Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bad Apple

Can we all agree that sometimes trying to shine means taking a chance only to fall flat on your face?

Today's post was supposed to be great. It was supposed to shine and to provide you with another fun idea for Valentine's Day. It was supposed to showcase the great apple-shaped basket I found on sale at World Market for $1.38. Eyes in a basket with a note attached saying "You are the Apple of my Eye." It was supposed to be witty... maybe even clever.

It wasn't supposed to look more like a creepy Halloween treat than a romantic Valentine's gift. Or a April Fools joke more than a thoughtful gesture. But, alas I failed.

Sometimes we try to shine and we fail. It's o.k. though. There's always tomorrow.

Don't want to wait until then? Make a suggestion to improve my failed attempt. And, if you think that's useless, let's play Scrabble. Using the letters above U*R*T*H*E*O*F*M*Y, form a word.


Kat said...

Yeah, eyeballs are pretty creepy! Better to try something and get a laugh then never to try it at all, though. Maybe this would be a good gift for a little boy who would like something gross rather then something mushy for Valentine's Day.

Mandy said...

It's not horrible!! :) Clever with the scrabble tiles-- My uncle once wanted to surprise my Aunt by taking her on a trip... so he gave her all the scrabble tiles to spell out where they were going, so she could try to figure it out. I thought it was very romantic and playful- some guys are clever like that!

So my *T*H*E*O*R*Y* is- take an idea and run with it- something will evolve from it! :)

Peggy said...

Claudia, its a MYTH what you have posted, this is witty and clever!!

YET you have come THRU with inspiration and YOU shine. Even THO you might not feel so HOT.

THYME after time you amaze me with YOUR creativity, simple or involved!

Failing can HURT, but we pick ourselves up and learn not to FRET.

There is no TERM limit to seek out improvements, today, tomorrow, next week.

You could make this post RHYME to give it a twist. But I think I'm done, you get the gist!!!

PS... I have too much THYME!!!

Cheryl Wilson - O'Pry said...

How many times did Thomas Edison fail before he invented the lightbulb? Today's post reminds me of the Pixar movie Meet the Robinsons where they celebrate failure. I have two words but I can only spell one at a time because there's only 1 R.

They are:
Try and More.

Cheryl Wilson - O'Pry said...

Ha Ha Peggy! YOU are so creative!!

Robin said...

Man Peggy is on the ball today. I'm still in bed, but working. I shouldn't keep the computer here...

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Wow, Peggy. That was something else!!!!! Way to take my subpar post and turn it into something grand.

Kat shared a fun idea of giving the eyes to a little boy who gets into creepy crawly stuff. Jeepers peepers.

Mandy, I love the idea of doing anything creative with Scrabble pieces since it is one of my favorite games. Your uncle sounds like a dream boat!

Way to make my flop flip! Thanks everyone.

Katie said...

A good friend once told me that it's about the time spent creating and "memory" made with a gift...not necessarily the presentation! So, I think your idea is stellar and definitely shines.

I have a friend from high school who proposed to his girlfriend using a scrabble board. It is their favorite game and I thought it was perfect.

Oh PS. We are now supposed to get another foot of snow today. Know how many inches that will give us total from the last 4 days? FOURTY! (That's my scrabble word for today- too funny!)

Heather @ highlowaha.com said...

I've got nothing creative or witty...but I love the apple basket and think you could reuse it for a teacher appreciation gift.

Jessie Freeman said...

I think the idea is cute, I really just wanted to eat the cookie eye...
I don't have anything creative either - Peggy was creative enough for all of us! Go Peggy!
My husband would be proud the first few words that popped into my were golf related, ugh...

Karlie said...

Hey Claudia - what about a 'wink wink' winking eye with nice full lashes that we all dream of! wink wink - love the idea so very clever and Peggy - brought a smile to my face on a day I needed it! Thanks!

Peggy said...

Thank you all for making my day SHINE too :0)