm a reality TV junkie.

11. DVR is the best invention this century! Every day we DVR Ellen, Oprah, Tyra & Wheel of Fortune. There are also shows that come on weekly that are recorded including The Amazing Race, Hell's Kitchen, ABDC, Sober House, Tool Academy, etc.

12. I'm anxious to get back to work in Student Affairs. I'm doing retail right now and you don't impact people's lives this way...which is something I miss like crazy.

13. I love taking pictures. I had a dream last night that I couldn't find my camera at a friends wedding and I freaked out!

14. I'm going to the NCAA Men's basketball tournament 1st & 2nd rounds in Dayton in March. I'm SUPER excited :)

15. On my to-do list today is apply for at least 3 more jobs...this is getting old!

16. I miss my best friend...a lot...but get to see her in 2 1/2 weeks!!!

17. I've got baby fever like crazy...but know it's not the best decision to have a kid now. Patience, patience, patience...

18. I only eat hotdogs that are from Erie, PA. If you haven't had a Smith's hotdog, you should figure out how to get one!

And from yesterday's post...I'm not a big sweet cereal person. The only kind I like is Frosted Flakes. Growing up it was either Frosted Flakes, Cheerios or Rice Capt. Crunch, Coco Puffs or Lucky Charms for me.

Peggy said...

Cheryl- If you go to yesterday's post, you'll see PCA party pictures... mine are the pictures of my ankles/toenails/strappy shoes... you can see parts of my tattoo... roses, thorns, leaves... like an ankle bracelet.

Anonymous said...

Here are my 18:

1) Did you know that 18 also signifies life in Hebrew? (Okay that was a random fact not about me!)

2) I was a military police officer in the 101st MP company.

3) I have 8 children.

4) I never thought I wanted kids in high school.

5) I only have one sister.

6) I'm still very sad on a daily basis since my grandmother died. I miss her terribly.

7) I'd love to travel but hate to fly.

8) I've jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

9) I've done drug raids with the Army and state police - it involved rappelling out of helicopters.

10) I love to read and even though my life is way out of control I still read every day.

11) When I don't have a small baby I read about 3 books a week.

12) I want to scrapbook but have no time.

13) I don't really like TV but I do love tivo.

14) I love Moose Tracks ice cream.

15) I enjoy watching my children sleep. It's like rebooting themselves.

16) I try very hard to always be a good friend.

17) I'm addicted to email.

18) I love my husband every day and like him most...

L'chaim! (To life!)

cassie p said...

lindsaymarie- your numbers 10, 12, and 18 (the part about cheese)- ME TOO!!! we could be best friends...

Laura said...

1. I've been married for a little over a year, and it is harder than people tell you it is!
2. I adore my husband and wouldn't choose anyone else to spend eternity with if I had to do it all again!
3. I have MAJOR baby fever, but my hubby is not quite ready...
4. I am more than a little antsy about my house selling (it's been on the market for 11 months!)
5. I blush uncontrollably all the time - knowing that I'm blushing makes it worse, and it happens anytime attention is focused on me even if I'm not nervous or I intentionally call the attention to me
6. I was a vocal music major, and I have sung in musicals, operas, small jazz and madrigal groups, large choral ensembles, and solos at church and many weddings (I don't blush when I sing unless I make a mistake!)
7. I am passionate about photography, and would eventually like to make it my day job
8. I tried to take on a photo-a-day, but have failed miserably...I do get several good ones in a week, but not all 7 days!
9. I am a TV and internet-surfing junkie...I wish I could make myself stop and spend more time being active or being with my friends and family
10. I miss my Heather, far away in Texas...wish we could get her back!!!!
11. We don't have any couple friends yet, and it makes it hard to have an active social life...I love my girlfriends, but they are either single or engaged to guys that are not so compatibile, and I don't know how to make new couple dating for friends!
12. My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby in August, the first grandchild in our family....I am so happy for them, but I am insanely jealous!
13. I secretly spy on old boyfriends and my husband's old girlfriends on Facebook/MySpace/Blogger...
14. I have self-taught myself Photoshop, and I'm addicted to post-processing my pictures, and surfing the net for tutorials all the time (see #9)
15. I knew nothing about marketing or PR when I took my job, which is at least 50% marketing and PR...I've learned a lot (the hard way) in 2 years!
16. I love so many aspects of my job, but what I would give to be a stay-at-home-wife, and really pursue my love of photography!
17. My family thought I would be a total bridezilla, but I wasn' they think I will be a crazy pregnant woman...I think my sister-in-law is actually the one to be both!
18. I am not good at telling people no...

