Monday, July 14, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Yes, you got it... this whole week we will be beating the heat by celebrating Christmas in July (which is not unimportant, since yesterday the thermostat hit 104 degrees in Dallas).  

If you don't normally celebrate Christmas, but instead observe Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, some other holiday... or simply abstain all together from the fuss and muss, then either use this week to give Christmas a trial run.... OR... jump in and share some of your holiday traditions!  It's sure to make the week even more lively.

Quick interruption...  Announcements at the end, including Peanut and Shell information,  and Taste of USA states.  Also, new readers...  Welcome to our fun, fun community.  We're glad you're joining us.  We are somewhat like your favorite soap opera - minus the drama.  Similar, in the sense you have to follow us for a week or two before fully feeling like you know what's going on.  We hope you're up for it and that you won't want to miss the excitement coming our way in August.

Back to Christmas in July.  So here is, in part, what I am visualizing for the week.  Treat me like your dress rehearsal.  You know, your test run.  Don't jump in implementing Christmas in July in your house this week.  It's too soon.  You need more planning time.  Heck, the idea popped in my head late last week (as I was sweating to death) and I all I can think about is how much fun this could really be with the right amount of time and preparation (I know, I know... who has that?!).  

So, this week... sit back and experience festivities on the blog.  Win prizes and see the possibilities.  Soak in all the brilliant ideas, certain to be shared by our readership and then... bada bing, bada boom...  next week... or the week after... do it up.  Break the monotony of your summer, either at work, at home, in your play group, or on your block.  Do some of what I share this week or none of it.  The point is, go for it and do something... even if your Christmas in July lasts just one day.  At the very least, you'll spread some good cheer and... if you're really compelling... you might convince the temperature to drop a few degrees.

So how did I start out my week?  Why... by decking the halls, of course!  Yesterday I dug through Christmas decorations for simple items I could pull out to make our home feel 
Christmas-sy, but without wreaking total havoc on my otherwise organized chaos.  Stockings are hung by the chimney with care; a small tree is in the boys play room; lights line the upstairs; a Christmas decoration hangs on the door; and an advent calendar is in the kitchen, helping count down the days until Saturday, July 19... why, Christmas day - of course! 

As for the picture... my neighbor stopped us on the way in from having it taken and asked if we were taking our Christmas Family photo.  "No," I promptly replied.  "In July?" (as if it was an absurd suggestion).  Then I began thinking about all the fun Christmas family photos I've received over the years... beaches, hiking in mountains, kayaking, the Grand Canyon, Blue Ridge mountains in the fall, on a roller coaster.  So, I started thinking... maybe a summer photo for a winter Christmas card is no more absurd then celebrating a winter holiday in the dead of summer.  

How about you?  What's the best family Christmas card you've ever taken or received?  Share now, while there's still plenty of time to plan.  

  • Peanut and the Shell:  If you signed up to play, the game is up and running.  You should receive a name in the mail later this week.  We will play until Saturday, August 16, when we reveal ourselves to our Peanut.  Matthew and Richard did all the pairing, so I have NO idea who has who.  Don't lose your information!  
  • P.P.D.C.:  I received communication last week from our mystery reader that all 15 Starbucks cards are en route to their respective recipients.  If you are receiving one, so you can in turn conduct an act of kindness, then how about checking in and letting us know how it goes?  Inquiring minds want to know.
  • Taste of USA: This week's states are... Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Wisconsin.  On deck... Georgia, Maryland, and New Jersey.  That's it! 
  • The Isle of Target:  Yes, while I would love to visit the "isle" of Target, what I actually meant to type last week is the "aisle" of Target.  Thanks to my thoughtful and diligent friend and editor.  Yet another thing I love about this readership.  We're creative and heady.  No lying down on the job on this blog.  We'll leave that for other... less serious bloggers.
  • Below is Matthew with his "posed" smile and paper bag kite!  We had fun making it.  

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