Monday, July 7, 2008

Peanut and The Shell

Announcements at the end...

What could I possibly know about - or care about - peanuts and shells?  I'm deathly allergic to peanuts.  I'm the reason you get pretzels on planes instead of peanuts.  I'm the kind of allergic responsible for store bought birthday cupcakes at your child's school, instead of homemade.  Truth be known, I know very little about peanuts or shells.

What I do know is that my sister went away to Camp Betsy Cox one summer and while gone she and her fellow campers participated in a game called Peanut and the Shell.  It must have sounded like fun to my mother (Queen-of-Create-an-Occasion), because she later decided to implement it for all our neighborhood kids.  Who needed summer camp when Nancie was on the scene?

You'll recognize the game as I start describing it, but as a kid it was thrilling.  Each child on the block (Hollywood Avenue) selected a slip of paper bearing the name of another child on the block.  For one week we exchanged mystery notes and treats.  The goal... brighten someone's week, but keep your identity a mystery.  This allowed for all kinds of creative shenanigans... ring and run, hanging treats in trees, special deliveries by Hank the Postman, and much more.  A cookies-and-punch reception topped off the week, allowing neighborhood kids to guess who was peanut and who was shell.

So how 'bout it?  Are you up for a round?  Here's what I'm thinking.  Interested community members would make a post (or send an email to letting me know "you're in."  I will find an innocent bystander to match up names and seal them in an envelope.  Then I will send you an envelope including the name and address of your Peanut.  Since we are busy and a week goes much more quickly as an adult, our game will last four weeks (August 8).  This will allow ample time to mail a secret note, make an anonymous post, send a postcard or package, or implement another clever idea you might dream up.  There will be no "criteria" for how many times you reach out, though 3 -4 would be great.

This seems like a great way to beat the dog days of summer while meeting someone new.  If you are unsure about jumping into our community to participate (though, please don't be), then how about coordinating a round of Peanut and the Shell with the kids on your block... neighbors in your community...friends at work... or "regulars" in your aerobic class?  You'll have fun and I bet the reaction is great... just hopefully not allergic!

Only one announcement today, as I am trying to avoid information overload.  P.P.D.C is anxiously awaiting names and addresses for her 13 remaining gift cards.  Here's what we need from you in order to assure this anonymous act of generosity does not go un-utilized. 
  • Names of 2 highlowaha readers, each willing to place a $5.00 gift card inside a book you're ready to pass along.  Naturally, we suggest leaving the book in a Starbucks.
  • Names of 3 highlowaha readers willing to start a kindness chain by using the $5.00 gift card to purchase someone a cup of coffee at their local Starbucks.
  • A minimum of 8 names of people who might benefit from receiving a "perk me up."  P.P.D.C will send the gift card, but we are looking to your for the names of neighbors, colleagues, relatives, friends of friends, etc....   
Signing off until tomorrow...

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