Margaret said...

Hello all and Happy Friday! Get back to filing Cheryl!! I know you are on here reading this...

Random Facts about me....
1. I am a true California Girl, born in Apple Valley, CA.
2. But I am a southern girl too; I lived in Meridian, Miss when younger.
3. I’ve got some laid back nature girl in me from living in Santa Fe, NM.
4. I am Sooner Born and Sooner Bred, having lived in Claremore, OK and attended the University of Oklahoma.
5. But I am a big city Dallas girl through and through.
6. I subscribe to more magazines than I know! I could list all of them and take up this list of 18 and more!
7. I like to read while I dry my hair.
8. I love books… and reading anything I can get my hands on.
9. There is no place I would almost rather be than by the pool, in the sun, reading and getting tan. Hellllooooo Summer and Cheryl’s house!!
10. I have never really wanted to have my own kids.
11. I would move to Colorado in a heartbeat with my lovebug.
12. I want a King Charles Cavalier puppy and I would name her, “Miss Ellie”.
13. I love bad reality TV…Sober House, Girls Next Door, Rock of Love… I could go on.
14. I dislike clowns and parades, both scare me.
15. I could eat a great sandwich every day.
16. I could be a vegetarian if I did not have to give up bacon. Or beef, ha ha.
17. I was a Pi Phi at OU and I am still very active with my Alum Club here in Dallas.
18. I was on the President’s Leadership Council at OU and recruited for OU while in college.

That is all for now.... Happy Friday!

Devil Dog said...

A few follow-up notes: college boyfriend - Jim Rice - was from Racine Wisconsin. I want to say his grandfather was Mayor at some point. Jim lived on Pleasant Lane. Do you know where that is.

Lindsay... coffee, bagels, and an obsession with you planner. We're going to be good friends.

Robin: How much do I LOVE your factoid about the number 18 in Hebrew! Does anyone think it's more than a coincidence that we should have somewhat randomly landed on 18 as our number?

Chaotic... I can relate to your #12. I am trying to get myself up an hour earlier every morning, so I squeeze it all in!

Bean Counter said...

Alright everyone, this blog is a constant work in progress. Some of you may have noticed that we just changed the background color of the blog. So, what do you think? We had gotten feedback that there was too much white space, so we decided to shake things up.

Tera said...

KTK...I like the background.

Margaret, I too, am terrified of clowns!

Cruise Director said...

Every time I check in to type my 18 I wind up reading everyone elses.

KTK- that looks like baby poop yellow. I'm just saying...

Okay, My 18...
1. I was born and raised in the small town of Refugio, Texas and growing up, I loved it. Go Bobcats!
2. I played the French Horn from 6th grade to 12th grade. I was in the high school marching band and I often have dreams that I can't find my horn. When I do find it, I don't know the notes or the steps. I miss playing my french horn.
3. I LOVE MUSIC. My two all time favorite songs are Sitting by the Dock of the Bay and Harvest Moon but that's only 2 of a very long list of favorites. If I could only sing. (sigh) I can't carry a tune in a bucket. It's sad.
4. As a child growing up, I spent many vacations with my family at the beach. I love hot and humid weather where you can spend the day soaking in the sun while swimming in the water not to mention working on a cool, drizzle, sand castle.
5. When I graduated from high school, I wanted to be an architect. I couldn't quite grasp the rules of Physics so I changed majors to art.
6. I work as an Executive Assistant for the best company in the whole world in a beautiful office building with the most wonderful art and architectural details that you can imagine but if I won the lottery I would quit and be a full time artist. Don't tell! Come on winning Lottery Ticket!
7. At the age of 19, I survived a suburban vs. train accident. The train won but we both lived to tell about it. No, I wasn't driving.
8. I'm a project starter. Not a project finisher. I probably have 5 to 10 art/craft/home improvement projects around my house that I have started but not finished.
9. I love the feeling I get after laughing really hard for a long time. That laugh that goes on and on, you start to cry and your cheeks hurt but you just can't stop kind of laugh.
10. I love making people laugh. I love using sarcasm. I love teasing my friends and I’m not opposed to making a fool out of myself to make you laugh.
11. I believe in the common good of others but realize that not everyone is.
12. Growing up, I was extremely- no, painfully shy. I've outgrown it some but still experience social anxiety at times. So, it's not that I'm a complete snob. It's just that I'm freaking out inside.
13. My favorite books are The Outlander series written by Diana Gabaldon. There are currently 6 very long books in the series and she's writing the 7th. I read them over and over again. Claire accidentally falls back through time 200 years and falls in love with Jamie.
14. I love a good nap. Sleep is good.
15. I count myself so incredibly lucky that I must have good genes because until recently, I never worked out and ate basically whatever I wanted and am able to stay in a healthy weight range.
16. I'm a single mom of two wonderful boys, ages 7 & 8. I wish someone had stressed to me how hard it is to be a parent though. While there are SO many rewarding things about being a mom, it's the hardest job I will ever have to do and I have the two sweetest boys on Earth!!
17. My grandparents, JB and Helen Gumm, are my heroes. They were married for over 50 years and it always seemed that they just truly loved each other. They didn’t have a lot but they had each other. Whether it’s true or not I don’t care. It’s true in my mind. Even though I'm divorced, I still believe in love.
18. I believe in the statement: “I have all I need.”

Highlowaha said...

Cheryl.. So is that your way of say you don't like the yellow? We're working to eliminate all the white space. Wattcha got for us?

Tera said...

Claudia...and Amy, if you're out there:

I saw this store on some show on the Travel Channel this week or last and thought of you! Hope you're having a great day!

Cruise Director said...

I like the white. I'm playing with some other templates.

Cruise Director said...

Okay- Go look at Taste of USA. The header and footer would have to be fixed but I have to do that at home. Also, your choices of background color are blue, green and a tannish/brown template but it would eliminate the white. :)

Cruise Director said...

Chaotic- I can't wait to get them. How fun!! Thanks! Have you ever seen Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson's work. I'm so in love with it!!

Peggy- You had your fancy feet on!! I'm curious. What made you want to get a tattoo at 38?

Tera- OMG! I hope Amy is reading today because that is HILARIOUS!!! I can just hear her laughing!

cassie p said...

I dont like the background color much, katie. I would go with a blue-ish color. but not a sad blue. a happy blue!

cassie p said...

OH yea, cheryl, i like the blue on the taste of USA link. and i just e-mailed in my patchwork denim picture!!!

b.k.root said...

1. I've almost died twice on two separate occasions white water rafting. I can't seem to keep myself in the boat.

2. I cannot swim. Now you know why I almost died twice while whitewater rafting.

3. Fishing and driving with my windows down and music up are two of my favorite summertime activities.

4. I've worked for or had internships for the following colleges - Pitt-Greensburg, Penn State DuBois, IUP-Punswutawney, and the Winner Institute of Arts & Sciences.

5. I have a background in journalism, and I miss it dearly. I worked for a daily newspaper in Greenville, PA; and I was a high school newspaper editor and copy editor of my college newspaper.

6. I love snapping photos of others. However, I don't like posed photos. I prefer taking candids.

7. I have many dream jobs. They include: owning my own non-profit, sports photographer for a big-time newspaper, owning my own bowling alley; DJ extraordinaire; dean of students.

8. Eleven is my lucky number. I have this weird and frequent tendency to look at the clock when it's 11:11.

9. I own all 10 seasons of Friends. It's the only TV show I own on DVD. It's HILARIOUS!

10. I think Adam Sandler movies are hilarious, even though most people don't agree. My faves are: Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, and 50 First Dates. Spanglish is good too... very underrated movie.

11. I have a slight obsession with the art of tattooing, but I don't have any ink on my skin. I doubt I'll ever get any... but I think about it every once in awhile.

12. I love bowling, but I yet to break the 200 plateau. The closest I've come is 199, which happened back in high school.

13. I was a class officer in high school (treasurer... although I never handled any money - ha!). I have to help plan our 10 year reunion next year.

14. I have about 25-35 books on my bookshelf that I have not read... I need to get busy.

15. I have lost 12 pounds over the past three weeks.

16. I LOVE board and card games... seriously. There's nothing I enjoy more than playing games.

17. I'm a member of a Kiwanis Club... In fact, I'm the club secretary

18. I do lots of volunteering and community service with groups such as Habitat for Humanity, the local food bank, Meals on Wheels, etc.

Tera said...

Brian - I LOVE Adam Sandler. He's HILARIOUS. I'd love to go out to dinner with him. Also, congrats on the weight loss!

Shannon C said...

Oh Happy Day!

Here are my 18.

1. I have the most amazing son. He will be 6 next month and I can’t believe it.

2. I married my one and true soul mate.

3. My soul mate died 5 years ago this past Christmas Eve. And, I still miss him like crazy.

4. I have learned that I can survive anything.

5. I love college football. I get season tickets to SMU games and I don’t care that they aren’t a great team, I still have fun.

6. I’m looking for a job. My DREAM job would be planning events on a college campus (thank you CKB) or in the sports world.

7. I like being a stay-at-home mom but hate that all my friends work so I don’t do a whole lot. But yes I still need to find a job.

8. I have the BEST friends ever. They are all so brilliant and funny.

9. I LOVE my friend’s kids – they crack me up like there is no tomorrow.

10. I have been sky diving and it was an absolute blast!

11. I can’t wait to find a new job so I can be independent again and not have to rely on my boyfriend.

12. I LOVE sweets – too much so.

13. I would love to be motivated enough to get up and get moving.

14. I am a shop-aholic. My new, fun, favorite gift store is Swoozies.

15. I am gravitionally challenged. (I can fall down pretty much anywhere and any time)

16. My favorite sound is the sound of kids laughing. Cliché I know but when Dalton and his best friend Danielle belly laugh it’s the best.

17. I’ve broken my nose five times and therefore can’t really smell anything.

18. I am truly blessed.

Devil Dog a.k.a Claudia said...

Ok, now that the sun is not streaming through my kitchen window, I am less fond of the yellow - actually butterscotchy - looking color that Katie and I were so excited about earlier.

BUT, I'm not into the blue. When I think highlowaha, I think yellow, red, and black, with touches of white. A smidge of purple could work, because clearly it is one of Ray's favorite colors (and colorstrology color as well).

Peggy and all you other graphically inclined people, let's here what you have to say. I have no problem deferring to those more expert on the subject that I.

Cruise Director said...

The problem is... is that we are limited with the templates and colors that are available. That's why I like the stretch white. It's more forgiving in allowing photos.

cassie p said...

BKROOT- adam sandler is hilarious- spanglish is one of my favorite movies! and the number 11 is my number too.

WOW I have a lot in common with a lot of people here...

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the background color, I guess my issue (since you asked) is the font, is it Times New Roman. if you stay at that size, something without the serifs, like Arial. Or go up one size of the font you're using. IMHO

Everybodie's 18 is so cool...would those posters who want to jump out of a plane do so if they had children ?

Those who have loved and lost I am sorry.

Look at all of the creativity flowing!

Newlyweds and new moms, new homes

Claudia, yes we talked about Racine during that first phone call... the Rice family name is not familiar... but Pleasant Lane is.... small word huh?

Cruise Director, I'll email you more on the tattoo....

v-ball mom anonymous in Indianapolis aka Peggy

Nicole said...

Hello, it's Nicole, the perpetual lurker. I stopped by to comment about a month ago about sweet cereal because my parents always let us eat sweet cereal on our birthdays, and only on our birthdays and now I'm back because I just had to ask...

Claudia, are you from Douglaston, NY? I think you must be because my mom is from there and she grew up around the block from the would be crazy if you were from there too!

I'm going to try to be a non-lurker, but I can't make any promises!

Just Ducky said...


Claudia is enjoying a rare date night with her husband thanks to Katie being in town so I'll respond and say yes she is from Douglaston....I bet she knows your Mom!

That is so crazy...what a small world!